Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Make someone’s holiday a little more memorable with an assortment of stocking stuffers that are perfect for the horse rider or horse lover in your life.

Treat someone to the assorted flavors of Almond Buttercrunch Toffee, Creamy Butter Caramel and Solid Milk Chocolates all in your favorite Hunt inspired designs!

This great gift looks fashionable while on the go. It's perfect for any horse lover!

Keep your head warm on cold and windy days with this fleece and lycra helmet cover.

Beginning on the first day of December, open one door to reveal a delicious chocolate treat. Continue for each day until December 25th when you will find the pony you've always wanted!

This fun book features 30 mane and tail braids for every occasion described with step-by-step illustrations and color photographs.

This warm, comfortable hooded sweatshirt is the perfect way to display the attitude of a true horse lover.

Give the gift of 125 brain teasers, word games, jokes, riddles, matches, picture puzzles, logic tests for horse-loving kids.

Give a gift from the heart with this stylish necklace with an intricate design featuring a horse crafted into a heart.

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