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Blankets & Sheets

Horse blankets and horse sheets can provide valuable protection against weather and insect-related perils. Horse sheets are the perfect accessory for the barn, stable, trailer, or pasture. We carry a wide selection of horsewear sure to fit all of your horse’s needs.

While a horse’s natural habitat is outdoors, that doesn’t mean it has to suffer. Blankets and sheets, designed specifically for equine use, literally provide an extra layer of protection for your horse.

Excessive winds can separate the hairs on a horse’s coat, allowing its natural body heat to escape and sapping its energy. In addition to being colorful, decorative, and unique, horse blankets help shield your horse from unpleasant conditions in cold weather. Sheets, such as stable blankets also provide comfort against drafts in the stable, or while traveling.

Rain can also break down the naturally protective qualities in a horse’s coat. An assortment of turnout blankets will be a big help; just remember to change them often, before they get too wet. After all, you wouldn’t want to stand around in the same wet clothes all day, would you?

Even when the weather is much more pleasant and sunny, the elements are still an area of concern. Just as with humans, overexposure to UV rays can be harmful to a horse. Biting insects can be equally pesky and perilous. fly sheets and fly masks help reduce threats from both sun and pests, while providing enough ventilation to keep your horse cool and comfortable.

Just as important as blankets and sheets are the fit. They should be snug enough to stay on and provide the protection needed, but not too snug that they chafe, restrict movement, or cause blisters. Remember to rotate your horse’s blankets and sheets regularly, and keep them clean with blanket wash, to ensure long-term effectiveness.