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Throughout history, seldom has a friendship blossomed that is so rare as the one we are about to share.

In a quaint red wooden barn, set back in a field gently stirring with the first signs of spring, Horatio the horse quietly pondered the upcoming seasons. He began to fill with anticipation over the adventures to come--There would be trail rides, training camp, horse shows, and if he was lucky, plenty of time to relax in the pasture, taking in the warmth of the mid-day sun.

A few feet from Horatio, tucked away in the shadows of the barn, Phil the fly opened his eyes, stretched his wings, and took in the magic and wonder of his new home. Even though he was aware there would be others joining him on the land this spring, he knew for a fact he was the first one to arrive. So, he took the stick and bandana that once carried his few possessions, fashioned a flag, and with much pride, planted it decoratively in a pile of something one would consider to be less than desirable, and claimed the barn as his home. There would be much arranging and rearranging to do later but for now, he needed something to eat!

Phil couldn’t help but notice the strong, healthy barn mate that would undoubtedly carry him through many a feast in the months to come. He zeroed in on his tasty target and set off for his first bite. Hearing the faint buzzing coming his way, Horatio, still daydreaming of days to come, was quickly reminded of the one thing he did not enjoy in the summer-flies! He frantically began moving about, using his tail to swat away the unwelcome intruder.

“OUCH!” cried Horatio.”Why must you flies always bite me? I never bother you!”

Startled and quite puzzled, Phil had ended his meal and quickly flew to a spot where he could look at the horse face to face.

“I...I hurt you? But how could this be?”

“Of course you hurt me! You bit me! Would you like it if I tried to bite you?”

Saddened by the thought that he caused the horse any pain, Phil responded, “Well, no, of course not! I am so sorry, I never knew I hurt you Horse. Now, how do you expect me to eat? How will I live?”

“Eat? You’re eating? Oh, dear fly, there are so many other great things for you to eat. My human friends bring me molasses and sugar cubes and other things I know you will love! If you stop biting me, I promise I will share.”

Having never been in a position where anyone, including kin, was willing to share with him, Phil was simply perplexed.

“ would share? With me?”, Phil asked.

“Of course,” said the horse. “As long as you promise to stop biting me, I will share all I can with you!”

And so, after our friend Phil learned that he was hurting this kind and generous creature, he vowed not only to stop biting the horse, but to also protect him from the other flies that may find their way into the barn. The two quickly found a friend in each other and together, they talked of all the fun adventures to be shared over the next few months.

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