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Vet Source Frequently Asked Questions
How does the prescription ordering process work?

Prescription Food and Pet Medications on are prescription medications which can only be dispensed and shipped to you by our partner VetSource Pharmacy once your veterinarian provides a valid prescription to their licensed pharmacists. Placing an order is simple and requires only enough information for VetSource to verify your pet's prescription.

If your pet needs a prescription medication, log on to and add the necessary items to your shopping cart (along with any additional items you may need for your pet). During checkout you will be sent to VetSource to securely share information about your veterinarian and pet. VetSource will contact your vet directly to obtain the prescription from them. Please note your veterinarian must know your pet and believe the requested medication is appropriate for your pet for them to approve a prescription.

Once the prescription is sent to VetSource, their pharmacists will fill and ship out your pet medications within one business day. You will have your pet's prescription approximately five business days after veterinarian approval.

If your prescription is valid for refills (i.e., your veterinarian has approved the prescription for refills), VetSource will immediately ship your product the next time you place an order.

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What does the truck with the Rx symbol mean?

Any item featuring the Rx symbol is a prescription medication that requires a valid prescription from your veterinarian. Before these items can ship, VetSource will need to verify your pet's prescription information with your veterinarian. We’ll ask you for all the necessary information during checkout.

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What happens to the non-prescription items I have on the same order?

No need to worry, you do not need to wait for approval of your prescription medication order for the rest of your items to ship! Non-prescription items will ship as soon as possible and your prescription medications will ship separately from the VetSource pharmacy once they obtain approval from your veterinarian. You will receive separate shipping confirmation emails as each part of your order ships.

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Can orders be shipped outside of the US?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer international shipping of prescription items. VetSource is a licensed pharmacy in the 50 states, and therefore cannot ship to any foreign countries, APO, FPO, or US territories without exception.

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Can I email or fax in my prescription?

VetSource is not allowed to accept digital copies of pet prescriptions due to United States Pharmacy regulations, only faxes direct from your veterinarian are accepted. VetSource will contact your veterinarian directly to obtain your prescription information as quickly and safely as possible.

Pharmacy regulations do allow you to send in a hard copy of the prescription signed by your veterinarian through physical mail; however, it is generally much faster and easier if the pharmacy obtains the prescription information directly. To mail your prescription information, please send to:

VetSource Home Delivery Pharmacy
17014 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR, 97230
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Can I cancel or change an order?

Due to pharmacy regulations VetSource cannot legally accept returns for prescription items. If you have a problem with your order, we will be happy to assist you. If you wish to cancel an order that has not been approved yet by your veterinarian, you can cancel that order by giving us a call.

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What happens if my prescription is denied?

If your veterinarian has denied your prescription request, VetSource will reproduce the information your vet has provided as to why. Generally, this will happen because your vet needs to see your pet before writing the prescription. In some cases, the prescription medication may not be appropriate for your pet and the best thing for your pet is to bring them in to their clinic.

Our Customer Care team will reach out to you if your prescription is denied. We will never charge your credit card if your pet's prescription cannot be fulfilled.

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When will my pet medications arrive?

For new orders, the pharmacists at VetSource need to obtain approval for the prescription medication from your veterinarian. This process is dependent on how fast your veterinarian responds to VetSource, but will generally take more than a day as they are busy caring for many pets. You are welcome to try to speed up the process by calling your veterinarian directly, but VetSource's pharmacists do their best to contact your vet as quickly as possible. Once the approved prescription is received, VetSource will fulfill your medication order within one business day and it will be processed and shipped to you.

For authorized refills, VetSource will ship those medications out rapidly and you can expect them in approximately five business days after they are processed and shipped.

When you place an order over the weekend, orders will be processed on Monday morning.

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Is this safe and where is the pharmacy? has partnered with VetSource, a fully accredited Vet-VIPPS certified national pharmacy. VetSource, located near Portland, Oregon, is fully licensed to distribute pharmaceuticals in all 50 states. This licensing ensures that VetSource uses the proper standards for handling and dispensing pet-related medications in each state. It is through this partnership that we are able to provide you with a safe, low-cost alternate for ordering your pet's prescription medication.

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Is a licensed pharmacy? has applied to be an e-Advertiser from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and hope to be selling prescription products shortly. Once approved, will be an Internet Advertiser of prescription drug-related services through its e-Advertiser Approval program. We are not a licensed pharmacy ourselves. We are able to display pet medications on our site and have them fulfilled and delivered through our partnership with VetSource, a full Vet-VIPPS certified pharmacy through NABP.

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What do I do with unused medications?

All medications, both prescription and over the counter, should be disposed of safely and properly. Please follow these FDA guidelines for proper disposal of medications that are no longer needed:

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