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When it comes to horse and rider training, tack and horse training equipment are two of the most important factors. Training supplies and the training methods used vary considerably depending on rider experience and horse temperament. Your tack is determined by how you plan on riding - English or Western?

English riding involves close communication between the horse and its rider. English tack is the equipment used in disciplines like dressage, hunting, and jumping to name just a few. The best way to ensure clear communication with your horse during training is with top quality tack, such as English bits, English stirrups and breastplates.

Western tack is in many ways a symbol of the American west full of open frontiers, herding cattle and rugged cowboys. Western riding tack, such as saddles, western bits and saddle blankets, allow the rider and the horse to experience a freedom movement not typically associated with English style riding.

Lunging is a common method for exercising and training horses. With the use of body language, a lunge line, and a lunge whip, new riders can learn essential commands while more experienced riders can work on more advanced training exercises.

Choosing the proper training equipment is important for you and your horse, especially if the training is to be successful. Remember to use what you are comfortable with and you will undoubtedly share an unbelievable and rewarding experience.

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