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Environmental and economic stresses continue to leave a dark mark worldwide, and the equine world is no exception. Horses that have been the unfortunate victims of abuse and neglect are frequently sent to animal rescues and shelters with a promise of better living conditions. Even noble horse owners who fall on tough economic times are often faced with this disheartening situation. However, as routine expenses like grain, hay, and medicine continue to rise, many of these rescues and shelters struggle to care for an increasing animal population.
It is State Line Tack’s mission to offer assistance and relief to these organizations with the hope that each horse can live a healthier, safer, better life. By donating at check out, you will be helping us in our mission to assist these shelters and rescues that put their love, compassion, and hard work into our equine companions.

Help lead the way!
There are hundreds of shelters and rescues here in the United States that need a helping hand. Our goal, with your help, is to assist as many of these organizations as possible. Send us a letter and tell us about a shelter or rescue near you that truly puts the horse first. Please include the organization’s name, address, and website along with a brief statement about their mission and goals. All requests will also need a completed donation request form. To download the donation request form, guidelines, and procedures, please click here.

Pass it on!

Let your friends and family know about our mission. Tell a friend, e-mail a family member, like this page, tweet about the cause. The more people that are aware of what we’re trying to do, the more horses we can help!

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