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M A T E R I A L   S A F E T Y   D A T A   S H E E T

SECTION 1. Product and Company Identification
QUITT Pellets

Product Code: F-QUITT
Product Name: QUITT Pellets Chemical Family: N/A
Manufacturer Name and Address: Telephone Numbers: Dates:
Distributed by: CHEMTREC (800)424-9300 Date Created: 10/08/2003
Farnam Companies, Inc. District of Columbia (202)483-0414 Revision: 07/23/2007
301 West Osborn Road Farnam Companies, In (800)234-2269 Printed: 07/26/2007
Phoenix, AZ.
Additional Identity Information
3003764 3.75-lb, 3004321 8-lb, 3004322 20-lb, 3004802 75-lb
Alternate labels: 3005301 3.75-lb, 3005303 8-lb, 3005304 20-lb

SECTION 2. Composition/Information on Ingredients
QUITT Pellets

   Hazardous Components (Chemical Name)   CAS #    Concentration
2. Wheat Middlings NA 31.519 %
3. SODIUM ACETATE (ANHYD) 127-09-3 8.34 %
4. Molasses 68476-78-8 4.75 %
5. Corn oil 8001-30-7 5.0 %
6. Dicalcium Phosphate 7757-93-9 5.0 %
8. Zinc sulfate {Sulfuric acid, Zinc salt (1:1)} 7733-02-0 0.249 %
9. ASCORBIC ACID 50-81-7 0.188 %
10. Calcium dipropionate 4075-81-4 0.318 %
11. APPLE FLAVOR NA 0.121 %
13. PET-OX DRY (BHA & BHT) NA 0.015 %
1.   No data.   No data.  
2.   No data.   No data.  
3.   No data.   No data.  
4.   No data.   No data.  
5.   No data.   No data.  
6.   No data.   No data.  
7.   No data.   No data.  
8.   No data.   No data.  
9.   No data.   No data.  
10.   No data.   No data.  
11.   No data.   No data.  
12.   No data.   No data.  
13.   No data.   No data.  

SECTION 3. Hazards Identification
QUITT Pellets

Emergency Overview
No data available.
Route(s) of Entry: Inhalation? No , Skin? No , Eyes? No , Ingestion? Yes
Potential Health Effects (Acute and Chronic)

Carcinogenicity: NTP? No , IARC Monographs? No , OSHA Regulated? No
Carcinogenicity/Other Information
No data available.
Recommended Exposure Limits

Signs and Symptoms Of Exposure
None determined

Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated By Exposure
None determined

SECTION 4. First Aid Measures
QUITT Pellets

Emergency and First Aid Procedures
IF SWALLOWED: If excessive amount of product is consumed, contact health care provider.
IF IN EYES: Flush with plenty of water. Contact physician if irritation occurs or persists.
IF ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water.

Note to Physician
No data available.

SECTION 5. Fire Fighting Measures
QUITT Pellets

Flash Pt: N.A. Method Used: No data.
Explosive Limits: LEL: NE UEL: NE
Extinguishing Media
Water spray or mist foam, dry chemical or CO2.

Fire Fighting Instructions
Use supplied air breathing equipment for enclosed areas. Minimize breathing vapors.

Flammable Properties and Hazards

Hazardous Combustion Products
No data available.

SECTION 6. Accidental Release Measures
QUITT Pellets

Steps To Be Taken In Case Material Is Released Or Spilled
Carefully scoop up loose material & place it in appropriate containers. Do not flush material to public sewer systems or any waterways.

SECTION 7. Handling and Storage
QUITT Pellets

Hazard Label Information:
Where splashing is possible, full che  
Ventilation is normally required when  
Precautions To Be Taken in Handling
Normal GMP handling and storage procedures. Store in sealed container.

Precautions To Be Taken in Storing
No data available.
Other Precautions

SECTION 8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
QUITT Pellets

Respiratory Equipment (Specify Type)
None needed (Dust mask during formulation of dry ingredients)

Eye Protection

Protective Gloves
Rubber or plastic

Other Protective Clothing
None needed

Engineering Controls (Ventilation etc.)
Local Exhaust: sufficient
Mechanical (Gen):

Work/Hygienic/Maintenance Practices
Wash hands before eating, smoking or using restroom.

SECTION 9. Physical and Chemical Properties
QUITT Pellets

Physical States:  [ ] Gas , [ ] Liquid , [ X ] Solid
Boiling Point:  N.A.
Melting Point:   N.A.
Specific Gravity (Water = 1):  0.000000
Density:  No data.
Vapor Pressure (vs. Air or mm Hg):  N.A.
Vapor Density (vs. Air = 1):  N.A.
Evaporation Rate (vs Butyl Acetate=1):   N.A.
Solubility in Water:  No data.
Percent Volatile:  N.A.
Saturated Vapor Concentration:  No data.
Viscosity:  No data.
pH:  No data.
Appearance and Odor
Opaque pellets with alfalfa odor.

SECTION 10. Stability and Reactivity
QUITT Pellets

Stability: Unstable [ ] Stable [ X ]
Conditions To Avoid - Instability

Incompatibility - Materials To Avoid
None known

Hazardous Decomposition Or Byproducts

Hazardous Polymerization: Will occur [ ] Will not occur [ X ]
Conditions To Avoid - Hazardous Polymerization
No data available.

SECTION 11. Toxicological Information
QUITT Pellets

No data available.

SECTION 12. Ecological Information
QUITT Pellets

No data available.

SECTION 13. Disposal Considerations
QUITT Pellets

Waste Disposal Method
Dispose absorbed material in accordance with applicable local, State and Federal regulations.

SECTION 14. Transport Information
QUITT Pellets

DOT Proper Shipping Name
No data available.

Additional Transport Information
No data available.

SECTION 15. Regulatory Information
QUITT Pellets

No data available.

SECTION 16. Other Information
QUITT Pellets

Supercedes Revision 04/14/2004

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