Rambo Turnout Trade-in Program

Houseware®’s extremely popular Turnout Trade-In Program invites you to trade in your older, but still usable turnout, and get $100 off a brand-new Rambo® in exchange.

So, if you’re longing for a new turnout this winter and have a blanket that is in decent shape, it’s the perfect solution! The Rambo® Turnout Trade-In Event makes it affordable for you while helping a rescue or shelter that desperately needs it.

Follow these steps to redeem your discount! It’s that easy!

  1. Purchase any Rambo® Turnout(s), any style, size or color.
  2. Wash any old turnout(s) and donate them to a local rescue (remember to snap a picture first!)
  3. Call our Customer Care representatives at 1-888-809-0751 and we’ll apply the $100 discount to your order. We’ll just need some details from you to complete the refund, including a picture of your old turnout(s) and your donation information.


Call us right now at 888-809-0751 and we’ll help you get started with an instant rebate!

Need help finding a rescue or shelter? Our Customer Care representatives can provide you with donation options based on where you live.

*Terms and conditions apply

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  • Updated: 11/22/2018: 6:47:41 PM ET