We have pulled together our top wet weather essentials that help your horse and you stay dry and comfortable. With severe weather around the corner, and with four-legged dependents to consider, prepping in advance takes on a whole new meaning. Never fear, we got you covered!

Rain Sheets

Our best-selling rain sheets help add that extra layer of protection for when the weather turns nasty. Waterproof and lightweight, these top-sellers are sure to keep your horses comfortable and dry.

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Hoof Care

Everything you do with your horse depends on their feet being healthy and in good condition. Continually wet feet are more vulnerable to issues - thrush, hoof abscesses, and hoof cracks, so it is vital to have products that support hoof growth and the maintenance of healthy hooves. With proper care, these products can help improve both health and performance.

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Wet Weather Gear

Stay warm, dry, and stylish! Get the ultimate protection against wet weather with these top-brand apparel essentials.

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Rain Boots

Got cold, wet feet? Not any more! Muck rubber boots are waterproof and warm. The perfect combination for those chilly, rainy days in and out of the stable.

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  • Updated: 7/24/2019: 10:34:16 AM ET
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