Get dry all over in half the time!

WikSmart®: Wicking done right

  • Patented design targets these areas where horses sweat the most
  • Highly adjustable for snug fit, perfect for many shapes and sizes
  • Thick 300g fleece helps speed the moisture diffusion process

Wick smartly with WikSmart®

  • The WikSmart® Cooler offers unique features that will make your life easier. It's so easy to use:
  • Just drape the cooler over your horse's back, and fasten the belly panels, first behind the front legs and then in the rear.
  • Adjust the straps as needed for a snug fit.
  • Then clip in the chest panels, adjust the straps, and fasten the hook-and-loop straps around the neck.
  • burgundy chest detail
  • green belly detail

Great color choices!

  • navy
  • green
  • burgundy
  • black

No more spending hours drying your sweaty horse before you can turn him out. No more toweling your horse's underside. No more worries about your horse getting sick or stiff from the cold. The WikSmart® Cooler is the ultimate wicking cooler.

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  • Published:
  • Updated: 3/23/2021: 12:55:26 PM ET
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