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State Line Tack® is thrilled to partner with the APHA to celebrate the colorful, long standing history of these striking horses. Paints are versatile, athletic, and beautiful, and we have all the products you need to keep their whites white, to protect them from sunburn, or to perform in the show pen. We have got a great selection for you and your horse.

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The Perfect Paint

A favorite of both horse and non-horse people, with their striking good looks, Paints are more than just a pretty face!

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All Around Athletes

Paints are used in a variety of disciplines, most commonly western events, but as all-around athletes, they can be found in any arena.

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Did You Know?

Paints are pinto colored. Paint is the breed, while pinto is the color. To be a Paint, a horse's parents must be registered with APHA, AQHA or the Jockey Club. This ensures that a Paint horse maintains a consistent type with specific characteristics, not just a color pattern.

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Within APHA there are two registrations - regular, for patterned horses, and solid, for Paints with plain, nonpatterned coats.

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