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State Line Tack® is proud to partner with Equine Dental Providers of America to promote proper dental care for equines across the country. Founded to educate, certify, and promote horse health and proper dental techniques, the goal of EDPA is to continue research and development of policies and procedures with a high standard of care and compliance for all dental providers. For everything else not tooth-related, we have a great selection for you and your horse!

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Equine anatomy books

Did You Know?

Not only a certification program for professionals, EDPA also has an educational book series that will appeal to pros and horse owners alike. Five books are in the series so far: The Mitz Journal of Equine Dental Condition, The Basics of Equine Dentistry, The Equine Head Anatomical Study Guide, Development of Dentition in Small Equine and Related Cases, and Millers Digest of Equine Dental Cases.

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