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State Line Tack is honored to partner with the Pony of the Americas Club, and welcome their 2,000+ members. Whatever you need for your pony, whether you're showing, competing, or merely riding for pleasure, you can find everything you need right here, from tack and apparel to supplies and much more. We're here to help you help them look and feel their best!

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Not just for the kids...

This made-in-America breed, with its Appaloosa-style coloring, is a fun, flashy gateway horse for youngsters, as well as a "forever friend" for adult equestrians who prefer to ride closer to the ground.

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Made in the USA

"Pony of the Americas" is an apropos title for this popular and colorful breed of pony, whose unexpected beginnings originated in America's heartland with the unlikely breeding of an Arabian/Appaloosa mare to a Shetland stallion.

The wonderful attributes of the POA

The Pony of the Americas was bred to be a child's size mount that was calm, intelligent, versatile, and sturdy enough to last all day, and sporting the Appaloosa-type color that would stand out. With deep chests and well-muscled, sloping shoulders, the modern POA combines Arabian elegance, Appaloosa coloration, and the muscle strength and bone mass of a Quarter horse. Today the POA measures up to 14 hands, and looks and moves like its larger counterparts.

POAs are rugged, athletic, intelligent, and patient. Though mainly bred for Western riding, they are also often used by younger equestrians in English disciplines, driving, and even dressage. Their intelligence, durability and, above all, gentle nature makes them ideal for young riders.

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"A complete package for any horse lover!"

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