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State Line Tack is excited to celebrate our partnership with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association, the oldest and most prestigious organization devoted to the promotion of this breed. Known for their incredible gaits, the Tennessee Walking Horse is a favorite among many equestrians who are looking for a smooth ride. Whether you're out on the trail, in the show ring, or simply riding for pleasure, you can find all the tack, apparel, accessories and more right here!

Tennessee walking horse

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Let us celebrate the Tennessee Walking Horse

Tennessee Walking Horses have calm dispositions, smooth gaits, and sure-footedness. They are known for their running walk but also have two other distinct gaits, the flat foot walk and the canter, which is more relaxed than that of other breeds. Some Tennessee Walkers are also able to perform the rack, stepping pace, fox-trot, single foot and other running walk variations. These friendly, family horses are able to do anything and do it comfortably.

  • Tennessee Walking Horse

    Known for many disciplines
    The Tennessee Walker is noted for its appearance in horse show events, particularly performances in saddle seat-style English riding, and is also a very popular trail riding horse. Some are used for endurance riding.

  • Tennessee Walking Horse

    Strong and diverse
    The Tennessee Walking Horse comes in all colors and a variety of patterns. They are tall with a long neck and a well-defined head with small, well-placed ears, averaging 14.3 to 17 hh and 900 to 1,200 pounds. The shoulders and hip are long and sloping, with a short back and strong coupling. The hindquarters are of "moderate thickness and depth" and well-muscled; it is acceptable for the hind legs to be slightly over-angulated, cow-hocked, or sickle-hocked.

  • Tennessee Walking Horse

    Did You Know?
    "The breed is a combination of Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan and American Saddlebred stock. The Narragansett is believed to be the first horse breed ever developed in the United States, but is now extinct."

"The TWH is an excellent all-around horse"

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