Getting Ready for Winter Riding

Just because it’s chilly out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a ride with your horse. It can be argued that winter is the best time for riding! Few things in life are as peaceful as a ride after a fresh coat of snow.

With the right clothing, gear, and tack, wintertime can provide a world of wonder you can experience in the saddle.

Layer Up

  • Layer Up
  • For any outdoor activity, layers are essential. Choose outerwear and innerwear that can both provide protection from the elements and be easily removed as temperatures change. Start with breathable fabrics, worn next to the skin, that wick away moisture can help keep you comfortable by reducing excess sweat. From there, keep fleeces and coats closed but loose enough to help build layers of insulation. Keep your neck covered, and don’t forget to insulate your legs with fleece-lined breeches or pants designed for winter riding.

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Mind Your Feet

  • Mind Your Feet
  • You’ll be wearing heavier socks, so you’ll want boots that are wider. Our selection of men’s and women’s winter riding boots are perfect for those cold morning rides. Wider stirrups are recommended with wider boots to help ensure a proper fit for your boots, as well as ease dismounting.

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Heads Up

  • Heads Up
  • If you wear a helmet, that will help keep heat from escaping your body, but it’s also a good idea to add a fleece helmet cover, some of which can also protect your ears and neck. The sun emits UV rays even in cold weather, so apply sunblock to any exposed skin before heading out.

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Blanket Coverage

  • Blanket Coverage
  • You should always have a wide variety of cover options to ensure your horse’s comfort. The proper blankets and sheets will help your horse adapt to the colder climate, and wick away moisture during a workout.

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Temperature Horse with Natural Coat Horse that is Body Clipped
50-60 Degrees Sheet Light Blanket (100g)
40-50 Degrees Light Blanket (100g) Light/Medium Blanket (150g-250g)
30-40 Degrees Light/Medium Blanket (150g-250g) Medium/Heavy Blanket (200g-300g)
20-30 Degrees Medium/Heavy Blanket (200g-300g) Heavy (300-400g) or Medium (200-300g) with Blanket Liner
Below 20 Degrees Extra Heavy (300-400g( Heavy (300-400g) with Blanket Liner

Hoof It

  • Hoof It
  • Whether your horse needs boots, shoes, or neither will depend on the weather, precipitation, ground temperature and other factors. Consult your veterinarian or farrier to choose the best solution.

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  • Supplements
  • Help supplement your horse’s health during the winter with proper nutrition and supplements -

    • • Electrolytes
    • • Digestive
    • • Respiratory
    • • Vitamins & Minerals
    • • Joint Supplements

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Plan Ahead

  • Plan Ahead
  • Because weather is unpredictable, pay attention to your local forecast so you can be prepared for sudden changes or storms. Your horse can catch a cold too, so don’t ride if he or she is sick. Keep your tack is maintained, as leather can become more brittle in colder weather. Warm up the bit before you put it into the horse’s mouth-it will be very much appreciated!

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  • Updated: 9/26/2017: 9:09:23 AM ET
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