We all know that horses have the power to change lives, and even save lives. We also know that they can be elusive, unaffordable, or even downright foreign to some individuals, whether due to geography, finances, or lack of opportunity. Fortunately, there are dozens of programs working tirelessly to bring access to the magic of the horse - to all people, from all walks of life.

The Equestrian Diversity Project is a broad program that will feature a variety of organizations who, in their own ways, are working toward this noble purpose. State Line Tack® is proud to bring you the inside scoop on these organizations.

Featured Spotlights

Saddle Up and Read

SUAR | Saddle Up and Read

How do you use horses to encourage children to read? Give them the opportunity to earn a trip to a farm! Children in Wendell, North Carolina read library books in exchange for time spent with horses. Encouraging a love for both reading and equines, SUAR is promoting early literacy using horses as the ultimate reward. Learn more about their mission to encourage youth to achieve literary excellence through equine activities, their challenges in growing their program, and how they spark joy in children every day.

Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy

PURA | Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy

Horses and hip hop. A rich and long-standing history of inner-city horsemen. The power of the horse and their effect on urban-dwelling kids. Sound fascinating to you? Learn more about Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy, their mission to make horses accessible to the city's youth, their preservation of the legacy of the Urban Black Cowboy, their struggle to find a new location for their program, and how they're changing lives, one ride at a time.

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  • Updated: 3/23/2021: 9:36:48 AM ET
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