International Helmet Awareness Day is more than just a sale - it is a platform to educate equestrians about the importance of helmet and safety awareness world-wide, through equestrian retailers.

Horses, and riding, can be dangerous. International Helmet Awareness Day aims to mitigate the risk through education and opportunity. It's an amazing opportunity to discuss the nuances of correct helmet fit, how a helmet protects your head in the event of an accident, and the lifespan of a helmet and when to replace it.

Did you know that riding a horse can be more dangerous than skiing or motorcycling? Even a fall from a standing horse can be tragic. Safety cannot be taken lightly, especially when it comes to protecting your head. A mild concussion can be a life-changing experience, which is why all riders must wear helmets. Properly fitted helmets are close to 80% effective in preventing injury and death.

To help spread the word about helmet safety, is proud to support International Helmet Awareness Day. This annual event was organized as an opportunity to increase awareness about the importance of riding helmets, as well as to inform riders on the many benefits of wearing properly fitted, secured, and certified helmets. Riders of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels are encouraged to show their support by wearing their helmets while trail riding, showing, or competing. It's also your chance to take advantage of a one-time special discount that is only offering during the commemoration of International Helmet Awareness Day.

Not only will you find once-a-year deals on helmets, but you can also take part in helmet fitting demonstrations and learn more about helmet safety standards and preventing traumatic brain injuries. Retailers and your favorite brands will host an assortment of educational events allowing you to ask experts questions about helmet manufacturing, testing standards, health concerns, and more.

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  • Updated: 9/17/2020: 2:53:22 PM ET
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