's Guide to Cleaning Leather Boots

If you want a long term relationship with your boots, you’ll need to give them a little TLC. Taking good care of leather not only helps it look but it also helps prolong their life. Treat leather the way you’d treat your own skin: keep it clean and moisturized.

Wash off any Loose Dust or Dirt

Dirt and dust are leather’s worst enemies! The most important thing you can do in caring for leather riding boots and paddock boots is to keep it free of dust. Dust will settle into the creases of your riding boots. The dust acts like sandpaper cutting the finish with every step you take. Sooner or later it will cut through not only the finish but the fiber itself and the leather will split.

So, wipe off your riding boots often, not just before you shine them, but every time you take them off you leave the barn. Use a soft cotton rag and some water to wipe dirt and mud off the riding boots. Clean off the entire boot including the sole. Do not saturate the leather. If you think the leather is too wet make sure to dry it immediately with a soft cloth.

Apply Leather Cleaner:

Then, after testing product, rub LEXOL-pH leather cleaner briskly onto the riding or paddock boots with a soft cloth or sponge and work up lather. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess cleaner. Allow the boots to dry naturally before conditioning or polishing. It is important that you do not use heat because it will damage the fibers in the riding boots and lead to reduced flexibility and cracking. For best results air dry for a minimum of 2 days.

Apply a Leather Conditioner:

Keep in mind that leather is skin and will react similar to the way your skin does. Not only will conditioning your riding boots improve their appearance, but it will extend the life of your riding boots and paddock boots. Leather conditioner softens the leather and prevents cracking. Apply Lexol Leather Conditioner, or another leather conditioner of your choice, over entire cleaned surface. After a few minutes, wipe with a clean, dry, and soft cloth.

Whether you spend a lot on your equestrian riding boots, or don’t have much to spend, taking care of your equestrian riding boots makes sense. It is important to clean, condition and protect your shoes and boots.

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  • Updated: 5/17/2018: 2:16:14 PM ET
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