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Fox Hunting Supply Store

Whether you are new to fox hunting or a seasoned member of a hunt, we are committed to providing you with everything needed for the perfect experience. We carry a wide range of products, from attire to tack, that will keep you safe, stylish, and comfortable. Enjoy the hunt!

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Fox Hunting Attire

Whether you’re looking for formal or ratcatcher attire, we’ve got you covered for the hunt.

Fox Hunting Footwear

Boots should be black, clean and polished.

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Shop Fox Hunting Saddle Pads

Fox Hunting Saddle Pads

Whatever your preference, shaped or square, a white fitted saddle pad is a must!

Fox Hunting Saddles

In keeping with tradition, saddles should be English style and brown.

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Shop Fox Hunting Bridles & Breastplates

Fox Hunting Bridles & Breastplates

Plain, flat, and brown leather are the correct choices for the hunt.

Fox Hunting Appointments

The perfect additions to any hunt attire, appointments provide safety and serve multiple purposes.

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Learn More about Fox Hunting:

Fox hunting is a fast-paced, thrilling sport that is sure to keep both you and your horse on your collective toes. Basically, riders pursue a fox, or a fox scent, across the countryside on horseback. Trained foxhounds follow the scent of the fox, alerting riders to its path. A master of foxhounds leads the group of riders as they navigate all sorts of different obstacles, including ditches, banks, water crossings, brush hedges, and solid wooden fences.

The goal of a fox hunt in America is the chase — not to kill the fox. Scent hunts are common, as well; where, the hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent trail rather than pursuing a live fox.

Steeped in tradition, foxhunting is meticulously conventional. Attention is given to attire out of respect for safety, comfort, and practicality. Contacting the Hunt Master or Secretary is the best way to understand what is required when it comes to rider appearance preferences. Each hunt may tend to have some differences within colors of breeches or vests.

Fox hunting is a great way to enjoy time with your horse out in the open country and experience nature in the company of other riders. Best of all, you’ll have a chance to put your horse’s jumping skills and bravery to work in the ever-changing environment of the hunt field.

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