Deworm: Treat Horses for Intestinal Parasites

How fenbendazole works:

  • Deeply penetrates to kill the most dangerous parasites
  • Paralyzes the parasite until it dies
  • Protects horse's cells and organs

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The Science of Unique:


A 5-day regimen is the most effective methods to treat your horse's encysted small strongyle burden — a health-robbing parasite that goes undetected in most horses.

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The Science of Different:


Different Mode of Action is what makes Safe-Guard® (fenbendazole) so safe, yet effective against the most dangerous parasites of the horse.

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Vaccines: Protect your Horse!

Prestige® equine vaccines are shown to be effective against core and risk-based diseases of horses. PRESTIGE® flu-containing vaccines have the most updated influenza strains available today.

The importance of immunization

Equine infectious diseases can attack suddenly and be devasting to your horse. Vaccination programs vary according to your horse's specific needs.

Those variables include age, environment, risk of exposure to infectious diseases and location. Talk to your veterinarian about the individual requirements for your horse.

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  • Updated: 6/19/2020: 9:34:41 AM ET