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We’re emerging from a wet winter, so climate experts are predicting that we’re about to experience one of the worst fly seasons in years. To learn how you can best protect your horses against pests, read on.

While horses and stables are prime breeding grounds for flies and other pests, you can certainly lessen their effect. Early spring is the best time to start, beginning with a thorough stable cleaning. (See top stable cleaning supplies here) Then, establish a system for maintaining its cleanliness throughout the year. Removing manure and garbage daily (or more often, if possible) is the best way to keep the fly population down; keeping the stable dry by replacing any damp bedding and hay will also be a good deterrent. Feed-through fly control supplements work to break the life cycle of the fly in manure, and are highly recommended for horses’ diets.

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The earlier you begin for fly season, the better chance your horses will have at getting through it with the least discomfort. After all, the best defense against flies is a great offense. And State Line Tack is here to help you with everything you need.

  • fly masks and boots

    Fly Masks & Boots

    Made from semi-transparent mesh material, fly masks keep pests away, yet still allow horses to see and hear.

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  • fly sheets

    Fly Sheets

    Made from lightweight, breathable material, fly sheets offer an essential layer of protection against flies and mosquitoes.

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  • fly repellents and sprays

    Fly Repellents & Sprays

    Easy to use and safe for horses, fly repellents and fly sprays can greatly decrease the number of flies and larvae in your stable or pasture.

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  • feed through fly control

    Feed Through Fly Control

    Safe, palatable, and effective, feed-through fly control options help break the pest lifecycle where it starts.

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You’ll want to extend the protection as far from the stable as you can, so make sure your horses have the right sizes and combinations of fly masks, fly sheets, fly boots, and leg wraps. In addition to keeping them comfortable, these accessories also help protect against injury. Liquid repellents, in wipe-on and spray form, are also effective, but will need to be reapplied often.

Don’t Forget to Protect the Barn!

  • fly traps and bags

    Fly Traps & Bags

    Fly traps and fly bags work around the clock to keep pests out of your barn, and away from your horses.

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  • barn and premise

    Barn & Premise

    Widen your perimeter of protection, and repel pests from even further away.

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  • dog and cat flea and tick solutions

    Dog & Cat Flea & Tick Solutions

    When you keep your smaller pets safe from pests, you also reduce the risk that they will infect your horses.

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  • best selling pest control

    Best Selling Pest Control

    Not only are these our best-selling pest control products, they're also proven solutions.

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