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Horse camps are a great introduction to kids eager to learn more about everything equine. Along with basic knowledge of horsemanship, camps provide beginning riding instruction for new riders, as well as skills improvement for existing riders. By working with horses and performing equine activities, campers get to build up not only their knowledge of horses, but also their self-esteem, self-respect, and self-discipline.

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Camp Essentials Checklist

It’s important to make sure your little camper is prepared with the right equipment to help ensure a positive and safe experience at camp. Most camps provide a list of required standard equipment, along with suggested recommendations. Some of the more essential items include:

  • Personal items: The basics for any travel (soaps, toothbrush, etc.) should always be the first items packed. You should also call ahead and find what amenities the camp provides, such as towels.
  • Bedding items: Your camper will want a cozy place to sleep after a long day of riding and learning. Find out whether a sleeping bag or sheets will suffice. (And definitely bring your own pillow.)
  • Helmet: A riding helmet must be worn for all horse riding activities, from show jumping to general riding and stable work. Most camps require each rider to bring a certified ATSM-SEI approved helmet for protection in case of falls, impact, and accidents.
  • Riding boots: Camps typically do not provide boots. It is the camper’s responsibility to bring a pair of paddock boots, tall boots, half chaps or whatever type of approved riding footwear is required, and are most comfortable wearing.
  • Rubber boots: Campers don’t spend every free minute riding; they also learn about caring for horses. A good pair of rubber or muck boots is recommended for use in and out of the stable.
  • Breeches: The right size breeches will help protect the rider’s legs, as well as maintain contact with the saddle and the horse.
  • Fly spray: Insects and flying pests can make an otherwise enjoyable experience completely miserable, for both camper and horse. Bring a repellent guaranteed to provide long-lasting protection from flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.
  • Sunscreen: Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is a top priority. With all the time campers spend outdoors, it’s easy to become overexposed, so it’s recommended they apply sunscreen frequently. No one wants to nurse sunburn when there are so many fun activities to enjoy.
  • Lunch bag: The rider in training will surely be hungry after a fun-filled morning of riding and other activities. A good lunch bag keeps their food cold and safe.

Besides being a great opportunity to learn and have fun, it can also provide a chance for lasting relationships with other campers who love horses as much as yours does. So pack up those essentials, and prepare for fantastic time.

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Top Brands

  • Tuff Rider
  • Devon-Aire
  • Tough-1
  • Troxel
  • Dublin
  • Equine Couture

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