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Barrel Saddle

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Give yourself and your horse the lightweight comfort you’ve been craving!

The Circle Y Patriot Elite Rylee Barrel Saddle is lightweight, durable, and built with comfort features for both horse and rider. With a tree-designed barrel, ideal for shorter-back horses, it allows freedom of movement while keeping the rider close for precise control.

Key features include pre-shaped fenders and aluminum offset stirrups to help keep feet secure for rider comfort. A deep padded seat ensures superior balance and stability.

Beautifully crafted in the USA with high-quality leather and hardware, showcasing silver nail-head studs on the skirt and cantle and eye-catching, tri-tone conchos, the Circle Y Patriot Elite Rylee Barrel Saddle will provide years of comfortable use.

Limited quantities! $800 OFF!

Rylee Barrel Saddle

Padded deep seat will help hold you in those tight turns and won't let you get behind your horse as you drive off the barrel.

Rylee Barrel Saddle
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For only $799 this barrel saddle features:

  • Lightweight - under 24lbs
  • Padded deep seat for stability
  • Nail-head studs on skirt and cantle
  • 3-tone copper/silver/gold conchos
  • Pre-turned fenders for comfort and to help relieve knee and ankle strain
  • Fleece bottom
  • Aluminum offset barrel stirrups
  • Durable, long-lasting and Made in the USA

Made on Ralide trees, which are formed in one solid piece of polyethylene using an injection mold process, resulting in a unitized body and a consistent uniform shape. This process ensures strength, longevity, and durability, with no added weight. In fact, the saddle weighs under 24 pounds!

A great barrel saddle at a great price! 50% OFF!

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  • Updated: 5/23/2018: 11:53:20 AM ET
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