Mud happens! Messy challenges along with health risks pose all sorts of problems. We've lined up some key items you can keep in your mud season arsenal, making sure you and your horse stay clean and healthy.

Muck Supplies

Mud clean-up made easy! Top tools for in and out of the stable!

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Never feed horses on grass or pre-existing mud. Place in feeders or hay nets to avoid health risks.

Grooming Solutions

Prevent Mud Fever by grooming their legs after a muddy turnout.

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Carefully inspect each leg for any red skin or scabs, as these can be an early sign of mud fever.

Hoof Protection

Healthy hooves make happy horses. Soggy, muddy feet are more vulnerable to thrush, hoof abscesses, and hoof cracks.

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Daily cleaning of your horse's hooves is essential to ensure no unhealthy conditions develop.

Muck Busters for You!

Keep yourself warm, dry and protected!

Prevention Wrap-up!

As the season's rainy weather is upon us, mud poses a huge problem for your horse and you. Along with unsightly, messy challenges, an unhealthy environment causes diseases and ailments like thrush, mud fever, internal parasites and more. Diligent care is essential to helping prevent any moisture-related issues from happening.

Don't put a damper on your riding plans or your horse's comfort!

More Solutions to Seasonal Care

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  • Updated: 2/16/2021: 2:55:32 PM ET
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