Mud Season Survival Guide

Spring brings with it a feeling of renewed energy and excitement. It also brings mud, which can make gate areas tricky to navigate, rings slippery, and just getting to and from the car, house, or barn a challenge. Deep mud can bow tendons, aggravate arthritis, and even pull shoes from horses’ feet. When mixed with horse manure, the bacteria can lead to issues like thrush and rain rot. Here are a few key items you can keep in your mud season arsenal to make sure you and your horse stay clean and healthy.

Mind Your Feet

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Survival Tip #1:
Cleaning out after a long winter is dirty work. Keep your feet warm and protected with durable muck boots, made to withstand the elements.

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Love Their Hooves

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Survival Tip #2:
Rocks can get mixed in with mud, and do serious damage. Take the time to pick out your horse's hooves properly, to ensure no unhealthy conditions develop.

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Cleanup Time

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Survival Tip #3:
Grooming your horse is a never-ending task, and necessary during the mud and shedding seasons. At least you get to spend more quality time together!

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Keep Them Covered

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Survival Tip #4:
Cooler temperatures combined with rain can chill a horse, whether in the paddock or the pasture. Turnout sheets and blankets can help keep them dry and comfortable.

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