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A Year in Review

2017 marked the second full year that delivered donations to equine rescues, charity organizations, horses, and special people throughout the country. These donations could only have been possible with the support of our customers and social media followers. Here are some of the ways State Line Tack — with your generous help — was able to Give Back to some very deserving recipients.

lucky charm giveaway

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, our Lucky Charm giveaway asked our followers to nominate 501(c)(3) nonprofit horse rescues to be eligible to win a donation in appreciation of their hard work. This campaign was very popular, and we had hundreds of nominations. In the end, Angels Equine Rescue received $1,000 to use toward their mission.

current topics & breaking news

As part of our State Line Tack Gives Back efforts, we started weekly live feeds to cover current topics and breaking news in the horse world. One such feed featured an interview with a concerned woman after three of her horses were stolen in the middle of the night. That footage went viral — thanks, again, to all of you who shared it — and the horses miraculously showed up safe and sound in the pasture within the next 24 hours!

summer & sassenach

Summer Brennan of Little Brook Farm in Old Chatham, New York, rescued an off the track Thoroughbred named Sassenach, and went forward to enter the Thoroughbred Makeover Competition, hosted by the Retired Racehorse Project. We were proud to sponsor this quest, and followed Summer and Sassenach on their journey all the way up to the day of competition. Although they did not finish in first place, they are said to have been the most memorable competitors due to their exceptional vaulting performance.

Other activities in 2017 included relief for victims of Hurricane Harvey and other natural disasters, paying off vet bills for numerous horses and humans in need, setting up vanity links for multiple horse rescues, networking for different dire causes, and much more. Combined with the efforts of our related companies, our loyal customers helped us donate $100,000 worth of products, gift certificates, vet bills, fees and cash donations.

We have other giveaways and events in store for 2018, so we hope you’ll stay tuned. Together, we really can make a positive impact in the equine world.

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  • Updated: 1/26/2018: 9:04:29 AM ET