Horse Rain Sheets & Waterproof Blankets Turned Out in Style. Our waterproof horse blankets are designed to protect those with even the thickest coats during the coldest months. Even horses that have grown long, warm coats can benefit from the protection of a waterproof turnout sheet to keep dry in the rain and stay warmer for longer.

Made from rugged woven nylon, waterproof horse blankets are treated with a water repellent that keeps moisture out. Water will bead and roll off even in the most intense weather. Over time, water resistance can lessen, but that can be fixed with a waterproofing spray or wash. Regular care of horse blankets will help your blankets and turnout sheets last longer. To learn more about the proper care of your waterproof turnout sheets and blankets, read more here.

Similar to a coat for humans, winter horse blankets protect the majority of the horse’s body while still letting them easily walk and run around. Sturdy straps along with a properly fitted blanket keep it in place on the horse’s back — unless you have a real Houdini, then there’s always a chance to find him with his blanket around his neck. Durable nylon is measured in denier: you’ll see a number followed by a D. The higher that number is, the stronger the fabric is. Almost all turnout blankets and waterproof turnout sheets are water resistant and are for outdoor use. This is because even when it isn’t actively raining or snowing, horses roll on the wet ground or kick up wet mud and waterproof horse blankets are easier to clean than stable blankets intended for well, stable use.

Winter horse blankets come in a huge variety of styles, each with different features, so our team has put together a guide to help you choose the best horse blanket or sheet. For an affordable winter turnout blanket, the Defender Platinum has 250g of polyfill and easily integrates with liners to make an extra warm and cozy blanket. Horseware Ireland is known for its quality blankets, like the Rambo Original Arch Blanket with classic styling and their three-year guarantee. Tough-1 has become a popular favorite with quality and affordability and the Tough-1 600 Denier Water Repellent Sheet is no exception. Find the right waterproof turnout sheets and blankets for your horse at State Line!

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