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Ariat Mens Heritage Roughstock Boots


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Ariat Mens Heritage Roughstock Boots


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Product Summary:

Ariat(r)(r) Men's Heritage Roughstock Boots

Built for working cowboys, durable enough for the range, and steeped in solid tradition. The Roughstock has the ATS footbed to support and stabilize, long-wearing Duratread outsoles, premium full-grain leather, and a choice of toe styles. This is one of Ariat's best-loved Western boots.

Product Features:

  • Has a unique color contrast, beautiful scrolling rows of topstitching and pretty perforated trims.
  • Features a sturdy rubber sole for steady stepping and smooth leather linings.
  • This rugged boot is built for the working cowboy.
  • Has padded footbed for superior comfort.

Item Specifications:

Shaft Height:

Heel Height:

Toe Shape:

Outsole Composition:



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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
10 Black E009144 10 BLK E009144 10 BLK
10 Bomber E009144 10 BOM 10002230 10 884849127803
10 Cream E009144 10 CRM E009144 10 CRM
10 Dist E009144 10 DIS E009144 10 DIS
10 Thund E009144 10 THU E009144 10 THU
10 Washed E009144 10 WSH E009144 10 WSH
10.5 Black E009144 105 BLK E009144 105 BLK
10.5 Bomber E009144 105 BOM 10002230 105 884849127810
10.5 Cream E009144 105 CRM E009144 105 CRM
10.5 Dist E009144 105 DIS E009144 105 DIS
10.5 Thund E009144 105 THU E009144 105 THU
10.5 Washed E009144 105 WSH E009144 105 WSH
10.5D Black E009144 105D BLK E009144 105D BLK
10.5D Bomber E009144 105D BOM 10002230 105D 751702637918
10.5D Cream E009144 105D CRM E009144 105D CRM
10.5D Dist E009144 105D DIS E009144 105D DIS
10.5D Thund E009144 105D THU 10007850 105D 884849249598
10.5D Washed E009144 105D WSH E009144 105D WSH
10.5EE Black E009144 105EE BLK E009144 105EE BLK 884849387184
10.5EE Bomber E009144 105EE BOM 10002230 105EE 751702638014
10.5EE Cream E009144 105EE CRM E009144 105EE CRM
10.5EE Dist E009144 105EE DIS E009144 105EE DIS
10.5EE Thund E009144 105EE THU 10007850 105EE 884849249604
10.5EE Washed E009144 105EE WSH E009144 105EE WSH
10D Black E009144 10D BLK E009144 10D BLK
10D Bomber E009144 10D BOM 10002230 10D 751702637901
10D Cream E009144 10D CRM E009144 10D CRM
10D Dist E009144 10D DIS E009144 10D DIS
10D Thund E009144 10D THU 10007850 10D 884849249574
10D Washed E009144 10D WSH E009144 10D WSH
10EE Black E009144 10EE BLK E009144 10EE BLK
10EE Bomber E009144 10EE BOM 10002230 10EE 751702638007
10EE Cream E009144 10EE CRM E009144 10EE CRM
10EE Dist E009144 10EE DIS E009144 10EE DIS
10EE Thund E009144 10EE THU 10007850 10EE 884849249581
10EE Washed E009144 10EE WSH E009144 10EE WSH
11 Black E009144 11 BLK E009144 11 BLK
11 Bomber E009144 11 BOM 10002230 11 884849127827
11 Cream E009144 11 CRM E009144 11 CRM
11 Dist E009144 11 DIS E009144 11 DIS
11 Thund E009144 11 THU E009144 11 THU
11 Washed E009144 11 WSH E009144 11 WSH
11.5 Black E009144 115 BLK
11.5 Bomber E009144 115 BOM 10002230 115 884849127834
11.5 Cream E009144 115 CRM
11.5 Dist E009144 115 DIS
11.5 Thund E009144 115 THU
11.5 Washed E009144 115 WSH
11.5D Black E009144 115D BLK E009144 115D BLK
11.5D Bomber E009144 115D BOM 10002230 115D 751702637932
11.5D Cream E009144 115D CRM E009144 115D CRM
11.5D Dist E009144 115D DIS E009144 115D DIS
11.5D Thund E009144 115D THU 10007850 115D 884849249635
11.5D Washed E009144 115D WSH E009144 115D WSH
11.5EE Black E009144 115EE BLK E009144 115EE BLK
11.5 EE Bomber E009144 115EE BOM 10002230 115EE 884849142806
11.5EE Cream E009144 115EE CRM E009144 115EE CRM
11.5EE Dist E009144 115EE DIS E009144 115EE DIS
11.5EE Thund E009144 115EE THU E009144 115EE THU
11.5EE Washed E009144 115EE WSH E009144 115EE WSH
11D Black E009144 11D BLK E009144 11D BLK
11D Bomber E009144 11D BOM 10002230 11D 751702637925
11D Cream E009144 11D CRM E009144 11D CRM
11D Dist E009144 11D DIS E009144 11D DIS
11D Thund E009144 11D THU 10007850 11D 884849249611
11D Washed E009144 11D WSH E009144 11D WSH
11EE Black E009144 11EE BLK E009144 11EE BLK
11EE Bomber E009144 11EE BOM 10002230 11EE 751702638021
11EE Cream E009144 11EE CRM E009144 11EE CRM
11EE Dist E009144 11EE DIS E009144 11EE DIS
11EE Thund E009144 11EE THU 10007850 11EE 884849249628
11EE Washed E009144 11EE WSH E009144 11EE WSH
12 Black E009144 12 BLK E009144 12 BLK
12 Bomber E009144 12 BOM 10002230 12 884849127841
12 Cream E009144 12 CRM E009144 12 CRM
12 Dist E009144 12 DIS E009144 12 DIS
12 Thund E009144 12 THU E009144 12 THU
12 Washed E009144 12 WSH E009144 12 WSH
12D Black E009144 12D BLK E009144 12D BLK
12D Bomber E009144 12D BOM 10002230 12D 751702637949
12D Cream E009144 12D CRM E009144 12D CRM
12D Dist E009144 12D DIS E009144 12D DIS
12D Thund E009144 12D THU 10007850 12D 884849249642
12D Washed E009144 12D WSH E009144 12D WSH
12EE Black E009144 12EE BLK E009144 12EE BLK
12 EE Bomber E009144 12EE BOM 10002230 12EE 751702638038
12EE Cream E009144 12EE CRM E009144 12EE CRM
12EE Dist E009144 12EE DIS E009144 12EE DIS
12 EE Thund E009144 12EE THU 10007850 12EE 884849249659
12EE Washed E009144 12EE WSH E009144 12EE WSH
13 Black E009144 13 BLK E009144 13 BLK
13 Bomber E009144 13 BOM 10002230 13 884849127858
13 Cream E009144 13 CRM E009144 13 CRM
13 Dist E009144 13 DIS E009144 13 DIS
13 Thund E009144 13 THU E009144 13 THU
13 Washed E009144 13 WSH E009144 13 WSH
13D Black E009144 13D BLK E009144 13D BLK
13D Bomber E009144 13D BOM 10002230 13D 751702637956
13D Cream E009144 13D CRM E009144 13D CRM
13D Dist E009144 13D DIS E009144 13D DIS
13D Thund E009144 13D THU 10007850 13D 884849249666
13D Washed E009144 13D WSH E009144 13D WSH
13EE Black E009144 13EE BLK E009144 13EE BLK
13 EE Bomber E009144 13EE BOM 10002230 13EE 884849142813
13EE Cream E009144 13EE CRM E009144 13EE CRM
13EE Dist E009144 13EE DIS E009144 13EE DIS
13 EE Thund E009144 13EE THU 10007850 13EE 884849809167
13EE Washed E009144 13EE WSH E009144 13EE WSH
14D Black E009144 14D BLK E009144 14D BLK
14 D Bomber E009144 14D BOM 10002230 14D 889359860684
14D Cream E009144 14D CRM E009144 14D CRM
14D Dist E009144 14D DIS E009144 14D DIS
14D Thund E009144 14D THU E009144 14D THU
14D Washed E009144 14D WSH E009144 14D WSH
14EE Black E009144 14EE BLK E009144 14EE BLK
14 EE Bomber E009144 14EE BOM 10002230 14EE 889359860707
14EE Cream E009144 14EE CRM E009144 14EE CRM
14EE Dist E009144 14EE DIS E009144 14EE DIS
14EE Thund E009144 14EE THU E009144 14EE THU
14EE Washed E009144 14EE WSH E009144 14EE WSH
15D Black E009144 15D BLK E009144 15D BLK
15 D Bomber E009144 15D BOM 10002230 15D 889359860691
15D Cream E009144 15D CRM E009144 15D CRM
15D Dist E009144 15D DIS E009144 15D DIS
15D Thund E009144 15D THU E009144 15D THU
15D Washed E009144 15D WSH E009144 15D WSH
65D Black E009144 65D BLK E009144 65D BLK
65 D Bomber E009144 65D BOM 10002230 65D 889359860677
65D Cream E009144 65D CRM E009144 65D CRM
65D Dist E009144 65D DIS E009144 65D DIS
65D Thund E009144 65D THU E009144 65D THU
65D Washed E009144 65D WSH E009144 65D WSH
6D Black E009144 6D BLK E009144 6D BLK
6 D Bomber E009144 6D BOM 10002230 6D 889359860660
6D Cream E009144 6D CRM E009144 6D CRM
6D Dist E009144 6D DIS E009144 6D DIS
6D Thund E009144 6D THU E009144 6D THU
6D Washed E009144 6D WSH E009144 6D WSH
7.5D Black E009144 75D BLK E009144 75D BLK
7.5D Bomber E009144 75D BOM 10002230 75D 751702637857
7.5D Cream E009144 75D CRM E009144 75D CRM
7.5D Dist E009144 75D DIS E009144 75D DIS
7.5D Thund E009144 75D THU 10007850 75D 884849249680
7.5D Washed E009144 75D WSH E009144 75D WSH
7.5EE Black E009144 75EE BLK E009144 75EE BLK
7.5 EE Bomber E009144 75EE BOM 10002230 75EE 884849142837
7.5EE Cream E009144 75EE CRM E009144 75EE CRM
7.5EE Dist E009144 75EE DIS E009144 75EE DIS
7.5 EE Thund E009144 75EE THU 10007850 75EE 889359516574
7.5EE Washed E009144 75EE WSH E009144 75EE WSH
7D Black E009144 7D BLK E009144 7D BLK
7D Bomber E009144 7D BOM 10002230 7D 751702637840
7D Cream E009144 7D CRM E009144 7D CRM
7D Dist E009144 7D DIS E009144 7D DIS
7D Thund E009144 7D THU 10007850 7D 884849249673
7D Washed E009144 7D WSH E009144 7D WSH
7EE Black E009144 7EE BLK E009144 7EE BLK
7 EE Bomber E009144 7EE BOM 10002230 7EE 884849142820
7EE Cream E009144 7EE CRM E009144 7EE CRM
7EE Dist E009144 7EE DIS E009144 7EE DIS
7 EE Thund E009144 7EE THU 10007850 7EE 889359516567
7EE Washed E009144 7EE WSH E009144 7EE WSH
8.5D Black E009144 85D BLK E009144 85D BLK
8.5D Bomber E009144 85D BOM 10002230 85D 751702637871
8.5D Cream E009144 85D CRM E009144 85D CRM
8.5D Dist E009144 85D DIS E009144 85D DIS
8.5D Thund E009144 85D THU 10007850 85D 884849249710
8.5D Washed E009144 85D WSH E009144 85D WSH
8.5EE Black E009144 85EE BLK E009144 85EE BLK
8.5EE Bomber E009144 85EE BOM 10002230 85EE 751702637970
8.5EE Cream E009144 85EE CRM E009144 85EE CRM
8.5EE Dist E009144 85EE DIS E009144 85EE DIS
8.5EE Thund E009144 85EE THU 10007850 85EE 884849249727
8.5EE Washed E009144 85EE WSH E009144 85EE WSH
8D Black E009144 8D BLK E009144 8D BLK
8D Bomber E009144 8D BOM 10002230 8D 751702637864
8D Cream E009144 8D CRM E009144 8D CRM
8D Dist E009144 8D DIS E009144 8D DIS
8D Thund E009144 8D THU 10007850 8D 884849249697
8D Washed E009144 8D WSH E009144 8D WSH
8EE Black E009144 8EE BLK E009144 8EE BLK
8EE Bomber E009144 8EE BOM 10002230 8EE 751702637963
8EE Cream E009144 8EE CRM E009144 8EE CRM
8EE Dist E009144 8EE DIS E009144 8EE DIS
8EE Thund E009144 8EE THU 10007850 8EE 884849249703
8EE Washed E009144 8EE WSH E009144 8EE WSH
9.5D Black E009144 95D BLK E009144 95D BLK
9.5D Bomber E009144 95D BOM 10002230 95D 751702637895
9.5D Cream E009144 95D CRM E009144 95D CRM
9.5D Dist E009144 95D DIS E009144 95D DIS
9.5D Thund E009144 95D THU 10007850 95D 884849249758
9.5D Washed E009144 95D WSH E009144 95D WSH
9.5EE Black E009144 95EE BLK E009144 95EE BLK
9.5EE Bomber E009144 95EE BOM 10002230 95EE 751702637994
9.5EE Cream E009144 95EE CRM E009144 95EE CRM
9.5EE Dist E009144 95EE DIS E009144 95EE DIS
9.5EE Thund E009144 95EE THU 10007850 95EE 884849249765
9.5EE Washed E009144 95EE WSH E009144 95EE WSH
9D Black E009144 9D BLK E009144 9D BLK
9D Bomber E009144 9D BOM 10002230 9D 751702637888
9D Cream E009144 9D CRM E009144 9D CRM
9D Dist E009144 9D DIS E009144 9D DIS
9D Thund E009144 9D THU 10007850 9D 884849249734
9D Washed E009144 9D WSH E009144 9D WSH
9EE Black E009144 9EE BLK E009144 9EE BLK
9EE Bomber E009144 9EE BOM 10002230 9EE 751702637987
9EE Cream E009144 9EE CRM E009144 9EE CRM
9EE Dist E009144 9EE DIS E009144 9EE DIS
9EE Thund E009144 9EE THU 10007850 9EE 884849249741
9EE Washed E009144 9EE WSH E009144 9EE WSH

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