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Ariat Womens Sunstopper 2.0

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Product Summary:

Ariat® Women's Sunstopper 2.0
Ariat's popular Sunstopper base layer is back and better than ever with updated styling and exciting new colors. Along with the same great performance features, it sports a raglan-cut sleeve for a flattering fit and breathable tech mesh paneling in all the places you need it most.

AriatTEK® Heat Series technology keeps you cool when the competition heats up
Moisture Movement Technology™ keeps you drier
Sun Protection Fabric™ with UPF rating of 45 provides protection from ultraviolet rays
Fabric inhibits the growth of bacterial odors
Cooling technology reduces skin temperature
Lightweight pique knit
Stand collar with 1/4 zip styling
Breathable mesh paneling
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
L Blue Cashmere Dot E030995 LG BCD 10030431 L 192904168136
L Blue Opal Bits E030995 LG BLB 10034981 LG 192904623857
L Black E030995 LG BLK 10030429 L 192904168013
L Imperial Blue E030995 LG BLU 10034977 LG 192904609585
L Botanical Blue E030995 LG BOB 10030433 L 192904168198
L Bridle Print E030995 LG BRD 10030437 L 192904168433
L Blue Yonder E030995 LG BYO 10035456 LG 192904649000
L Cool Blue E030995 LG COL 10034982 LG 192904624250
L Duck Egg Dot E030995 LG DCK 10030442 L 192904168723
L Heather E030995 LG HTR 10030455 L 192904213454
L Marine Blue E030995 LG MAR 10032679 L 192904389708
L Nautilus E030995 LG NAU 10030458 L 192904169409
L Navy E030995 LG NVY 10030464 L 192904169997
L Navy Dot E030995 LG NVYD 10030462 L 192904169522
L Navy Floral E030995 LG NVYF 10033249 L 192904429800
L Orange Dot E030995 LG ORG 10035304 LG 192904644821
L Periscope Blue E030995 LG PBLU 10032678 L 192904390001
L Peach Horse Print E030995 LG PCH 10030469 L 192904170221
L Italian Plum E030995 LG PLM 10034976 LG 192904609646
L White Cross Country E030995 LG WCC 10034978 LG 192904609523
L White Horse & Dots E030995 LG WHD 10034979 LG 192904624311
L White E030995 LG WHT 10030471 L 192904170283
L White Multi E030995 LG WHTM 10030472 L 192904170405
L Yellow Horse Print E030995 LG YLW 10035455 LG 192904651768
M Blue Cashmere Dot E030995 MD BCD 10030431 M 192904168129
M Blue Opal Bits E030995 MD BLB 10034981 MED 192904623840
M Black E030995 MD BLK 10030429 M 192904168006
M Imperial Blue E030995 MD BLU 10034977 MED 192904609578
M Botanical Blue E030995 MD BOB 10030433 M 192904168181
M Bridle Print E030995 MD BRD 10030437 M 192904168426
M Blue Yonder E030995 MD BYO 10035456 MED 192904648997
M Cool Blue E030995 MD COL 10034982 MED 192904624243
M Duck Egg Dot E030995 MD DCK 10030442 M 192904168716
M Heather E030995 MD HTR 10030455 M 192904213447
M Marine Blue E030995 MD MAR 10032679 M 192904389692
M Nautilus E030995 MD NAU 10030458 M 192904169393
M Navy E030995 MD NVY 10030464 M 192904169980
M Navy Dot E030995 MD NVYD 10030462 M 192904169515
M Navy Floral E030995 MD NVYF 10033249 M 192904425390
M Orange Dot E030995 MD ORG 10035304 MED 192904644814
M Periscope Blue E030995 MD PBLU 10032678 M 192904389999
M Peach Horse Print E030995 MD PCH 10030469 M 192904170214
M Italian Plum E030995 MD PLM 10034976 MED 192904609639
M White Cross Country E030995 MD WCC 10034978 MED 192904609516
M White Horse & Dots E030995 MD WHD 10034979 MED 192904624304
M White E030995 MD WHT 10030471 M 192904170276
M White Multi E030995 MD WHTM 10030472 M 192904170399
M Yellow Horse Print E030995 MD YLW 10035455 MED 192904651751
S Blue Cashmere Dot E030995 SM BCD 10030431 S 192904168112
S Blue Opal Bits E030995 SM BLB 10034981 SML 192904623833
S Black E030995 SM BLK 10030429 S 192904167993
S Imperial Blue E030995 SM BLU 10034977 SML 192904609561
S Botanical Blue E030995 SM BOB 10030433 S 192904168174
S Bridle Print E030995 SM BRD 10030437 S 192904168419
S Blue Yonder E030995 SM BYO 10035456 SML 192904648980
S Cool Blue E030995 SM COL 10034982 SML 192904624236
S Duck Egg Dot E030995 SM DCK 10030442 S 192904168709
S Heather E030995 SM HTR 10030455 S 192904213430
S Marine Blue E030995 SM MAR 10032679 S 192904389685
S Nautilus E030995 SM NAU 10030458 S 192904169386
S Navy E030995 SM NVY 10030464 S 192904169973
S Navy Dot E030995 SM NVYD 10030462 S 192904169508
S Navy Floral E030995 SM NVYF 10033249 S 192904425383
S Orange Dot E030995 SM ORG 10035304 SML 192904644807
S Periscope Blue E030995 SM PBLU 10032678 S 192904389982
S Peach Horse Print E030995 SM PCH 10030469 S 192904170207
S Italian Plum E030995 SM PLM 10034976 SML 192904609622
S White Cross Country E030995 SM WCC 10034978 SML 192904609509
S White Horse & Dots E030995 SM WHD 10034979 SML 192904624298
S White E030995 SM WHT 10030471 S 192904170269
S White Multi E030995 SM WHTM 10030472 S 192904170382
S Yellow Horse Print E030995 SM YLW 10035455 SML 192904651744
XL Blue Cashmere Dot E030995 XL BCD 10030431 XL 192904168143
XL Blue Opal Bits E030995 XL BLB 10034981 XL 192904623864
XL Black E030995 XL BLK 10030429 XL 192904168020
XL Imperial Blue E030995 XL BLU 10034977 XL 192904609592
XL Botanical Blue E030995 XL BOB 10030433 XL 192904168204
XL Bridle Print E030995 XL BRD 10030437 XL 192904168440
XL Blue Yonder E030995 XL BYO 10035456 XL 192904649017
XL Cool Blue E030995 XL COL 10034982 XL 192904624267
XL Duck Egg Dot E030995 XL DCK 10030442 XL 192904168730
XL Heather E030995 XL HTR 10030455 XL 192904213461
XL Marine Blue E030995 XL MAR 10032679 XL 192904389715
XL Nautilus E030995 XL NAU 10030458 XL 192904169416
XL Navy E030995 XL NVY 10030464 XL 192904170009
XL Navy Dot E030995 XL NVYD 10030462 XL 192904169539
XL Navy Floral E030995 XL NVYF 10033249 XL 192904429817
XL Orange Dot E030995 XL ORG 10035304 XL 192904644838
XL Periscope Blue E030995 XL PBLU 10032678 XL 192904390018
XL Peach Horse Print E030995 XL PCH 10030469 XL 192904170238
XL Italian Plum E030995 XL PLM 10034976 XL 192904609653
XL White Cross Country E030995 XL WCC 10034978 XL 192904609530
XL White Horse & Dots E030995 XL WHD 10034979 XL 192904624328
XL White E030995 XL WHT 10030471 XL 192904170290
XL White Multi E030995 XL WHTM 10030472 XL 192904170412
XL Yellow Horse Print E030995 XL YLW 10035455 XL 192904651775
XS Blue Cashmere Dot E030995 XS BCD 10030431 XS 192904168105
XS Blue Opal Bits E030995 XS BLB 10034981 XS 192904623826
XS Black E030995 XS BLK 10030429 XS 192904167986
XS Imperial Blue E030995 XS BLU 10034977 XS 192904609554
XS Botanical Blue E030995 XS BOB 10030433 XS 192904168167
XS Bridle Print E030995 XS BRD 10030437 XS 192904168402
XS Blue Yonder E030995 XS BYO 10035456 XS 192904648973
XS Cool Blue E030995 XS COL 10034982 XS 192904624229
XS Duck Egg Dot E030995 XS DCK 10030442 XS 192904168693
XS Heather E030995 XS HTR 10030455 XS 192904213423
XS Marine Blue E030995 XS MAR 10032679 XS 192904389678
XS Nautilus E030995 XS NAU 10030458 XS 192904169379
XS Navy E030995 XS NVY 10030464 XS 192904169966
XS Navy Dot E030995 XS NVYD 10030462 XS 192904169492
XS Navy Floral E030995 XS NVYF 10033249 XS 192904425376
XS Orange Dot E030995 XS ORG 10035304 XS 192904644791
XS Periscope Blue E030995 XS PBLU 10032678 XS 192904389975
XS Peach Horse Print E030995 XS PCH 10030469 XS 192904170191
XS Italian Plum E030995 XS PLM 10034976 XS 192904609615
XS White Cross Country E030995 XS WCC 10034978 XS 192904609493
XS White Horse & Dots E030995 XS WHD 10034979 XS 192904624281
XS White E030995 XS WHT 10030471 XS 192904170252
XS White Multi E030995 XS WHTM 10030472 XS 192904170375
XS Yellow Horse Print E030995 XS YLW 10035455 XS 192904651737
XXL Blue Cashmere Dot E030995 XXL BCD 10030431 XXL 192904168150
XXL Blue Opal Bits E030995 XXL BLB 10034981 XXL 192904623871
XXL Black E030995 XXL BLK 10030429 XXL 192904168037
XXL Imperial Blue E030995 XXL BLU 10034977 XXL 192904609608
XXL Botanical Blue E030995 XXL BOB 10030433 XXL 192904168211
XXL Bridle Print E030995 XXL BRD 10030437 XXL 192904168457
XXL Blue Yonder E030995 XXL BYO 10035456 XXL 192904649024
XXL Cool Blue E030995 XXL COL 10034982 XXL 192904624274
XXL Duck Egg Dot E030995 XXL DCK 10030442 XXL 192904168747
XXL Heather E030995 XXL HTR 10030455 XXL 192904213478
XXL Marine Blue E030995 XXL MAR 10032679 XXL 192904389722
XXL Nautilus E030995 XXL NAU 10030458 XXL 192904169423
XXL Navy E030995 XXL NVY 10030464 XXL 192904170016
XXL Navy Dot E030995 XXL NVYD 10030462 XXL 192904169546
XXL Navy Floral E030995 XXL NVYF 10033249 XXL 192904429824
XXL Orange Dot E030995 XXL ORG 10035304 XXL 192904644845
XXL Periscope Blue E030995 XXL PBLU 10032678 XXL 192904390025
XXL Peach Horse Print E030995 XXL PCH 10030469 XXL 192904170245
XXL Italian Plum E030995 XXL PLM 10034976 XXL 192904609660
XXL White Cross Country E030995 XXL WCC 10034978 XXL 192904609547
XXL White Horse & Dots E030995 XXL WHD 10034979 XXL 192904624335
XXL White E030995 XXL WHT 10030471 XXL 192904170306
XXL White Multi E030995 XXL WHTM 10030472 XXL 192904170429
XXL Yellow Horse Print E030995 XXL YLW 10035455 XXL 192904651782

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