Durango Mens Arena Pro Sq Boots

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Product Summary:

Durango Mens Arena Pro Square Boots


This style is full-grain leather, has a soft mesh lining, Durango® X-Pand System™ which is a hidden gore expansion for universal fit and easy on/off, and the Durango® Energy Return Footbed™.

It has a cushion flex insole with rigid rear foot stabilizer, nylon shank, littleway shank stitch for ultimate durability and a rolled shank area. The outsole is genuine leather, hand pegged and nailed. It has a ¾ genuine Goodyear welt construction and genuine leather welt with double row cotton stitch. This style also includes a high abrasion resistant rubber heel lift, 1 ½" rocker heel and square toe.

Pull on handcrafted comfort in this men's 12"  Durango® Arena Pro™. Get a pair today!


  • Square toe
  • Full-grain leather
  • Rolled shank area
  • Nylon shank
  • Soft mesh lining
  • Cushion flex insole with rigid rear foot stabilizer
  • 3/4 genuine Goodyear welt construction
  • Genuine leather welt with double row cotton stitch
  • Genuine leather, hand pegged and nailed outsole
  • High-abrasion resistant rubber heel lift
  • Leather stacked heel base
  • 1 1/2" stockman with rocker heel


Style Item Number Model Number UPC
7 D Black E032839 7D BLK DDB0256/7M 193715020415
7 D Blue E032839 7D BLU DDB0252/7M 193715011123
7 D Brown E032839 7D BRN DDB0253/7M 193715011208
7 D Tan E032839 7D TAN DDB0255/7M 193715011284
7 D Teal E032839 7D TEA DDB0254/7M 193715020330
7.5 D Black E032839 75D BLK DDB0256/7.5M 193715020422
7.5 D Blue E032839 75D BLU DDB0252/7.5M 193715011130
7.5 D Brown E032839 75D BRN DDB0253/7.5M 193715011215
7.5 D Tan E032839 75D TAN DDB0255/7.5M 193715011291
7.5 D Teal E032839 75D TEA DDB0254/7.5M 193715020347
8 D Black E032839 8D BLK DDB0256/8M 193715010379
8 D Blue E032839 8D BLU DDB0252/8M 193715009571
8 D Brown E032839 8D BRN DDB0253/8M 193715009779
8 D Tan E032839 8D TAN DDB0255/8M 193715010171
8 D Teal E032839 8D TEA DDB0254/8M 193715009977
8.5 D Black E032839 85D BLK DDB0256/8.5M 193715010386
8.5 D Blue E032839 85D BLU DDB0252/8.5M 193715009588
8.5 D Brown E032839 85D BRN DDB0253/8.5M 193715009786
8.5 D Tan E032839 85D TAN DDB0255/8.5M 193715010188
8.5 D Teal E032839 85D TEA DDB0254/8.5M 193715009984
9 D Black E032839 9D BLK DDB0256/9M 193715010393
9 D Blue E032839 9D BLU DDB0252/9M 193715009595
9 D Brown E032839 9D BRN DDB0253/9M 193715009793
9 D Tan E032839 9D TAN DDB0255/9M 193715010195
9 D Teal E032839 9D TEA DDB0254/9M 193715009991
9.5 D Black E032839 95D BLK DDB0256/9.5M 193715010409
9.5 D Blue E032839 95D BLU DDB0252/9.5M 193715009601
9.5 D Brown E032839 95D BRN DDB0253/9.5M 193715009809
9.5 D Tan E032839 95D TAN DDB0255/9.5M 193715010201
9.5 D Teal E032839 95D TEA DDB0254/9.5M 193715010003
10 D Black E032839 10D BLK DDB0256/10M 193715010416
10 D Blue E032839 10D BLU DDB0252/10M 193715009618
10 D Brown E032839 10D BRN DDB0253/10M 193715009816
10 D Tan E032839 10D TAN DDB0255/10M 193715010218
10 D Teal E032839 10D TEA DDB0254/10M 193715010010
10.5 D Black E032839 105D BLK DDB0256/10.5M 193715010423
10.5 D Blue E032839 105D BLU DDB0252/10.5M 193715009625
10.5 D Brown E032839 105D BRN DDB0253/10.5M 193715009823
10.5 D Tan E032839 105D TAN DDB0255/10.5M 193715010225
10.5 D Teal E032839 105D TEA DDB0254/10.5M 193715010027
11 D Black E032839 11D BLK DDB0256/11M 193715010430
11 D Blue E032839 11D BLU DDB0252/11M 193715009632
11 D Brown E032839 11D BRN DDB0253/11M 193715009830
11 D Tan E032839 11D TAN DDB0255/11M 193715010232
11 D Teal E032839 11D TEA DDB0254/11M 193715010034
11.5 D Black E032839 115D BLK DDB0256/11.5M 193715010447
11.5 D Blue E032839 115D BLU DDB0252/11.5M 193715009649
11.5 D Brown E032839 115D BRN DDB0253/11.5M 193715009847
11.5 D Tan E032839 115D TAN DDB0255/11.5M 193715010249
11.5 D Teal E032839 115D TEA DDB0254/11.5M 193715010041
12 D Black E032839 12D BLK DDB0256/12M 193715010454
12 D Blue E032839 12D BLU DDB0252/12M 193715009656
12 D Brown E032839 12D BRN DDB0253/12M 193715009854
12 D Tan E032839 12D TAN DDB0255/12M 193715010256
12 D Teal E032839 12D TEA DDB0254/12M 193715010058
13 D Black E032839 13D BLK DDB0256/13M 193715010461
13 D Blue E032839 13D BLU DDB0252/13M 193715009663
13 D Brown E032839 13D BRN DDB0253/13M 193715009861
13 D Tan E032839 13D TAN DDB0255/13M 193715010263
13 D Teal E032839 13D TEA DDB0254/13M 193715010065
7 EE Black E032839 7EE BLK DDB0256/7W 193715020453
7 EE Blue E032839 7EE BLU DDB0252/7W 193715011161
7 EE Brown E032839 7EE BRN DDB0253/7W 193715011246
7 EE Tan E032839 7EE TAN DDB0255/7W 193715011321
7 EE Teal E032839 7EE TEA DDB0254/7W 193715020378
7.5 EE Black E032839 75EE BLK DDB0256/7.5W 193715020460
7.5 EE Blue E032839 75EE BLU DDB0252/7.5W 193715011178
7.5 EE Brown E032839 75EE BRN DDB0253/7.5W 193715011253
7.5 EE Tan E032839 75EE TAN DDB0255/7.5W 193715011338
7.5 EE Teal E032839 75EE TEA DDB0254/7.5W 193715020385
8 EE Black E032839 8EE BLK DDB0256/8W 193715010478
8 EE Blue E032839 8EE BLU DDB0252/8W 193715009670
8 EE Brown E032839 8EE BRN DDB0253/8W 193715009878
8 EE Tan E032839 8EE TAN DDB0255/8W 193715010270
8 EE Teal E032839 8EE TEA DDB0254/8W 193715010072
8.5 EE Black E032839 85EE BLK DDB0256/8.5W 193715010485
8.5 EE Blue E032839 85EE BLU DDB0252/8.5W 193715009687
8.5 EE Brown E032839 85EE BRN DDB0253/8.5W 193715009885
8.5 EE Tan E032839 85EE TAN DDB0255/8.5W 193715010287
8.5 EE Teal E032839 85EE TEA DDB0254/8.5W 193715010089
9 EE Black E032839 9EE BLK DDB0256/9W 193715010492
9 EE Blue E032839 9EE BLU DDB0252/9W 193715009694
9 EE Brown E032839 9EE BRN DDB0253/9W 193715009892
9 EE Tan E032839 9EE TAN DDB0255/9W 193715010294
9 EE Teal E032839 9EE TEA DDB0254/9W 193715010096
9.5 EE Black E032839 95EE BLK DDB0256/9.5W 193715010508
9.5 EE Blue E032839 95EE BLU DDB0252/9.5W 193715009700
9.5 EE Brown E032839 95EE BRN DDB0253/9.5W 193715009908
9.5 EE Tan E032839 95EE TAN DDB0255/9.5W 193715010300
9.5 EE Teal E032839 95EE TEA DDB0254/9.5W 193715010102
10 EE Black E032839 10EE BLK DDB0256/10W 193715010515
10 EE Blue E032839 10EE BLU DDB0252/10W 193715009717
10 EE Brown E032839 10EE BRN DDB0253/10W 193715009915
10 EE Tan E032839 10EE TAN DDB0255/10W 193715010317
10 EE Teal E032839 10EE TEA DDB0254/10W 193715010119
10.5 EE Black E032839 105EE BLK DDB0256/10.5W 193715010522
10.5 EE Blue E032839 105EE BLU DDB0252/10.5W 193715009724
10.5 EE Brown E032839 105EE BRN DDB0253/10.5W 193715009922
10.5 EE Tan E032839 105EE TAN DDB0255/10.5W 193715010324
10.5 EE Teal E032839 105EE TEA DDB0254/10.5W 193715010126
11 EE Black E032839 11EE BLK DDB0256/11W 193715010539
11 EE Blue E032839 11EE BLU DDB0252/11W 193715009731
11 EE Brown E032839 11EE BRN DDB0253/11W 193715009939
11 EE Tan E032839 11EE TAN DDB0255/11W 193715010331
11 EE Teal E032839 11EE TEA DDB0254/11W 193715010133
11.5 EE Black E032839 115EE BLK DDB0256/11.5W 193715010546
11.5 EE Blue E032839 115EE BLU DDB0252/11.5W 193715009748
11.5 EE Brown E032839 115EE BRN DDB0253/11.5W 193715009946
11.5 EE Tan E032839 115EE TAN DDB0255/11.5W 193715010348
11.5 EE Teal E032839 115EE TEA DDB0254/11.5W 193715010140
12 EE Black E032839 12EE BLK DDB0256/12W 193715010553
12 EE Blue E032839 12EE BLU DDB0252/12W 193715009755
12 EE Brown E032839 12EE BRN DDB0253/12W 193715009953
12 EE Tan E032839 12EE TAN DDB0255/12W 193715010355
12 EE Teal E032839 12EE TEA DDB0254/12W 193715010157
13 EE Black E032839 13EE BLK DDB0256/13W 193715010560
13 EE Blue E032839 13EE BLU DDB0252/13W 193715009762
13 EE Brown E032839 13EE BRN DDB0253/13W 193715009960
13 EE Tan E032839 13EE TAN DDB0255/13W 193715010362
13 EE Teal E032839 13EE TEA DDB0254/13W 193715010164

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