Hobby Horse Ladies Fringed Ultrasuede Chaps

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Product Summary:

Hobby Horse Fringed Ultrasuede Chaps

The most popular Ultrasuede chaps in the world! Ultrasuede is lighter and cooler than leather, is more colorfast, and machine washes beautifully. Hobby Horse uses only genuine Ultrasuede, but it is not as durable as leather. This features two-button back, fringed leg trim and a buckle set in front.

Product Features:

  • Features Ultrasuede that is lighter and cooler than leather.
  • Offers the perfect blend of style and great functionality.
  • Available in regular, short and long lengths. 
*Sizing information: Size in drop down box lists waist size first and then length*
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
1X Aubergine E009618 1X AUB 701-013-1X
1X Black E009618 1X BLK 701-001-1X
1X Buckskin E009618 1X BUC 701-062-1X 847132831597
1X Chocolate E009618 1X CHO 701-014-1X
1X French Blue E009618 1X FRB 701-064-1X
1X Garnet E009618 1X GNT 701-065-1X
1X Indigo E009618 1X IND 701-004-1X
1X Olive E009618 1X OLV 701-053-1X
1X Rust E009618 1X RUS 701-060-1X
1X Sterling E009618 1X STR 701-063-1X
1X Teal E009618 1X TEA 701-048-1X
1X Turqua E009618 1X TUQ 701-048-1X
1X Vanilla E009618 1X VAN 701-059-1X
1XL Aubergine E009618 1XL AUB 701-013-1XL
1XL Black E009618 1XL BLK 701L-001-1X
1XL Buckskin E009618 1XL BUC 701L-062-1X
1XL Chocolate E009618 1XL CHO 701L-014-1X
1XL French Blue E009618 1XL FRB 7011X-064-L
1XL Garnet E009618 1XL GNT 701L-065-1X
1XL Indigo E009618 1XL IND 701L-004-1X
1XL Olive E009618 1XL OLV 701L-053-1X
1XL Rust E009618 1XL RUS 701L-060-1X
1XL Sterling E009618 1XL STR 701L-063-1X
1XL Teal E009618 1XL TEA 701L-048-1X
1XL Turqua E009618 1XL TUQ 701L-048-1X
1XL Vanilla E009618 1XL VAN 701L-059-1X
1XS Aubergine E009618 1XS AUB 701-013-1XS
1XS Black E009618 1XS BLK 701S-001-1X
1XS Buckskin E009618 1XS BUC 701S-062-1X
1XS Chocolate E009618 1XS CHO 701S-014-1X
1XS French Blue E009618 1XS FRB 7011X-64-S
1XS Garnet E009618 1XS GNT 701S-065-1X
1XS Indigo E009618 1XS IND 701S-004-1X
1XS Olive E009618 1XS OLV 701S-053-1X
1XS Rust E009618 1XS RUS 701S-060-1X
1XS Sterling E009618 1XS STR 701S-063-1X
1XS Teal E009618 1XS TEA 701S-048-1X
1XS Turqua E009618 1XS TUQ 701S-048-1X
1XS Vanilla E009618 1XS VAN 701S-059-1X
2X Aubergine E009618 2X AUB 701-013-2X
2X Black E009618 2X BLK 701-001-2X
2X Buckskin E009618 2X BUC 701-062-2X
2X Chocolate E009618 2X CHO 701-014-2X
2X French Blue E009618 2X FRB 701-064-2X
2X Garnet E009618 2X GNT 701-065-2X
2X Indigo E009618 2X IND 701-004-2X
2X Olive E009618 2X OLV 701-053-2X
2X Rust E009618 2X RUS 701-060-2X
2X Sterling E009618 2X STR 701-063-2X
2X Teal E009618 2X TEA 701-048-2X
2X Turqua E009618 2X TUQ 701-048-2X
2X Vanilla E009618 2X VAN 701-059-2X
2XL Aubergine E009618 2XL AUB 701-013-2XL
2XL Black E009618 2XL BLK 701L-001-2X
2XL Buckskin E009618 2XL BUC 701L-062-2X
2XL Chocolate E009618 2XL CHO 701L-014-2X
2XL French Blue E009618 2XL FRB 7012X-064-L
2XL Garnet E009618 2XL GNT 701L-065-2X
2XL Indigo E009618 2XL IND 701L-004-2X
2XL Olive E009618 2XL OLV 701L-053-2X
2XL Rust E009618 2XL RUS 701L-060-2X
2XL Sterling E009618 2XL STR 701L-063-2X
2XL Teal E009618 2XL TEA 701L-048-2X
2XL Turqua E009618 2XL TUQ 701L-048-2X
2XL Vanilla E009618 2XL VAN 701L-059-2X
2XS Aubergine E009618 2XS AUB 701-013-2XS
2XS Black E009618 2XS BLK 701S-001-2X
2XS Buckskin E009618 2XS BUC 701S-062-2X
2XS Chocolate E009618 2XS CHO 701S-014-2X
2XS French Blue E009618 2XS FRB 7012X-064-S
2XS Garnet E009618 2XS GNT 701S-065-2X
2XS Indigo E009618 2XS IND 701S-004-2X
2XS Olive E009618 2XS OLV 701S-053-2X
2XS Rust E009618 2XS RUS 701S-060-2X
2XS Sterling E009618 2XS STR 701S-063-2X
2XS Teal E009618 2XS TEA 701S-048-2X
2XS Turqua E009618 2XS TUQ 701S-048-2X
2XS Vanilla E009618 2XS VAN 701S-059-2X
L Aubergine E009618 L AUB 701-013-L
L Black E009618 L BLK 701-001-L
L Buckskin E009618 L BUC 701-062-L
L Chocolate E009618 L CHO 701-014-L
L French Blue E009618 L FRB 701-064-L
L Garnet E009618 L GNT 701-065-L
L Indigo E009618 L IND 701-004-L
L Olive E009618 L OLV 701-053-L
L Rust E009618 L RUS 701-060-L
L Sterling E009618 L STR 701-063-L
L Teal E009618 L TEA 701-048-L
L Turqua E009618 L TUQ 701-048-L
L Vanilla E009618 L VAN 701-059-L
LL Aubergine E009618 LL AUB 701-013-LL
LL Black E009618 LL BLK 701L-001-L
LL Buckskin E009618 LL BUC 701L-062-L
LL Chocolate E009618 LL CHO 701L-014-L
LL French Blue E009618 LL FRB 701L-064-L
LL Garnet E009618 LL GNT 701L-065-L
LL Indigo E009618 LL IND 701L-004-L
LL Olive E009618 LL OLV 701L-053-L
LL Rust E009618 LL RUS 701L-060-L
LL Sterling E009618 LL STR 701L-063-L
LL Teal E009618 LL TEA 701L-048-L
LL Turqua E009618 LL TUQ 701L-048-L
LL Vanilla E009618 LL VAN 701L-059-L
LS Aubergine E009618 LS AUB 701-013-LS
LS Black E009618 LS BLK 701S-001-L
LS Buckskin E009618 LS BUC 701L-062-S
LS Chocolate E009618 LS CHO 701S-014-L
LS French Blue E009618 LS FRB 701S-064-L
LS Garnet E009618 LS GNT 701S-065-L
LS Indigo E009618 LS IND 701S-004-L
LS Olive E009618 LS OLV 701S-053-L
LS Rust E009618 LS RUS 701S-060-L
LS Sterling E009618 LS STR 701L-063-S
LS Teal E009618 LS TEA 701S-048-L
LS Turqua E009618 LS TUQ 701S-048-L
LS Vanilla E009618 LS VAN 701S-059-L
M Aubergine E009618 M AUB 701-013-M
M Black E009618 M BLK 701-001-M
M Buckskin E009618 M BUC 701-062-M
M Chocolate E009618 M CHO 701-014-M
M French Blue E009618 M FRB 701-064-M
M Garnet E009618 M GNT 701-065-M
M Indigo E009618 M IND 701-004-M
M Olive E009618 M OLV 701-053-M
M Rust E009618 M RUS 701-060-M
M Sterling E009618 M STR 701-063-M
M Teal E009618 M TEA 701-048-M
M Turqua E009618 M TUQ 701-048-M
M Vanilla E009618 M VAN 701-059-M
ML Aubergine E009618 ML AUB 701-013-ML
ML Black E009618 ML BLK 701L-001-M
ML Buckskin E009618 ML BUC 701L-062-M
ML Chocolate E009618 ML CHO 701L-014-M
ML French Blue E009618 ML FRB 701M-064-L
ML Garnet E009618 ML GNT 701L-065-M
ML Indigo E009618 ML IND 701L-004-M
ML Olive E009618 ML OLV 701L-053-M
ML Rust E009618 ML RUS 701L-060-M 847132817539
ML Sterling E009618 ML STR 701L-063-M
ML Teal E009618 ML TEA 701L-048-M
ML Turqua E009618 ML TUQ 701L-048-M
ML Vanilla E009618 ML VAN 701L-059-M
MS Aubergine E009618 MS AUB 701-013-MS
MS Black E009618 MS BLK 701S-001-M
MS Buckskin E009618 MS BUC 701S-062-M
MS Chocolate E009618 MS CHO 701S-014-M
MS French Blue E009618 MS FRB 701M-064-S
MS Garnet E009618 MS GNT 701S-065-M
MS Indigo E009618 MS IND 701S-004-M
MS Olive E009618 MS OLV 701S-053-M
MS Rust E009618 MS RUS 701S-060-M
MS Sterling E009618 MS STR 701S-063-M
MS Teal E009618 MS TEA 701S-048-M
MS Turqua E009618 MS TUQ 701S-048-M
MS Vanilla E009618 MS VAN 701S-059-M
S Aubergine E009618 S AUB 701-013-S
S Black E009618 S BLK 701-001-S
S Buckskin E009618 S BUC 701-062-S
S Chocolate E009618 S CHO 701-014-S
S French Blue E009618 S FRB 701-064-S
S Garnet E009618 S GNT 701-065-S
S Indigo E009618 S IND 701-004-S
S Olive E009618 S OLV 701-053-S
S Rust E009618 S RUS 701-060-S
S Sterling E009618 S STR 701-063-S
S Teal E009618 S TEA 701-048-S
S Turqua E009618 S TUQ 701-048-S
S Vanilla E009618 S VAN 701-059-S
SL Aubergine E009618 SL AUB 701-013-SL
SL Black E009618 SL BLK 701L-001-S
SL Buckskin E009618 SL BUC 701S-062-L
SL Chocolate E009618 SL CHO 701L-014-S 800886083605
SL French Blue E009618 SL FRB 701L-064-S
SL Garnet E009618 SL GNT 701L-065-S
SL Indigo E009618 SL IND 701L-004-S
SL Olive E009618 SL OLV 701L-053-S
SL Rust E009618 SL RUS 701L-060-S
SL Sterling E009618 SL STR 701S-063-L
SL Teal E009618 SL TEA 701L-048-S
SL Turqua E009618 SL TUQ 701L-048-S
SL Vanilla E009618 SL VAN 701L-059-S
SS Aubergine E009618 SS AUB 701-013-SS
SS Black E009618 SS BLK 701S-001-S
SS Buckskin E009618 SS BUC 701S-062-S
SS Chocolate E009618 SS CHO 701S-014-S
SS French Blue E009618 SS FRB 701S-064-S
SS Garnet E009618 SS GNT 701S-065-S
SS Indigo E009618 SS IND 701S-004-S
SS Olive E009618 SS OLV 701S-053-S
SS Rust E009618 SS RUS 701S-060-S
SS Sterling E009618 SS STR 701S-063-S
SS Teal E009618 SS TEA 701S-048-S
SS Turqua E009618 SS TUQ 701S-048-S
SS Vanilla E009618 SS VAN 701S-059-S

Product Reviews by Customers

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These are great chaps
Deborah P on Apr 17, 2018
These are great chaps
Deborah P on Apr 17, 2018
How do you wash the ultrasuede chaps?
A shopper on Apr 15, 2019
BEST ANSWER: They are machine washable. Use mild detergent and cold water on the delicate cycle. You may wish to consider an extra rinse as well. Do not wring or twist, lay flat to dry.
do you have black chaps in stock?
Elizabeth on Dec 15, 2018
BEST ANSWER: These chaps are on closeout, and Medium size in Vanilla is the only one left available.
When will black Ultrasuede chaps be available?
A shopper on Aug 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately this is a closeout item & we do not anticipate that more will be received in.
how long is the fringe?
Laurie A on Mar 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The fringe is approximately 6" long.
need youth size do you carry them?
A shopper on Jun 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, we do!
Hobby Horse Girls Fringe Ultrasuede Chaps
Hobby Horse Girls Fringe Ultrasuede Chaps
When will these be available ?
A shopper on Jan 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Stock Answer: Unfortunately the Manufacturer has not given us an estimated date of availability. Inventory on our site is "live," however, so as soon as we have information, it will post online.
Are these chaps somewhat durable and do they fit good?
Karen I on May 26, 2014
BEST ANSWER: They are very light weight but durable. I bought these in black for my daughter. She is over 6' so length is a big issue for us. She has worn them in numerous shows and they look great.