Justin Mens Bent Rail Sq Toe Boots

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Product Summary:

Justin Men's Bent Rail® Square Toe Boots

Justin Boots ensure exceptional craftsmanship and rugged good looks with the Bent Rail. This handsome boot features excellent detail stitching and smooth leather sole. These cowboy styled boots are distressed for an instantly traveled look. The ivory plush leather upper provides a subtle backdrop to an inventive and colorful stitch pattern. Its polished chocolate brown foot sports a square toe and standard heel that allows for a relaxed fit. The J-Flex Flexible Comfort System® insole provides lasting comfort wherever this boot may take you.


  • J-Flex Flexible Comfort System
  • Double stitched welt
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and rugged good looks
  • Excellent detail stitching
Item Specifications:

Shaft Height:

Toe Profile:
Wide Square

Heel Profile:
1 3/8" Long Base Block


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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
6 D Bone E009132 6D BON BR301 6D 731871903151
6 D Green E009132 6D GRN BR307 6D 731871924132
6 D Tan E009132 6D TAN BR303 6D 731871904158
6 D White E009132 6D WHT BR305 6D 731871905155
6.5 D Bone E009132 65D BON BR301 65D 731871903168
6.5 D Green E009132 65D GRN BR307 65D 731871924149
6.5 D Tan E009132 65D TAN BR303 65D 731871904165
6.5 D White E009132 65D WHT BR305 65D 731871905162
7 D Bone E009132 7D BON BR301 7D 731871903175
7 D Green E009132 7D GRN BR307 7D 731871924156
7 D Tan E009132 7D TAN BR303 7D 731871904172
7 D White E009132 7D WHT BR305 7D 731871905179
7.5 D Bone E009132 75D BON BR301 75D 731871903182
7.5 D Green E009132 75D GRN BR307 75D 731871924163
7.5 D Tan E009132 75D TAN BR303 75D 731871904189
7.5 D White E009132 75D WHT BR305 75D 731871905186
8 D Bone E009132 8D BON BR301 8D 731871903199
8 D Green E009132 8D GRN BR307 8D 731871924170
8 D Tan E009132 8D TAN BR303 8D 731871904196
8 D White E009132 8D WHT BR305 8D 731871905193
8.5 D Bone E009132 85D BON BR301 85D 731871903205
8.5 D Green E009132 85D GRN BR307 85D 731871924187
8.5 D Tan E009132 85D TAN BR303 85D 731871904202
8.5 D White E009132 85D WHT BR305 85D 731871905209
9 D Bone E009132 9D BON BR301 9D 731871903212
9 D Green E009132 9D GRN BR307 9D 731871924194
9 D Tan E009132 9D TAN BR303 9D 731871904219
9 D White E009132 9D WHT BR305 9D 731871905216
9.5 D Bone E009132 95D BON BR301 95D 731871903229
9.5 D Green E009132 95D GRN BR307 95D 731871924200
9.5 D Tan E009132 95D TAN BR303 95D 731871904226
9.5 D White E009132 95D WHT BR305 95D 731871905223
10 D Bone E009132 10D BON BR301 10D 731871903236
10 D Green E009132 10D GRN BR307 10D 731871924217
10 D Tan E009132 10D TAN BR303 10D 731871904233
10 D White E009132 10D WHT BR305 10D 731871905230
10.5 D Bone E009132 105D BON BR301 105D 731871903243
10.5 D Green E009132 105D GRN BR307 105D 731871924224
10.5 D Tan E009132 105D TAN BR303 105D 731871904240
10.5 D White E009132 105D WHT BR305 105D 731871905247
11 D Bone E009132 11D BON BR301 11D 731871903250
11 D Green E009132 11D GRN BR307 11D 731871924231
11 D Tan E009132 11D TAN BR303 11D 731871904257
11 D White E009132 11D WHT BR305 11D 731871905254
11.5 D Bone E009132 115D BON BR301 115D 731871903267
11.5 D Green E009132 115D GRN BR307 115D 731871924248
11.5 D Tan E009132 115D TAN BR303 115D 731871904264
11.5 D White E009132 115D WHT BR305 115D 731871905261
12 D Bone E009132 12D BON BR301 12D 731871903274
12 D Green E009132 12D GRN BR307 12D 731871924255
12 D Tan E009132 12D TAN BR303 12D 731871904271
12 D White E009132 12D WHT BR305 12D 731871905278
13 D Bone E009132 13D BON BR301 13D 731871903281
13 D Green E009132 13D GRN BR307 13D 731871924262
13 D Tan E009132 13D TAN BR303 13D 731871904288
13 D White E009132 13D WHT BR305 13D 731871905285
14 D Bone E009132 14D BON BR301 14D 731871903298
14 D Green E009132 14D GRN BR307 14D 731871924279
14 D Tan E009132 14D TAN BR303 14D 731871904295
14 D White E009132 14D WHT BR305 14D 731871905292
15 D Bone E009132 15D BON BR301 15D 731871903304
15 D Green E009132 15D GRN BR307 15D 731871924286
15 D Tan E009132 15D TAN BR303 15D 731871904301
15 D White E009132 15D WHT BR305 15D 731871905308
6 EE Bone E009132 6EE BON BR301 6EE 731871903311
6 EE Green E009132 6EE GRN BR307 6EE 731871924293
6 EE Tan E009132 6EE TAN BR303 6EE 731871904318
6 EE White E009132 6EE WHT BR305 6EE 731871905315
6.5 EE Bone E009132 65EE BON BR301 65EE 731871903328
6.5 EE Green E009132 65EE GRN BR307 65EE 731871924309
6.5 EE Tan E009132 65EE TAN BR303 65EE 731871904325
6.5 EE White E009132 65EE WHT BR305 65EE 731871905322
7 EE Bone E009132 7EE BON BR301 7EE 731871903335
7 EE Green E009132 7EE GRN BR307 7EE 731871924316
7 EE Tan E009132 7EE TAN BR303 7EE 731871904332
7 EE White E009132 7EE WHT BR305 7EE 731871905339
7.5 EE Bone E009132 75EE BON BR301 75EE 731871903342
7.5 EE Green E009132 75EE GRN BR307 75EE 731871924323
7.5 EE Tan E009132 75EE TAN BR303 75EE 731871904349
7.5 EE White E009132 75EE WHT BR305 75EE 731871905346
8 EE Bone E009132 8EE BON BR301 8EE 731871903359
8 EE Green E009132 8EE GRN BR307 8EE 731871924330
8 EE Tan E009132 8EE TAN BR303 8EE 731871904356
8 EE White E009132 8EE WHT BR305 8EE 731871905353
8.5 EE Bone E009132 85EE BON BR301 85EE 731871903366
8.5 EE Green E009132 85EE GRN BR307 85EE 731871924347
8.5 EE Tan E009132 85EE TAN BR303 85EE 731871904363
8.5 EE White E009132 85EE WHT BR305 85EE 731871905360
9 EE Bone E009132 9EE BON BR301 9EE 731871903373
9 EE Green E009132 9EE GRN BR307 9EE 731871924354
9 EE Tan E009132 9EE TAN BR303 9EE 731871904370
9 EE White E009132 9EE WHT BR305 9EE 731871905377
9.5 EE Bone E009132 95EE BON BR301 95EE 731871903380
9.5 EE Green E009132 95EE GRN BR307 95EE 731871924361
9.5 EE Tan E009132 95EE TAN BR303 95EE 731871904387
9.5 EE White E009132 95EE WHT BR305 95EE 731871905384
10 EE Bone E009132 10EE BON BR301 10EE 731871903397
10 EE Green E009132 10EE GRN BR307 10EE 731871924378
10 EE Tan E009132 10EE TAN BR303 10EE 731871904394
10 EE White E009132 10EE WHT BR305 10EE 731871905391
10.5 EE Bone E009132 105EE BON BR301 105EE 731871903403
10.5 EE Green E009132 105EE GRN BR307 105EE 731871924385
10.5 EE Tan E009132 105EE TAN BR303 105EE 731871904400
10.5 EE White E009132 105EE WHT BR305 105EE 731871905407
11 EE Bone E009132 11EE BON BR301 11EE 731871903410
11 EE Green E009132 11EE GRN BR307 11EE 731871924392
11 EE Tan E009132 11EE TAN BR303 11EE 731871904417
11 EE White E009132 11EE WHT BR305 11EE 731871905414
11.5 EE Bone E009132 115EE BON BR301 115EE 731871903427
11.5 EE Green E009132 115EE GRN BR307 115EE 731871924408
11.5 EE Tan E009132 115EE TAN BR303 115EE 731871904424
11.5 EE White E009132 115EE WHT BR305 115EE 731871905421
12 EE Bone E009132 12EE BON BR301 12EE 731871903434
12 EE Green E009132 12EE GRN BR307 12EE 731871924415
12 EE Tan E009132 12EE TAN BR303 12EE 731871904431
12 EE White E009132 12EE WHT BR305 12EE 731871905438
13 EE Bone E009132 13EE BON BR301 13EE 731871903441
13 EE Green E009132 13EE GRN BR307 13EE 731871924422
13 EE Tan E009132 13EE TAN BR303 13EE 731871904448
13 EE White E009132 13EE WHT BR305 13EE 731871905445
14 EE Bone E009132 14EE BON BR301 14EE 731871903458
14 EE Green E009132 14EE GRN BR307 14EE 731871924439
14 EE Tan E009132 14EE TAN BR303 14EE 731871904455
14 EE White E009132 14EE WHT BR305 14EE 731871905452
15 EE Bone E009132 15EE BON BR301 15EE 731871903465
15 EE Green E009132 15EE GRN BR307 15EE 731871924446
15 EE Tan E009132 15EE TAN BR303 15EE 731871904462
15 EE White E009132 15EE WHT BR305 15EE 731871905469

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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