Kensington Fly Mask with Fleece Trim

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.

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Kensington Fly Mask With Fleece Trim

Constructed of Textilene, an innovative PVC coated polyester fabric with a 1000 x 2000 weave, this fly mask not only shields your horse from biting insects, but also shades with 73% UV protection. It's specially formulated to withstand fading, soiling, and wear and tear, is mildew-resistant, and offers protection from fire and air-borne debris. It allows your horse full visibility with maximum protection to the facial and eye areas. Non-abrasive, non-sticking, and 78% air permeable, this mask protects from the elements and also allows for wound healing. The original double locking system keeps the mask in place.


  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Fire resistant
  • Double eye darts prevent eye irritation
  • Double-locking throat latch to keep in place
  • Elastic throat strap for comfort
  • Fleece trim
  • Forelock opening
Item Specifications:

Small: 500-700 lb.
Med: 700-900 lb.
Large: 900-1200 lb.
X-Large: 1,200- 1,500 lb.

Fleece Trim

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
Small Plum Ice SLT901625 SM PLM KFM200S131 789088041166
Medium Plum Ice SLT901625 MD PLM KFM200M131 789088041173
Large Plum Ice SLT901625 LG PLM KFM200L131 789088041180
XLarge Plum Ice SLT901625 XL PLM KFM200XL131 789088041197
Small Blue Ice SLT901625 SM BLU KFM200S141 789088041203
Medium Blue Ice SLT901625 MD BLU KFM200M141 789088041210
Large Blue Ice SLT901625 LG BLU KFM200L141 789088041227
XLarge Blue Ice SLT901625 XL BLU KFM200XL141 789088041234
XXLarge Plum Ice SLT901625 XXL PLM KFM200XXL131 789088059307
XXLarge Blue Ice SLT901625 XXL BLU KFM200XXL141 789088059314
Small Black Plaid SLT901625 SM BKP KFM200S121 789088130112
Medium Black Plaid SLT901625 MD BKP KFM200M121 789088015822
Large Black Plaid SLT901625 LG BKP KFM200L121 789088015754
XLarge Black Plaid SLT901625 XL BKP KFM200XL121 789088015969
XXLarge Black Plaid SLT901625 XXL BKP KFM200XXL121 789088059291
Small Mint Ice Plaid SLT901625 SM MIP KFM200 S -151
Medium Mint Ice Plaid SLT901625 MD MIP KFM200M151 789088041258
Large Mint Ice Plaid SLT901625 LG MIP KFM200L151 789088041265
XLarge Mint Ice Plaid SLT901625 XL MIP KFM200XL151 789088041272
XXLarge Mint Ice Plaid SLT901625 XXL MIP KFM200 XXL -151
Small Red Plaid SLT901625 SM RDP KFM200S161 789088058522
Medium Red Plaid SLT901625 MD RDP KFM200M161 789088058539
Large Red Plaid SLT901625 LG RDP KFM200L161 789088058546
XLarge Red Plaid SLT901625 XL RDP KFM200XL161 789088058553
XXLarge Red Plaid SLT901625 XXL RDP KFM200XXL161 789088059338
Medium Black Ice SLT901625 MD BLI KFM200M2013 789088068828
Large Black Ice SLT901625 LG BLI KFM200L2013 789088068835
Medium Citrus Slate SLT901625 MD CIS KFM200M171 789088067128
Large Citrus Slate SLT901625 LG CIS KFM200L171 789088067135
Small Citrus Slate SLT901625 SM CIS KFM200S171 789088067685
XLarge Citrus Slate SLT901625 XL CIS KFM200XL171 789088067142
XXLarge Citrus Slate SLT901625 XXL CIS KFM200 XXL CIS
Small Hunter Plaid SLT901625 SM HPL KFM200S101 789088015839
Medium Hunter Plaid SLT901625 MD HPL KFM200M101 789088015761
Large Hunter Plaid SLT901625 LG HPL KFM200L101 789088015693
XLarge Hunter Plaid SLT901625 XL HPL KFM200XL101 789088015907
XXLarge Hunter Plaid SLT901625 XXL HPL KFM200 XXL HPL
Small Navy Plaid SLT901625 SM NYP KFM200S102 789088015846
Medium Navy Plaid SLT901625 MD NYP KFM200M102 789088015778
Large Navy Plaid SLT901625 LG NYP KFM200L102 789088015709
XLarge Navy Plaid SLT901625 XL NYP KFM200XL102 789088015914
XXLarge Navy Plaid SLT901625 XXL NYP KFM200 XXL NYP
Small Patriot Plai SLT901625 SM PAT KFM200S2015 789088083289
Medium Patriot Plai SLT901625 MD PAT KFM200M2015 789088083296
Large Patriot Plai SLT901625 LG PAT KFM200L2015 789088083302
XLarge Patriot Plai SLT901625 XL PAT KFM200XL2015 789088083548
XXLarge Patriot Plai SLT901625 XXL PAT
Small Black Ice SLT901625 SM BLI KFM200S2013 789088070111
XLarge Black Ice SLT901625 XL BLI KFM200XL2013 789088068842
XXLarge Black Ice SLT901625 XXL BLI KFM200XXL2013 789088085931
Small Lavender Mint Plaid SLT901625 SM LVP
Medium Lavender Mint Plaid SLT901625 MD LVP KFM200M2017 789088087607
Large Lavender Mint Plaid SLT901625 LG LVP KFM200L2017 789088087614
XLarge Lavender Mint Plaid SLT901625 XL LVP KFM200XL2017 789088087621
XXLarge Lavender Mint Plaid SLT901625 XXL LVP KFM200XXL2017 789088088345
Pony Black Ice SLT901625 PNY BLI KPFM2002013 789088085993
Pony Citrus Slate SLT901625 PNY CIS
Pony Plum Ice SLT901625 PNY PLM
Pony Blue Ice SLT901625 PNY BLU KPFM200141
Pony Black Plaid SLT901625 PNY BKP KPFM200121 789088085955
Pony Lavender Mint Plaid SLT901625 PNY LVP KPFM2002017 789088088437
Pony Mint Ice Plaid SLT901625 PNY MIP KPFM100151 789088040794
Pony Red Plaid SLT901625 PNY RDP KPFM200161 789088085986
Pony Hunter Plaid SLT901625 PNY HPL
Pony Navy Plaid SLT901625 PNY NYP
Pony Patriot Plai SLT901625 PNY PAT
Pony Dark Blue SLT901625 PNY DBL KPFM200181 789088097545
Small Dark Blue SLT901625 SM DBL
Medium Dark Blue SLT901625 MD DBL KFM200M181 789088097279
Large Dark Blue SLT901625 LG DBL KFM200L181 789088097286
XLarge Dark Blue SLT901625 XL DBL KFM200XL181 789088097293
XXLarge Dark Blue SLT901625 XXL DBL KFM200XXL181 789088097309
Pony Deluxe Hunter SLT901625 PNY DHT
Small Deluxe Hunter SLT901625 SM DHT
Medium Deluxe Hunter SLT901625 MD DHT KFM200M106 789088109095
Large Deluxe Hunter SLT901625 LG DHT KFM200L106 789088109101
XLarge Deluxe Hunter SLT901625 XL DHT KFM200XL106 789088109118
XXLarge Deluxe Hunter SLT901625 XXL DHT KFM200XXL106 789088109125
Pony Kentucky Blue SLT901625 PNY KEN
Small Kentucky Blue SLT901625 SM KEN
Medium Kentucky Blue SLT901625 MD KEN
Large Kentucky Blue SLT901625 LG KEN
XLarge Kentucky Blue SLT901625 XL KEN
XXLarge Kentucky Blue SLT901625 XXL KEN
Pony Black SLT901625 PNY BLK
Small Black SLT901625 SM BLK
Medium Black SLT901625 MD BLK KFM200M400 789088107121
Large Black SLT901625 LG BLK KFM200L400 789088107169
XLarge Black SLT901625 XL BLK KFM200XL400 789088107206
Pony Natural Brown SLT901625 PNY BRN
Small Natural Brown SLT901625 SM BRN
Medium Natural Brown SLT901625 MD BRN KFM200M200 789088107107
Large Natural Brown SLT901625 LG BRN KFM200L200 789088107145
XLarge Natural Brown SLT901625 XL BRN KFM200XL200 789088107183
Pony Natural Sorrel SLT901625 PNY SOR
Small Natural Sorrel SLT901625 SM SOR
Medium Natural Sorrel SLT901625 MD SOR KFM200M300 789088107114
Large Natural Sorrel SLT901625 LG SOR KFM200L300 789088107152
XLarge Natural Sorrel SLT901625 XL SOR KFM200XL300 789088107190
Pony Natural Tan SLT901625 PNY TAN
Small Natural Tan SLT901625 SM TAN
Medium Natural Tan SLT901625 MD TAN KFM200M500 789088107138
Large Natural Tan SLT901625 LG TAN KFM200L500 789088107176
XLarge Natural Tan SLT901625 XL TAN KFM200XL500 789088107213
Medium Imperial Jade SLT901625 MD JAD KFM200M2019 789088115850
Large Imperial Jade SLT901625 LG JAD KFM200L2019 789088115843
XLarge Imperial Jade SLT901625 XL JAD KFM200XL2019 789088115867
Small Atlantis Teal SLT901625 SM ATT SLT901625 SM ATT
Medium Atlantis Teal SLT901625 MD ATT KFM200M2021 789088130105
Large Atlantis Teal SLT901625 LG ATT KFM200L2021 789088130099
XLarge Atlantis Teal SLT901625 XL ATT KFM200XL2021 789088130167
XXLarge Atlantis Teal SLT901625 XXL ATT KFM200XXL2021 789088130174

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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