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Kensington Protective Fly Sheet


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Kensington Protective Fly Sheet


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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.

Product Summary:

Kensington Protective Fly Sheet Traditional Cut
Crafted 1000 x 2000 denier Textilene mesh, this fly sheet has double buckles and keepers, lined chest and wither area, padded wither for mane protection, and detachable leg straps.  Fade resistant and blocks up to 73% of harmful UV rays.  78% air permeable, helps resist mildew production.  Aids in healing process by offering protection to wounds.  Traditional cut offers contoured fit, with a fitted rear, cut back neck, and single belly strap.
  • Blocks 73% UV rays
  • Fly and Pest Proof
  • Prevent sunburn and bleaching
  • Non-heat transferring
  • Naturally grooms coat
  • Aids healing by protecting wounds
  • Fire retardant
  • Resist mildew
Item Specifications:
Textilene Mesh
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Manufacturer InformationKensington Blanket Sizing and Fitting
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
68 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 68 BKP 533KPS68121 789088002211
68 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 68 BLI 533KPS682013 789088067357
68 Inch Blue SLT723255 68 BLU 533KPS68141 789088040534
68 Inch Plum SLT723255 68 BRY 533KPS68131 789088040428
68 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 68 CIT 533KPS68171 789088083975
68 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 68 HPN 533KPS68101 789088002150
68 Inch Mint SLT723255 68 MNT SLT723255 68 MNT
68 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 68 NVP 533KPS68102 789088002167
68 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 68 PAT 533KPS682015 789088083067
68 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 68 PLM 533KPS68106 789088002198
68 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 68 RDP 533KPS68161 789088058614
70 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 70 BKP 533KPS70121 789088002280
70 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 70 BLI 533KPS702013 789088067364
70 Inch Blue SLT723255 70 BLU 533KPS70141 789088040541
70 Inch Plum SLT723255 70 BRY 533KPS70131 789088040435
70 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 70 CIT 533KPS70171 789088083982
70 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 70 HPN 533KPS70101 789088002228
70 Inch Mint SLT723255 70 MNT 533KPS70151 789088040657
70 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 70 NVP 533KPS70102 789088002235
70 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 70 PAT 533KPS702015 789088083074
70 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 70 PLM 533KPS70106 789088002266
70 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 70 RDP 533KPS70161 789088058621
72 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 72 BKP 533KPS72121 789088002358
72 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 72 BLI 533KPS722013 789088067371
72 Inch Blue SLT723255 72 BLU 533KPS72141 789088040558
72 Inch Plum SLT723255 72 BRY 533KPS72131 789088040442
72 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 72 CIT 533KPS72171 789088083999
72 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 72 HPN 533KPS72101 789088002297
72 Inch Mint SLT723255 72 MNT 533KPS72151 789088040664
72 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 72 NVP 533KPS72102 789088002303
72 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 72 PAT 533KPS722015 789088083081
72 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 72 PLM 533KPS72106 789088002334
72 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 72 RDP 533KPS72161 789088058638
74 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 74 BKP 533KPS74121 789088002426
74 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 74 BLI 533KPS742013 789088067388
74 Inch Blue SLT723255 74 BLU 533KPS74141 789088040565
74 Inch Plum SLT723255 74 BRY 533KPS74131 789088040459
74 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 74 CIT 533KPS74171 789088084002
74 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 74 HPN 533KPS74101 789088002365
74 Inch Mint SLT723255 74 MNT 533KPS74151 789088040671
74 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 74 NVP 533KPS74102 789088002372
74 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 74 PAT 533KPS742015 789088083098
74 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 74 PLM 533KPS74106 789088002402
74 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 74 RDP 533KPS74161 789088058645
76 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 76 BKP 533KPS76121 789088002495
76 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 76 BLI 533KPS762013 789088067395
76 Inch Blue SLT723255 76 BLU 533KPS76141 789088040572
76 Inch Plum SLT723255 76 BRY 533KPS76131 789088040466
76 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 76 CIT 533KPS76171 789088084019
76 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 76 HPN 533KPS76101 789088002433
76 Inch Mint SLT723255 76 MNT 533KPS76151 789088040688
76 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 76 NVP 533KPS76102 789088002440
76 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 76 PAT 533KPS762015 789088083104
76 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 76 PLM
76 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 76 RDP 533KPS76161 789088058652
78 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 78 BKP 533KPS78121 789088002563
78 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 78 BLI 533KPS782013 789088067401
78 Inch Blue SLT723255 78 BLU 533KPS78141 789088040589
78 Inch Plum SLT723255 78 BRY 533KPS78131 789088040473
78 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 78 CIT 533KPS78171 789088084026
78 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 78 HPN 533KPS78101 789088002501
78 Inch Mint SLT723255 78 MNT SLT723255 78 MNT
78 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 78 NVP 533KPS78102 789088002518
78 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 78 PAT 533KPS782015 789088083111
78 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 78 PLM
78 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 78 RDP 533KPS78161 789088058669
80 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 80 BKP 533KPS80121 789088002631
80 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 80 BLI 533KPS802013 789088067418
80 Inch Blue SLT723255 80 BLU 533KPS80141 789088040596
80 Inch Plum SLT723255 80 BRY 533KPS80131 789088040480
80 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 80 CIT 533KPS80171 789088084033
80 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 80 HPN 533KPS80101 789088002570
80 Inch Mint SLT723255 80 MNT 533KPS80151 789088040701
80 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 80 NVP 533KPS80102 789088002587
80 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 80 PAT 533KPS802015 789088083128
80 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 80 PLM 533KPS80106 789088002617
80 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 80 RDP 533KPS80161 789088058676
82 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 82 BKP 533KPS82121 789088002709
82 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 82 BLI 533KPS822013 789088067425
82 Inch Blue SLT723255 82 BLU 533KPS82141 789088040602
82 Inch Plum SLT723255 82 BRY 533KPS82131 789088040497
82 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 82 CIT 533KPS82171 789088084040
82 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 82 HPN 533KPS82101 789088002648
82 Inch Mint SLT723255 82 MNT SLT723255 82 MNT
82 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 82 NVP 533KPS82102 789088002655
82 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 82 PAT 533KPS822015 789088083135
82 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 82 PLM 533KPS82106 789088002686
82 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 82 RDP 533KPS82161 789088058683
84 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 84 BKP 533KPS84121 789088002778
84 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 84 BLI 533KPS842013 789088067432
84 Inch Blue SLT723255 84 BLU 533KPS84141 789088040619
84 Inch Plum SLT723255 84 BRY 533KPS84131 789088040503
84 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 84 CIT 533KPS84171 789088084057
84 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 84 HPN 533KPS84101 789088002716
84 Inch Mint SLT723255 84 MNT SLT723255 84 MNT
84 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 84 NVP 533KPS84102 789088002723
84 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 84 PAT 533KPS842015 789088083142
84 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 84 PLM 533KPS84106 789088002754
84 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 84 RDP 533KPS84161 789088058690
86 Inch Black Plaid SLT723255 86 BKP 533KPS86121 789088002846
86 Inch Black Ice SLT723255 86 BLI 533KPS862013 789088067449
86 Inch Blue SLT723255 86 BLU 533KPS86141 789088040626
86 Inch Plum SLT723255 86 BRY 533KPS86131 789088040510
86 Inch Citrus Plaid SLT723255 86 CIT 533KPS86171 789088084064
86 Inch Hunter Plaid SLT723255 86 HPN 533KPS86101 789088002785
86 Inch Mint SLT723255 86 MNT SLT723255 86 MNT
86 Inch Navy Plaid SLT723255 86 NVP 533KPS86102 789088002792
86 Inch Patriot Plaid SLT723255 86 PAT 533KPS862015 789088083159
86 Inch Deluxe Plum Plaid SLT723255 86 PLM 533KPS86106 789088002822
86 Inch Red Plaid SLT723255 86 RDP 533KPS86161 789088058706

Product Reviews by Customers

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I've been using these sheets for years. Love them. Very durable and last a long time. Makes their coat nice and shinny. I very much recommend this fly sheet.
CYNTHIA P on May 6, 2018
to help with flies and sun bleach
Bonnie A on Oct 31, 2017
I've been using these sheets for years. Love them. Very durable and last a long time. Makes their coat nice and shinny. I very much recommend this fly sheet.
CYNTHIA P on May 6, 2018
My gelding's tail was done by previous owner and he can't swish his tail properly to swat flies.
Sarah W on Mar 9, 2018
to help with flies and sun bleach
Bonnie A on Oct 31, 2017
High quality, on sale
Annette H on Aug 31, 2017
I have several Kensington sheets and they hold up better than any other brand
Anita C on Aug 26, 2017
I'm hoping this fly sheet is durable, yet breathable.
Robin A on Aug 13, 2017
on sale!
Patricia Y on Jul 4, 2017
Had one that I bought at the NFR cowboy Christmas years ago and was very happy with it.
Cynthia P on Jun 8, 2017
black plaid
Cynthia S on Apr 25, 2017
Nice durable fly sheet. Fits as indicated.
Nancy J on Sep 4, 2016
Flies are horrible where I live and my mare was getting bit up and would have new bloody sores almost daily. This has held up fantastic!
Anja W on Aug 1, 2016
A friend just recently purchased this product so I knew it was very high quality product and the price was great!
JAN R on Jul 19, 2016
I have had some of my Kensington Fly sheets in my barn over 9 years. They just hold up to the beating horses give things. It has overall been one of the better purchases I have made over the years.
Carla K on Mar 2, 2016
Sun and fly protection. Unfortunately, had a problem with flies getting under the fly sheet.
Anne C on Nov 14, 2015
I like the color.
Teresa T on Sep 25, 2015
On sale
Lisa B on Sep 16, 2015
had the best reviews
Erin C on Jun 10, 2015
The Kensington fly sheet is the most durable one I've ever had. The one I have now is five years old and still in good shape.
Debbie R on May 18, 2015
Love the look of this fly sheet. My horse is 15.1quarter horse. I ordered a 69 first, way to short and then ordered a 76 and still didn't fit right. Ended up with a Wreatherbeeta 75, fit perfect. It's awesome!
Hiedi W on Jan 15, 2015
Flies were bad this year. Sale price on product. Good reviews.
William W on Sep 8, 2014
The Kensington products last and they guarantee them or replace them.
Kimberly W on Aug 24, 2014
I have purchased these before. The Kensington sheet fits nicely, is a great quality and very durable. The last ones lasted 3-4 years.
Maryanne T on Jun 23, 2014
wanted quality
Miriam T on Jun 19, 2014
durable and fit well
Joayne M on Jun 13, 2014
great durability
Sandy W on Jun 2, 2014
Quality, love this brand, my friends have it and the quality really stands up. Also I love the fun bright colors. It's not just navy or black or gray.
Candi B on May 17, 2014
This item is of great quality but there lacks padding at the withers so made a small sore on my mare. I added fleece and now it works great.
Ladonia C on May 13, 2014
Owned one before and its the only type of sheet that is rip proof from neighbors, last one I had lasted years.
Christine H on May 12, 2014
Birthday present
Kristen R on May 12, 2014
UV coverage for white horse
Kathi G on May 8, 2014
Kelly S on Apr 24, 2014
The reviews were very helpful. The price was great. My mare is moving to a barn that turns out all day and night in the summer. I think this product will work just fine.
Sylvia H on Apr 22, 2014
I purchased this fly sheet for one of my horses a few years ago and it held up beautifully along with fitting perfectly without any rubbing even when wearing daily the entire summer.
Kristen Y on Apr 15, 2014
It has good reviews; is expensive but ordered it based o reviews as I want something that will hold up
Karen J on Apr 9, 2014
My gelding's tail was done by previous owner and he can't swish his tail properly to swat flies.
Sarah W on Mar 9, 2018
High quality, on sale
Annette H on Aug 31, 2017
My horse wears a 78" In his current WeathetBetta he is 17hh and has a very wide rib cage! Should I go with a 78" or and 80"? Thanks in advance - Lexi :)
A shopper on Aug 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would go with the 80, these sheets run small! They do last though! My pony is notorious for destroying any type of blanket abc this has lasted over a year already! They also look great!
Is this the sure fit style? My friesian only fits this style of Kensington and does not come with belly band
Please advise
Lisa W on Jul 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it is the fitted style
Will this work for mosquitoes also?
Shaelyn L on Jul 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We really don't have many mosquitoes. So I can't answer that for you. But it sure helps my palamino from fading. Some of the older sheets have held up better than the newer ones. If you can buy on sale its a good deal.
how do I choose the right size fly sheet?
A shopper on Jun 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Measure from the center of the chest around the side of the horse to the tail. Measured in inches, this is he size you choose. Great product!
I have an old kensington sheet and I want to get a new one - how do I measure the sheet to see which size I have?
Kathy G on Nov 17, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi Kathy, if you lay the sheet on its side and measure from the front buckles do the hind qtr of the sheet it will give you the measurement. You can also see if there is a tag near the front buckles that has the size on it still. It may have worn off over time though. To measure the horse you would measure from the center of the chest around the side to the edge of the tail.
I'm not sure how to attach the sheet, there are 2 thin straps and 1 wide band ? It seems to be slipping all over the place, I have an Arabian, 1000lbs. who normally wears a 68 in Horsewares...
Laura H on Aug 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Make sure the sheet you have fits the horse. Measure grin the boney rise on the whithers to the base of the tail. It should be 68". The two thin straps should fasten under the belly, the thick strap under the tail. Feel the rings on the edge of the sheet or look for the stiching. The black band should go straight down the backbone.
In the picture I can see behind the box, it seems that the straps are going side to side. I do not do mine that way. Mine criss-cross under the horse, front to back. There are three sets of fasteners. You should find that two of them will do a better job, The straps should not have tension in them, nor they should hang down where a foot could get into the situation. Be sure the chest fitting is fairly snug. The sheet has the shape of a horse styled into it. If those curves are in the right place, the sheet should hang gracefully.
Is there a belly guard available to buy with this?
Adrienne B on Aug 12, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunately there is not. The only belly guard we carry separately is item E002186 from Cashel, which is designed for use while riding.
Nice report on the fly sheet--but no one has said anything about the material and is it stiff? rough? or smooth against the coat
Joe F on Jul 20, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I bought this for a black horse to wear during summer without much shade. It was pretty stiff to begin with. I fell out with the owner of that horse and kept the practically brand new fly sheet. This summer, a Paint at the same farm was having great sensitivity to sun, with his skin turning color and his hair falling out. The vet ordered a fly sheet and when I had this one, he said that was one of the best things I could do for the horse. Kid has warn the sheet every day since. It is not as stiff as it was, but it remains in fabulous condition. The material is like what used to be used on little aluminum outdoor chairs, (the kind that weigh nothing, and it lets the sweat on you legs dry). but it is woven with much larger threads of whatever it is. Consequently you can see through it. On the first horse, his short hairs never poked out of the weave. On the Paint, his longer and looser hair does peak out. This is a very high quality product.
The pictures show colors Hunter Plaid and Plum Plaid that are not in the color selection. Are they available?
Robert K on Jul 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I'm sorry, those colors are currently unavailable. All available colors are listed in the 'Select Color' drop down menu.
Looking for dual sun and pest protection for a pink-skinned Appy. He is 14.2 but very broad, especially in the shoulders. Does anyone have a horse with a similar build and if so, does this sheet work well with minimal rubbing?
A shopper on Jun 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Hi there! I have 4 of these fly sheets. One for each of my horses. I have a 16.1hh dutch warmblood, 16.2hh TB, 15.2hh Appendix gelding and a 14.3hh paint mare. The sheets seems to fit all 4 really well with no rubbing so far. For what it's worth, both the warmblood and the paint mare are quite round.

I did go up a size for each horse (from what they would normally wear) just to give a little extra room. I had an older *(several years old) sheet that was one size too small for the paint and it did rub just a little but I think this was due to sizing and not because of a mechanical problem with the sheet.

I hope that helps!
how to measure my horse for fly sheets?
A shopper on Jun 1, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Stand your horse as square as possible. Measure from the center of the chest along the side of the body to the point of the horse's rump just before the tail. If your horse ends up measuring between sizes, choose the one closest to your measurement unless your horse is particularly big-bodied.
Measuring is usually best done with a helper and a soft or cloth measuring tape. Take the measurement twice to be sure.
Can a neck cover be attached?
Sue S on Apr 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I just bought mine and has rings for a neck cover
Does this protect from midges?
Kim C on Mar 31, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It seems to. My mare has extremely sensitive skin and without her fly sheet will rub herself raw. With it, her coat is relatively clean and her skin is absent of sores. I do use fly spray on her legs and and fly wipes on her face. Oh, it also keeps her coat from fading in the summer - she is a black bay and keeps her pretty, shiny color all summer long.
Can I wash this sheet in the washing machine?
Carin O on Sep 8, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I have washed the fly mask by hand several times so I believe you could wash the fly sheet in a wahing machine on gentle. If it has a lot of mud I would spray it first with a hose and then put it in the washing maching. Myh horse rolls a lot with his fly mask and gets it caked with mud so I just sprayed it first to loosen the mud and then washed it gently. i hope this helps
Does this sheet attach to the Kensington Protective Neck Cover?
A shopper on Jul 19, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the neck cover attaches to the sheet, though not to the fly mask. At least, that was the case with a set purchased last year.
Just opened this fly sheet, and it only has one buckle under the belly, plus two rear leg straps. Seems unusual, is this right? Diana
A shopper on Jul 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes. I bought this fly sheet last year and I was surprised how well it has done. The only thing sure you take time to adjust the two back straps that cross over. You don't want them too tight to restrict movement and don't want them too loose so he gets his leg through it. I have had very good luck with this sheet and my horse loves to roll and rub, but the sheet stays in place! :-)
What is the difference between the Kensington and the European fly sheet? The European claims belly protection, but it does not show.
Jerome C on Jul 4, 2015
BEST ANSWER: We bought the kensington protective fly sheet. It has leg straps and 2 straps that cross under belly( this is what is says under european) I don't know what the difference is but this sheet holds up very well. It is kinda stiff. We are going into to 3rd season of use and it is in excellent shape.We went thru 2 other sheets and they ended up in shreds.Our horse does not seem to sweat anymore with it on possibly less.It seems to dry quickly too if it gets wet.Very durable.I would recommend. I thought that european was a different cut.
My horses are our in the pasture 24/7. My main concern is that there are no shoulder gussets, I feel that they allow more room in the shoulder area, i do not want them to get rubbed. I am wondering if anyone has ever had any chaffing or rubbing, due to not having the shoulder gussets?
Stephanie K on Mar 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hi Stephanie
I love the Kensington fly sheets. They wear like iron. I have not had any problem with rubbing the shoulders.
I might have have a little rubbing at the withers but that is about it. My horses wear their fly sheets 24/7 most of the time since they are both Paints. Helps to keep them cleaner.
How far down does the sheet cover the tail?
A shopper on Feb 23, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The ones I have have a tail guard, so 5 inches or so. II have bought these sheets for years, without, they cover the base of the tail only.
We were suggested to buy the Kensington protective fly sheet in order to wear over our rain-sheet to protect it from rips is that correct?
Nathaly L on Nov 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I would think the rainsheet would and should hold up on its own. I would not add the fly shhet over it. The fly sheet is lawn chair material; super durable but holds water in between the fibers. No rain sheet needs that challenge! I love the fly sheet and have two year use from a very destructive, big mare who lives outside 24/7. Her coat stays great and the sheet outlasts all others.
I have a new horse on its way and the owners told me size 75. He is 15.1. Should I go with 74 or 76? I'm thinking 76 might be big....
nicole F on Apr 10, 2014
Congrats on your new horse. I think I would go with the 76. I love this fly sheet. It actually forms to your horse's sharp as he wears it, apparently from the heat of its body. I bought the matching fly mask too. Both are machine washable, very durable. I would purchase this product again in a heart beat!
Are they durable?
Are they hot, do horses sweat?
Are they true to size? my horse wears an 81 would I go up or down?
Bobbi R on Sep 3, 2013
BEST ANSWER: So far the sheet is very durable, although my mare is not particularly hard on blankets. I haven't tried one on my gelding; he tends to shred things. But it seems much more durable than your average fly sheet.
It is kind of hot as the material is heavier (and therefore more durable) than the average mesh fly sheet. My mare sweats easily, as she is a black Thoroughbred, so I don't put the sheet on her if it will be over 85 degrees.
The length seems true to size, but the sheet is pretty full through the rump and shoulders. My mare wears a 78 and hers fits pretty well but is a little saggy in the butt. If your horse is stockier, I'd go up but if more narrow go down.