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Kerrits Ladies Performance Tight

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.

Product Summary:

Kerrits Ladies' Performance Tight

These extraordinarily comfortable, super soft, supremely breathable tights are made to ride and built to last with thoughtfully-placed seams that never chafe and always flatter for an unsurpassed fit that’s earned the loyalty of riders across the disciplines for over 25 years.


  • Exclusive Midnight color!
  • Four-way stretch Fabrisuede Tactel® with impeccable shape retention
  • Comfy signature 2” no-roll, lower-in-front waistband
  • No seam contact in the saddle
  • Eco Suede™ knee patches
  • Ride, wash, repeat!
  • Wash cold, tumble dry low
Item Specifications:

91% Polyester, 9% Lycra

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
XS Black E009639 XS BLK 50200BLK XS 848522000012
XS Saddle E009639 XS SAD E009639 XS SAD 848522003969
XS Tan E009639 XS TAN 50200TAN XS 848522004010
Small Black E009639 SM BLK 50200BLK S 848522000029
Small Saddle E009639 SM SAD E009639 SM SAD 848522003976
Small Tan E009639 SM TAN 50200TAN S 848522004027
Medium Black E009639 MD BLK 50200BLK M 848522000005
Medium Saddle E009639 MD SAD E009639 MD SAD 848522003983
Medium Tan E009639 MD TAN 50200TAN M 848522004034
Large Black E009639 LG BLK 50200BLK L 848522000036
Large Saddle E009639 LG SAD E009639 LG SAD 848522003990
Large Tan E009639 LG TAN 50200TAN L 848522004041
XL Black E009639 XL BLK 50200BLK XL 848522000043
XL Saddle E009639 XL SAD E009639 XL SAD
XL Tan E009639 XL TAN 50200TAN XL 848522004058
XS Orchid E009639 XS ORH 50200ORCHID HT XS 848522019458
Small Orchid E009639 SM ORH 50200ORCHID HT S 848522019465
Medium Orchid E009639 MD ORH 50200ORCHID HT M 848522019472
Large Orchid E009639 LG ORH 50200ORCHID HT L 848522019489
XL Orchid E009639 XL ORH 50200ORCHID HT XL 848522019496
XS Nickel E009639 XS NIC 50200NICKEL XS 848522019403
Small Nickel E009639 SM NIC 50200NICKEL S 848522019410
Medium Nickel E009639 MD NIC 50200NICKEL M 848522019427
Large Nickel E009639 LG NIC 50200NICKEL L 848522019434
XL Nickel E009639 XL NIC 50200NICKEL XL 848522019441
1X Black E009639 1X BLK 50200BLK 1X 848522039128
1X Saddle E009639 1X SAD E009639 XXL SAD
1X Tan E009639 1X TAN 50200TAN 1X 848522039142
1X Orchid E009639 1X ORH E009639 XXL ORH
1X Nickel E009639 1X NIC E009639 XXL NIC
XS Carribean E009639 XS CAR 50200CARIB/BLK XS 848522035359
Small Carribean E009639 SM CAR 50200CARIB/BLK S 848522035366
Medium Carribean E009639 MD CAR 50200CARIB/BLK M 848522035373
Large Carribean E009639 LG CAR 50200CARIB/BLK L 848522035380
XL Carribean E009639 XL CAR 50200CARIB/BLK XL 848522035397
1X Carribean E009639 1X CAR 50200CARIB/BLK 1X 848522035403
XS Pewter E009639 XS PEW 50200PEWHT XS 848522031825
Small Pewter E009639 SM PEW 50200PEWHT S 848522031832
Medium Pewter E009639 MD PEW 50200PEWHT M 848522031849
Large Pewter E009639 LG PEW 50200PEWHT L 848522031856
XL Pewter E009639 XL PEW 50200PEWHT XL 848522031863
1X Pewter E009639 1X PEW 50200PEWHT 1X 848522031870
XS Stone E009639 XS STO 50200STONE XS 848522031894
Small Stone E009639 SM STO 50200STONE S 848522031900
Medium Stone E009639 MD STO 50200STONE M 848522031917
Large Stone E009639 LG STO 50200STONE L 848522031924
XL Stone E009639 XL STO 50200STONE XL 848522031931
1X Stone E009639 1X STO 50200STONE 1X 848522031948
XS Arctic HT E009639 XS ARC 50200ARC HT XS 848522044788
Small Arctic HT E009639 SM ARC 50200ARC HT S 848522044795
Medium Arctic HT E009639 MD ARC 50200ARC HT M 848522044801
Large Arctic HT E009639 LG ARC 50200ARC HT L 848522044818
XL Arctic HT E009639 XL ARC 50200ARC HT XL 848522044825
1X Arctic HT E009639 1X ARC 50200ARC HT 1X 848522044832
XS Cobalt E009639 XS COB 50200COBALT XS 848522051519
Small Cobalt E009639 SM COB 50200COBALT S 848522051526
Medium Cobalt E009639 MD COB 50200COBALT M 848522051533
Large Cobalt E009639 LG COB 50200COBALT L 848522051540
XL Cobalt E009639 XL COB 50200COBALT XL 848522051557
1X Cobalt E009639 1X COB 50200COBALT 1X 848522051564
XS Huckleberry E009639 XS HCK 50200HCKLBRY XS 848522051724
Small Huckleberry E009639 SM HCK 50200HCKLBRY S 848522051731
Medium Huckleberry E009639 MD HCK 50200HCKLBRY M 848522051748
Large Huckleberry E009639 LG HCK 50200HCKLBRY L 848522051755
XL Huckleberry E009639 XL HCK 50200HCKLBRY XL 848522051762
1X Huckleberry E009639 1X HCK 50200HCKLBRY 1X 848522051779
XS Cinder E009639 XS CIN 50200CINDER XS 848522051441
Small Cinder E009639 SM CIN 50200CINDER S 848522051458
Medium Cinder E009639 MD CIN 50200CINDER M 848522051465
Large Cinder E009639 LG CIN 50200CINDER L 848522051472
XL Cinder E009639 XL CIN 50200CINDER XL 848522051489
1X Cinder E009639 1X CIN 50200CINDER 1X 848522051496
XS Bluestone E009639 XS BLU 50200BLUESTONE XS 848522068937
Small Bluestone E009639 SM BLU 50200BLUESTONE S 848522068944
Medium Bluestone E009639 MD BLU 50200BLUESTONE M 848522068951
Large Bluestone E009639 LG BLU 50200BLUESTONE L 848522068968
XL Bluestone E009639 XL BLU 50200BLUESTONE XL 848522068975
1X Bluestone E009639 1X BLU 50200BLUESTONE 1X 848522068982
XS Ebony E009639 XS EBY 50200EBONY XS 848522069002
Small Ebony E009639 SM EBY 50200EBONY S 848522069019
Medium Ebony E009639 MD EBY 50200EBONY M 848522069026
Large Ebony E009639 LG EBY 50200EBONY L 848522069033
XL Ebony E009639 XL EBY 50200EBONY XL 848522069040
1X Ebony E009639 1X EBY 50200EBONY 1X 848522069057
XS Graphite E009639 XS GRA 50200GRAPHITE XS 848522064717
Small Graphite E009639 SM GRA 50200GRAPHITE S 848522064724
Medium Graphite E009639 MD GRA 50200GRAPHITE M 848522064731
Large Graphite E009639 LG GRA 50200GRAPHITE L 848522064748
XL Graphite E009639 XL GRA 50200GRAPHITE XL 848522064755
1X Graphite E009639 1X GRA 50200GRAPHITE 1X 848522064762
XS Charcoal E009639 XS CHR 50200CHARCOAL XS 848522087945
Small Charcoal E009639 SM CHR 50200CHARCOAL S 848522087952
Medium Charcoal E009639 MD CHR 50200CHARCOAL M 848522087969
Large Charcoal E009639 LG CHR 50200CHARCOAL L 848522087976
XL Charcoal E009639 XL CHR 50200CHARCOAL XL 848522087983
XS Orchid E009639 XS ORC 50200ORCHID XS 848522086078
Small Orchid E009639 SM ORC 50200ORCHID S 848522086085
Medium Orchid E009639 MD ORC 50200ORCHID M 848522086092
Large Orchid E009639 LG ORC 50200ORCHID L 848522086108
XL Orchid E009639 XL ORC 50200ORCHID XL 848522086115
XS Lupine E009639 XS LUP 50200LUPINE XS 848522086009
Small Lupine E009639 SM LUP 50200LUPINE S 848522086016
Medium Lupine E009639 MD LUP 50200LUPINE M 848522086023
Large Lupine E009639 LG LUP 50200LUPINE L 848522086030
XL Lupine E009639 XL LUP 50200LUPINE XL 848522086047
XS Midnight E009639 XS MID 50200MIDNIGHT XS 848522088942
Small Midnight E009639 SM MID 50200MIDNIGHT S 848522088959
Medium Midnight E009639 MD MID 50200MIDNIGHT M 848522088966
Large Midnight E009639 LG MID 50200MIDNIGHT L 848522088973
XL Midnight E009639 XL MID 50200MIDNIGHT XL 848522088980
1X Midnight E009639 1X MID 50200MIDNIGHT 1X 848522088997
XS Berry E009639 XS BRY 50200BERRY XS 848522091287
Small Berry E009639 SM BRY 50200BERRY S 848522091294
Medium Berry E009639 MD BRY 50200BERRY M 848522091300
Large Berry E009639 LG BRY 50200BERRY L 848522091317
XL Berry E009639 XL BRY 50200BERRY XL 848522091324
1X Berry E009639 1X BRY 50200BERRY 1X 848522091331
XS Jade E009639 XS JAD 50200JADE XS 843807102214
Small Jade E009639 SM JAD 50200JADE S 843807102221
Medium Jade E009639 MD JAD 50200JADE M 843807102238
Large Jade E009639 LG JAD 50200JADE L 843807102245
XL Jade E009639 XL JAD 50200JADE XL 843807102252
1X Jade E009639 1X JAD 50200JADE 1X 843807102269
XS Boysenberry E009639 XS BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY XS 843807102146
Small Boysenberry E009639 SM BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY S 843807102153
Medium Boysenberry E009639 MD BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY M 843807102160
Large Boysenberry E009639 LG BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY L 843807102177
XL Boysenberry E009639 XL BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY XL 843807102184
1X Boysenberry E009639 1X BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY 1X 843807102191
XS Bluestar E009639 XS BLSR 50200BLUEST/BLK XS 843807102078
Small Bluestar E009639 SM BLSR 50200BLUEST/BLK S 843807102085
Medium Bluestar E009639 MD BLSR 50200BLUEST/BLK M 843807102092
Large Bluestar E009639 LG BLSR 50200BLUEST/BLK L 843807102108
XL Bluestar E009639 XL BLSR 50200BLUEST/BLK XL 843807102115
1X Bluestar E009639 1X BLSR 50200BLUEST/BLK 1X 843807102122
XS Navy E009639 XS NVY 50200NAVY XS 843807102283
Small Navy E009639 SM NVY 50200NAVY S 843807102290
Medium Navy E009639 MD NVY 50200NAVY M 843807102306
Large Navy E009639 LG NVY 50200NAVY L 843807102313
XL Navy E009639 XL NVY 50200NAVY XL 843807102320
1X Navy E009639 1X NVY 50200NAVY 1X 843807102337
2X Tan E009639 2XX TAN 50200TAN 2X 848522039159
2X Boysenberry E009639 2XX BOY 50200BOYSENBERRY 2X 843807102207
2X Navy E009639 2XX NVY 50200NAVY 2X 843807102344
XS Platinum E009639 XS PLA 50200PLAT/BLK XS 843807102351
Small Platinum E009639 SM PLA 50200PLAT/BLK S 843807102368
Medium Platinum E009639 MD PLA 50200PLAT/BLK M 843807102375
Large Platinum E009639 LG PLA 50200PLAT/BLK L 843807102382
XL Platinum E009639 XL PLA 50200PLAT/BLK XL 843807102399
1X Platinum E009639 1X PLA 50200PLAT/BLK 1X 843807102405
2X Platinum E009639 2XX PLA 50200PLAT/BLK 2X 843807102412
XS Blue Shadow E009639 XS BLUS 50200BLUESHADOWXS 848522117185
Small Blue Shadow E009639 SM BLUS 50200BLUESHADOWS 848522117192
Medium Blue Shadow E009639 MD BLUS 50200BLUESHADOWM 848522117208
Large Blue Shadow E009639 LG BLUS 50200BLUESHADOWL 848522117215
XL Blue Shadow E009639 XL BLUS 50200BLUESHADOWXL 848522117222
1X Blue Shadow E009639 1X BLUS 50200BLUESHADOW1X 848522117239
2X Blue Shadow E009639 2XX BLUS 50200BLUESHADOW2X 848522117246
XS Fig E009639 XS FIG 50200FIGXS 848522117321
Small Fig E009639 SM FIG 50200FIGS 848522117338
Medium Fig E009639 MD FIG 50200FIGM 848522117345
Large Fig E009639 LG FIG 50200FIGL 848522117352
XL Fig E009639 XL FIG 50200FIGXL 848522117369
1X Fig E009639 1X FIG 50200FIG1X 848522117376
2X Fig E009639 2XX FIG 50200FIG2X 848522117383
XS Poppy HT E009639 XS POP 50200POPPYHTXS 848522117468
Small Poppy HT E009639 SM POP 50200POPPYHTS 848522117475
Medium Poppy HT E009639 MD POP 50200POPPYHTM 848522117482
Large Poppy HT E009639 LG POP 50200POPPYHTL 848522117499
XL Poppy HT E009639 XL POP 50200POPPYHTXL 848522117505
1X Poppy HT E009639 1X POP 50200POPPYHT1X 848522117512
2X Poppy HT E009639 2XX POP 50200POPPYHT2X 848522117529
XS Spearmint HT E009639 XS SPR 50200SPMINTHTXS 848522117536
Small Spearmint HT E009639 SM SPR 50200SPMINTHTS 848522117543
Medium Spearmint HT E009639 MD SPR 50200SPMINTHTM 848522117550
Large Spearmint HT E009639 LG SPR 50200SPMINTHTL 848522117567
XL Spearmint HT E009639 XL SPR 50200SPMINTHTXL 848522117574
1X Spearmint HT E009639 1X SPR 50200SPMINTHT1X 848522117581
2X Spearmint HT E009639 2XX SPR 50200SPMINTHT2X 848522117598
XS Flint E009639 XS FLT 50200FLINTXS 848522129867
Small Flint E009639 SM FLT 50200FLINTS 848522129874
Medium Flint E009639 MD FLT 50200FLINTM 848522129881
Large Flint E009639 LG FLT 50200FLINTL 848522129898
XL Flint E009639 XL FLT 50200FLINTXL 848522129904
1X Flint E009639 1X FLT 50200FLINT1X 848522129911
2X Flint E009639 2XX FLT 50200FLINT2X 848522129928
XS Harbor Blue E009639 XS HBL 50200HARBORXS 848522144723
Small Harbor Blue E009639 SM HBL 50200HARBORS 848522144730
Medium Harbor Blue E009639 MD HBL 50200HARBORM 848522144747
Large Harbor Blue E009639 LG HBL 50200HARBORL 848522144754
XL Harbor Blue E009639 XL HBL 50200HARBORXL 848522144761
1X Harbor Blue E009639 1X HBL 50200HARBOR1X 848522144778
2X Harbor Blue E009639 2XX HBL 50200HARBOR2X 848522144921
XS Juniper Blue E009639 XS JBL 50200JUNIPERXS 848522144785
Small Juniper Blue E009639 SM JBL 50200JUNIPERS 848522144662
Medium Juniper Blue E009639 MD JBL 50200JUNIPERM 848522144679
Large Juniper Blue E009639 LG JBL 50200JUNIPERL 848522144686
XL Juniper Blue E009639 XL JBL 50200JUNIPERXL 848522144693
1X Juniper Blue E009639 1X JBL 50200JUNIPER1X 848522144709
2X Juniper Blue E009639 2XX JBL 50200JUNIPER2X 848522144716

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