Noble Outfitters Mens Generations Fit Shirt

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Noble Outfitters Men's Generations Fit Long Sleeve Shirt

The Noble Outfitters Men's Generations Fit Long Sleeve Shirt features easy-care stretch material, back hem and longer sleeves, a signature pen pocket on the left chest, and a gusset in the under-arm for freedom of movement. The unique design allows a full range of motion while staying tucked in.


  • Easy care stretch material
  • Gusset allows full range of movement
  • Back hem and longer sleeves
  • Pen pocket on left chest
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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
M Blue Plaid E012611 M BPL 11002 M 926 819530019013
L Blue Plaid E012611 L BPL 11002 L 926 819530019020
XL Blue Plaid E012611 XL BPL 11002 XL 926 819530019037
XXL Blue Plaid E012611 XXL BPL 11002 XXL 926 819530019044
M Dark Navy E012611 M DNY 11002 M 920 819530017743
L Dark Navy E012611 L DNY 11002 L 920 819530017750
XL Dark Navy E012611 XL DNY 11002 XL 920 819530017767
XXL Dark Navy E012611 XXL DNY 11002 XXL 920 819530018887
M Moss E012611 M MSS 11002 M 919 819530017705
L Moss E012611 L MSS 11002 L 919 819530017712
XL Moss E012611 XL MSS 11002 XL 919 819530017729
XXL Moss E012611 XXL MSS 11002 XXL 919 819530017736
M Navy Burst E012611 M NYB E012611 M NYB
L Navy Burst E012611 L NYB E012611 L NYB
XL Navy Burst E012611 XL NYB E012611 XL NYB
XXL Navy Burst E012611 XXL NYB E012611 XXL NYB
M Navy/Red E012611 M NRD 11002 M 925 819530018979
L Navy/Red E012611 L NRD 11002 L 925 819530018986
XL Navy/Red E012611 XL NRD 11002 XL 925 819530018993
XXL Navy/Red E012611 XXL NRD 11002 XXL 925 819530019006
M Retro Red/Navy E012611 M RNR 11002 M 927 819530019051
L Retro Red/Navy E012611 L RNR 11002 L 927 819530019068
XL Retro Red/Navy E012611 XL RNR 11002 XL 927 819530019075
XXL Retro Red/Navy E012611 XXL RNR 11002 XXL 927 819530019082
M Royal Blue E012611 M RBL 11002 M 924 819530018931
L Royal Blue E012611 L RBL 11002 L 924 819530018948
XL Royal Blue E012611 XL RBL 11002 XL 924 819530018955
XXL Royal Blue E012611 XXL RBL 11002 XXL 924 819530018962
M Wine E012611 M WNE 11002 M 918 819530017668
L Wine E012611 L WNE 11002 L 918 819530017675
XL Wine E012611 XL WNE 11002 XL 918 819530017682
XXL Wine E012611 XXL WNE 11002 XXL 918 819530017699
M Vintage Moss E012611 M VIM 11002 M 933 840803103849
L Vintage Moss E012611 L VIM 11002 L 933 840803103856
XL Vintage Moss E012611 XL VIM 11002 XL 933 840803103863
XXL Vintage Moss E012611 XXL VIM 11002 XXL 933 840803103870
M Royal/White Plaid E012611 M RWP 11002 M 930 840803103764
L Royal/White Plaid E012611 L RWP 11002 L 930 840803103771
XL Royal/White Plaid E012611 XL RWP 11002 XL 930 840803103788
XXL Royal/White Plaid E012611 XXL RWP 11002 XXL 930 840803103795
M Turquoise/Asphalt E012611 M TQA 11002 M 935 840803103924
L Turquoise/Asphalt E012611 L TQA 11002 L 935 840803103931
XL Turquoise/Asphalt E012611 XL TQA 11002 XL 935 840803103948
XXL Turquoise/Asphalt E012611 XXL TQA 11002 XXL 935 840803103955
M Ocean Blue Plaid E012611 M OBP 11002 M 931 840803103801
L Ocean Blue Plaid E012611 L OBP 11002 L 931 840803103818
XL Ocean Blue Plaid E012611 XL OBP 11002 XL 931 840803103825
XXL Ocean Blue Plaid E012611 XXL OBP 11002 XXL 931 840803103832
M Navy Burst E012611 M NVB 11002 M 921 819530018894
L Navy Burst E012611 L NVB 11002 L 921 819530018900
XL Navy Burst E012611 XL NVB 11002 XL 921 819530018917
XXL Navy Burst E012611 XXL NVB 11002 XXL 921 819530018924
M Red Small Plaid E012611 M RSP 11002 M 936 840803103962
L Red Small Plaid E012611 L RSP 11002 L 936 840803103979
XL Red Small Plaid E012611 XL RSP 11002 XL 936 840803103986
XXL Red Small Plaid E012611 XXL RSP 11002 XXL 936 840803103993
M Adobe Orange Plaid E012611 M ORG 11002 M 351 840803148895
L Adobe Orange Plaid E012611 L ORG 11002 L 351 840803148901
XL Adobe Orange Plaid E012611 XL ORG 11002 XL 351 840803148918
XXL Adobe Orange Plaid E012611 XXL ORG 11002 XXL 351 840803148925
M Burgundy Geo Print E012611 M BUR 11002 M 450 840803148949
L Burgundy Geo Print E012611 L BUR 11002 L 450 840803148956
XL Burgundy Geo Print E012611 XL BUR 11002 XL 450 840803148963
XXL Burgundy Geo Print E012611 XXL BUR 11002 XXL 450 840803148970
M Midnight Navy Plaid E012611 M NVP 11002 M 767 840803144866
L Midnight Navy Plaid E012611 L NVP 11002 L 767 840803144873
XL Midnight Navy Plaid E012611 XL NVP 11002 XL 767 840803144880
XXL Midnight Navy Plaid E012611 XXL NVP 11002 XXL 767 840803144897
M Midnight Star Print E012611 M STR 11002 M 755 840803148994
L Midnight Star Print E012611 L STR 11002 L 755 840803149007
XL Midnight Star Print E012611 XL STR 11002 XL 755 840803149014
XXL Midnight Star Print E012611 XXL STR 11002 XXL 755 840803149021
M Seaport E012611 M SEA 11002 M 709 840803144811
L Seaport E012611 L SEA 11002 L 709 840803144828
XL Seaport E012611 XL SEA 11002 XL 709 840803144835
XXL Seaport E012611 XXL SEA 11002 XXL 709 840803144842
M Seaport Plaid E012611 M SEP 11002 M 768 840803149045
L Seaport Plaid E012611 L SEP 11002 L 768 840803149052
XL Seaport Plaid E012611 XL SEP 11002 XL 768 840803149069
XXL Seaport Plaid E012611 XXL SEP 11002 XXL 768 840803149076
S Adobe Orange Plaid E012611 S ORG 11002 S 351 840803148888
S Blue Plaid E012611 S BPL 11002 S 926 840803107175
S Burgundy Geo Print E012611 S BUR 11002 S 450 840803148932
S Midnight Navy Plaid E012611 S NVP 11002 S 767 840803144859
S Dark Navy E012611 S DNY 11002 S 920 840803107168
S Midnight Star Print E012611 S STR 11002 S 755 840803148987
S Moss E012611 S MSS 11002 S 919 840803107151
S Navy/Red E012611 S NRD 11002 S 925 840803107182
S Retro Red/Navy E012611 S RNR 11002 S 927 840803107205
S Royal Blue E012611 S RBL 11002 S 924 840803107199
S Seaport E012611 S SEA 11002 S 709 840803144804
S Seaport Plaid E012611 S SEP 11002 S 768 840803149038
S Wine E012611 S WNE 11002 S 918 840803107144
S Vintage Moss E012611 S VIM 11002 S 933 840803107236
S Royal/White Plaid E012611 S RWP 11002 S 930 840803107212
S Turquoise/Asphalt E012611 S TQA 11002 S 935 840803107243
S Ocean Blue Plaid E012611 S OBP 11002 S 931 840803107229
S Navy Burst E012611 S NVB 11002 S 921 840803109490
S Red Small Plaid E012611 S RSP 11002 S 936 840803107250
S Azure Sm Plaid E012611 S ASP 11002 739 S 840803174603
M Azure Sm Plaid E012611 M ASP 11002 739 M 840803174610
L Azure Sm Plaid E012611 L ASP 11002 739 L 840803149144
XL Azure Sm Plaid E012611 XL ASP 11002 739 XL 840803174627
XXL Azure Sm Plaid E012611 XXL ASP 11002 739 XXL 840803174634
S Blue Floral E012611 S BFL 11002 700 S 840803173330
M Blue Floral E012611 M BFL 11002 700 M 840803173347
L Blue Floral E012611 L BFL 11002 700 L 840803149113
XL Blue Floral E012611 XL BFL 11002-700-XL 840803173354
XXL Blue Floral E012611 XXL BFL 11002 700 XXL 840803173361
S Gray Plaid E012611 S GPL 11002 031 S 840803173415
M Gray Plaid E012611 M GPL 11002 031 M 840803173422
L Gray Plaid E012611 L GPL 11002 031 L 840803149120
XL Gray Plaid E012611 XL GPL 11002 031 XL 840803173439
XXL Gray Plaid E012611 XXL GPL 11002 031 XXL 840803173446
S Orange Plaid Star E012611 S OPS 11002 300 S 840803173378
M Orange Plaid Star E012611 M OPS 11002 300 M 840803173385
L Orange Plaid Star E012611 L OPS 11002 300 L 840803149137
XL Orange Plaid Star E012611 XL OPS 11002 300 XL 840803173392
XXL Orange Plaid Star E012611 XXL OPS 11002 300 XXL 840803173408
S Brown Barbwire E012611 S BRN 11002-169-S 865639422001
M Brown Barbwire E012611 M BRN 11002-169-M 865639422100
L Brown Barbwire E012611 L BRN 11002-169-L 865639422209
XL Brown Barbwire E012611 XL BRN 11002-169-XL 865639422308
XXL Brown Barbwire E012611 XXL BRN 11002-169-XXL 865639422407
S Brown Small Checker E012611 S BNC 11002-170-S 192871000057
M Brown Small Checker E012611 M BNC 11002-170-M 192871000064
L Brown Small Checker E012611 L BNC 11002-170-L 192871000071
XL Brown Small Checker E012611 XL BNC 11002-170-XL 192871000088
XXL Brown Small Checker E012611 XXL BNC 11002-170-XXL 192871000095
S Brown Border Print E012611 S BBP 11002-171-S 865639423008
M Brown Border Print E012611 M BBP 11002-171-M 865639423107
L Brown Border Print E012611 L BBP 11002-171-L 865639423206
XL Brown Border Print E012611 XL BBP 11002-171-XL 865639423305
XXL Brown Border Print E012611 XXL BBP 11002-171-XXL 865639423404
S Brown Ghost Paisley E012611 S BNG 11002-172-S 865639423503
M Brown Ghost Paisley E012611 M BNG 11002-172-M 865639423602
L Brown Ghost Paisley E012611 L BNG 11002-172-L 865639423701
XL Brown Ghost Paisley E012611 XL BNG 11002-172-XL 865639423800
XXL Brown Ghost Paisley E012611 XXL BNG 11002-172-XXL 865639423909
S Brown Geo Diamond E012611 S GEO 11002-173-S 865639424005
M Brown Geo Diamond E012611 M GEO 11002-173-M 865639424104
L Brown Geo Diamond E012611 L GEO 11002-173-L 865639424203
XL Brown Geo Diamond E012611 XL GEO 11002-173-XL 865639424302
XXL Brown Geo Diamond E012611 XXL GEO 11002-173-XXL 865639424401
S Port Barbwire Print E012611 S POR 11002-588-S 865639424500
M Port Barbwire Print E012611 M POR 11002-588-M 865639424609
L Port Barbwire Print E012611 L POR 11002-588-L 865639424708
XL Port Barbwire Print E012611 XL POR 11002-588-XL 865639424807
XXL Port Barbwire Print E012611 XXL POR 11002-588-XXL 865639424906
S Port Ghost Paisley E012611 S PGP 11002-589-S 865639425002
M Port Ghost Paisley E012611 M PGP 11002-589-M 865639425101
L Port Ghost Paisley E012611 L PGP 11002-589-L 865639425200
XL Port Ghost Paisley E012611 XL PGP 11002-589-XL 865639425309
XXL Port Ghost Paisley E012611 XXL PGP 11002-589-XXL 865639425408
S Port Geo Diamond E012611 S PGD 11002-591-S 865639426009
M Port Geo Diamond E012611 M PGD 11002-591-M 865639426108
L Port Geo Diamond E012611 L PGD 11002-591-L 865639426207
XL Port Geo Diamond E012611 XL PGD 11002-591-XL 865639426306
XXL Port Geo Diamond E012611 XXL PGD 11002-591-XXL 865639426405
S Dk Navy Ombre Plaid E012611 S NVY 11002-874-S 192871000453
M Dk Navy Ombre Plaid E012611 M NVY 11002-874-M 192871000460
L Dk Navy Ombre Plaid E012611 L NVY 11002-874-L 192871000477
XL Dk Navy Ombre Plaid E012611 XL NVY 11002-874-XL 192871000484
XXL Dk Navy Ombre Plaid E012611 XXL NVY 11002-874-XXL 192871000491
S Blue Borber Plaid E012611 S PBB 11002-875-S 192871000507
M Blue Borber Plaid E012611 M PBB 11002-875-M 192871000514
L Blue Borber Plaid E012611 L PBB 11002-875-L 192871000521
XL Blue Borber Plaid E012611 XL PBB 11002-875-XL 192871000538
XXL Blue Borber Plaid E012611 XXL PBB 11002-875-XXL 192871000545
S Dk Navy Barbwire E012611 S DNB 11002-876-S 865639427501
M Dk Navy Barbwire E012611 M DNB 11002-876-M 865639427600
L Dk Navy Barbwire E012611 L DNB 11002-876-L 865639427709
XL Dk Navy Barbwire E012611 XL DNB 11002-876-XL 865639427808
XXL Dk Navy Barbwire E012611 XXL DNB 11002-876-XXL 865639427907
S Dk Navy Paisley E012611 S DNP 11002-877-S 192871000606
M Dk Navy Paisley E012611 M DNP 11002-877-M 192871000613
L Dk Navy Paisley E012611 L DNP 11002-877-L 192871000620
XL Dk Navy Paisley E012611 XL DNP 11002-877-XL 192871000637
XXL Dk Navy Paisley E012611 XXL DNP 11002-877-XXL 192871000644
S Nautical Blue Galaxy E012611 S NBG 11002-878-S 865639428508
M Nautical Blue Galaxy E012611 M NBG 11002-878-M 865639428607
L Nautical Blue Galaxy E012611 L NBG 11002-878-L 865639428706
XL Nautical Blue Galaxy E012611 XL NBG 11002-878-XL 865639428805
XXL Nautical Blue Galaxy E012611 XXL NBG 11002-878-XXL 865639428904
S Dk Navy Geo Diamond E012611 S NGD 11002-879-S 865639429000
M Dk Navy Geo Diamond E012611 M NGD 11002-879-M 865639429109
L Dk Navy Geo Diamond E012611 L NGD 11002-879-L 865639429208
XL Dk Navy Geo Diamond E012611 XL NGD 11002-879-XL 865639429307
XXL Dk Navy Geo Diamond E012611 XXL NGD 11002-879-XXL 865639429406
S Dk Medium Plaid E012611 S NMP 11002-880-S 192871000750
M Dk Medium Plaid E012611 M NMP 11002-880-M 192871000767
L Dk Medium Plaid E012611 L NMP 11002-880-L 192871000774
XL Dk Medium Plaid E012611 XL NMP 11002-880-XL 192871000781
XXL Dk Medium Plaid E012611 XXL NMP 11002-880-XXL 192871000798
S Port Medium Plaid E012611 S POP 11002-590-S 865639425507
M Port Medium Plaid E012611 M POP 11002-590-M 865639425606
L Port Medium Plaid E012611 L POP 11002-590-L 865639425705
XL Port Medium Plaid E012611 XL POP 11002-590-XL 865639425804
XXL Port Medium Plaid E012611 XXL POP 11002-590-XXL 865639425903

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