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Product Summary:

Ovation® Ladies' Celebrity EuroWeave™ DX Euro Seat Front Zip Knee Patch Breeches

With a fit that gently hugs your body in all the right places, Ovation Celebrity DX Breeches are suited for any equestrian event. These elegant, stylishly designed outfits are made of easy-to-wear Syn-Tech™ Stretch Suede™ as well as soft and highly wicking 2-way TwillFlex™ stretch that smooths and conceals while maintaining shape. The fabric is enhanced with Dry-Tex™ to absorb moisture and keep you dry and comfortable under your tall boots.


  • Slash front pockets with double piping
  • Two stylized side pockets and belt loops
  • Dry-Tex™ Tube Bottoms™ ankles
  • Syn-Tech™ Stretch Suede™ knee patch with Euro seat
  • RepelTech™ – Resistant to abrasion and repels hair and dirt
  • FreshLock™ – Odor resistant and antimicrobial
  • UltaUV™ – Maximum UPF 50+ protection against 98% of UVA
Item Specifications:

EuroWeave™ woven mid-weight poly viscose elastine

Classic – average shape to hip and thigh

Mid – slightly below the navel (+/- 1")

Wide 2"

Classic Show Tan
Show Tan

22 (Regular only), 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 (Regular or Long)

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
24L Black E009250 24L BLK 467601BLK 24L 841095432877
24R Black E009250 24R BLK 467601BLK 24R 841095432907
26L Black E009250 26L BLK 467601BLK 26L 840031342324
26R Black E009250 26R BLK 467601BLK 26R 840031342331
28L Black E009250 28L BLK 467601BLK 28L 840031342348
28R Black E009250 28R BLK 467601BLK 28R 840031342355
30L Black E009250 30L BLK 467601BLK 30L 841095433058
30R Black E009250 30R BLK 467601BLK 30R 840031342362
32L Black E009250 32L BLK 467601BLK 32L 840031342379
32R Black E009250 32R BLK 467601BLK 32R 840031342386
34L Black E009250 34L BLK 467601BLK 34L 841095433171
34R Black E009250 34R BLK 467601BLK 34R 841095433201
36L Black E009250 36L BLK 467601BLK 36L 841095433232
36R Black E009250 36R BLK 467601BLK 36R 841095433263
24L Tan E009250 24L TAN 467601LTAN 24L 841095432891
24R Tan E009250 24R TAN 467601LTAN 24R 841095432921
26L Tan E009250 26L TAN 467601LTAN 26L 841095432952
26R Tan E009250 26R TAN 467601LTAN 26R 841095432983
28L Tan E009250 28L TAN 467601LTAN 28L 841095433010
28R Tan E009250 28R TAN 467601LTAN 28R 841095433041
30L Tan E009250 30L TAN 467601LTAN 30L 841095433072
30R Tan E009250 30R TAN 467601LTAN 30R 841095433102
32L Tan E009250 32L TAN 467601LTAN 32L 841095433133
32R Tan E009250 32R TAN 467601LTAN 32R 841095433164
34L Tan E009250 34L TAN 467601LTAN 34L 841095433195
34R Tan E009250 34R TAN 467601LTAN 34R 841095433225
36L Tan E009250 36L TAN 467601LTAN 36L 841095433256
36R Tan E009250 36R TAN 467601LTAN 36R 841095433287
24L Beige E009250 24L BEI 467601NEUBE24L 841095561348
24R Beige E009250 24R BEI 467601NEUBE24R 841095561355
26L Beige E009250 26L BEI 467601NEUBE26L 841095561362
26R Beige E009250 26R BEI 467601NEUBE26R 841095561379
28L Beige E009250 28L BEI 467601NEUBE28L 841095561386
28R Beige E009250 28R BEI 467601NEUBE28R 841095561393
30L Beige E009250 30L BEI 467601NEUBE30L 841095561409
30R Beige E009250 30R BEI 467601NEUBE30R 841095561416
32L Beige E009250 32L BEI 467601NEUBE32L 841095561423
32R Beige E009250 32R BEI 467601NEUBE32R 841095561430
34L Beige E009250 34L BEI 467601NEUBE34L 841095561447
34R Beige E009250 34R BEI 467601NEUBE34R 841095561454
36L Beige E009250 36L BEI 467601NEUBE36L 841095561461
36R Beige E009250 36R BEI 467601NEUBE36R 841095561478
24L Taupe E009250 24L TAU 467601TAUPE24L 841095436356
24R Taupe E009250 24R TAU 467601TAUPE24R 841095436363
26L Taupe E009250 26L TAU 467601TAUPE26L 841095436370
26R Taupe E009250 26R TAU 467601TAUPE26R 841095436387
28L Taupe E009250 28L TAU 467601TAUPE28L 841095436394
28R Taupe E009250 28R TAU 467601TAUPE28R 841095436400
30L Taupe E009250 30L TAU 467601TAUPE30L 841095436417
30R Taupe E009250 30R TAU 467601TAUPE30R 841095436424
32L Taupe E009250 32L TAU 467601TAUPE32L 841095436431
32R Taupe E009250 32R TAU 467601TAUPE32R 841095436448
34L Taupe E009250 34L TAU 467601TAUPE34L 841095436455
34R Taupe E009250 34R TAU 467601TAUPE34R 841095436462
36L Taupe E009250 36L TAU 467601TAUPE36L 841095436479
36R Taupe E009250 36R TAU 467601TAUPE36R 841095436486
22R Clasic Show Tan E009250 22R CTA 467601CLSHT22R 841095074275
24L Clasic Show Tan E009250 24L CTA 467601CLSHT24L 841095038086
24R Clasic Show Tan E009250 24R CTA 467601CLSHT24R 841095038093
26L Clasic Show Tan E009250 26L CTA 467601CLSHT26L 841095038109
26R Clasic Show Tan E009250 26R CTA 467601CLSHT26R 841095038116
28L Clasic Show Tan E009250 28L CTA 467601CLSHT28L 841095038123
28R Clasic Show Tan E009250 28R CTA 467601CLSHT28R 841095038130
30L Clasic Show Tan E009250 30L CTA 467601CLSHT30L 841095038147
30R Clasic Show Tan E009250 30R CTA 467601CLSHT30R 841095038154
32L Clasic Show Tan E009250 32L CTA 467601CLSHT32L 841095038161
32R Clasic Show Tan E009250 32R CTA 467601CLSHT32R 841095038178
34L Clasic Show Tan E009250 34L CTA 467601CLSHT34L 841095038185
34R Clasic Show Tan E009250 34R CTA 467601CLSHT34R 841095038192
36L Clasic Show Tan E009250 36L CTA 467601CLSHT36L 841095038208
36R Clasic Show Tan E009250 36R CTA 467601CLSHT36R 841095038215
24R White E009250 24R WHT 467601WHT 24R 841095065181
26R White E009250 26R WHT 467601WHT 26R 841095065198
28R White E009250 28R WHT 467601WHT 28R 841095065204
30R White E009250 30R WHT 467601WHT 30R 841095065211
32R White E009250 32R WHT 467601WHT 32R 841095065228
34R White E009250 34R WHT 467601WHT 34R 841095065235
36R White E009250 36R WHT 467601WHT 36R 841095065242
24L Show Tan E009250 24L STA 467601SHTAN24L 840031361479
24R Show Tan E009250 24R STA 467601SHTAN24R 841095648155
26L Show Tan E009250 26L STA 467601SHTAN26L 840031361486
26R Show Tan E009250 26R STA 467601SHTAN26R 840031361493
28L Show Tan E009250 28L STA 467601SHTAN28L 840031361509
28R Show Tan E009250 28R STA 467601SHTAN28R 840031361516
30L Show Tan E009250 30L STA 467601SHTAN30L 840031361523
30R Show Tan E009250 30R STA 467601SHTAN30R 840031361530
32L Show Tan E009250 32L STA 467601SHTAN32L 840031361547
32R Show Tan E009250 32R STA 467601SHTAN32R 840031361554
34L Show Tan E009250 34L STA
34R Show Tan E009250 34R STA 467601SHTAN34R 840031361578
36L Show Tan E009250 36L STA
36R Show Tan E009250 36R STA 467601SHTAN36R 840031361585

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