Ovation Mens Euroweave Knee Patch Breech


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Product Summary:

Ovation Men's Euroweave Knee Patch Breech

Ovation Men’s Euroweave Knee Patch Breeches provide comfort and style for your everyday ride. With a blend of cotton and lycra woven fabric these make for a great men’s breech that is not clingy or revealing, with a medium lite-weight feel.


  • Medium lite-weight
  • Woven fabric
  • Front zip
  • Four-pocket breech
  • Hook and loop at ankles
  • Machine washable
Item Specifications:


Style Item Number Model Number UPC
30L Black E009234 30L BLK 464416BLK 30L 840031329226
30R Black E009234 30R BLK 464416BLK 30R 840031329219
32L Black E009234 32L BLK 464416BLK 32L 840031329240
32R Black E009234 32R BLK 464416BLK 32R 840031329233
34L Black E009234 34L BLK 464416BLK 34L 840031329264
34R Black E009234 34R BLK 464416BLK 34R 840031329257
36L Black E009234 36L BLK 464416BLK 36L 840031329288
36R Black E009234 36R BLK 464416BLK 36R 840031329271
38L Black E009234 38L BLK 464416BLK 38L 840031329301
38R Black E009234 38R BLK 464416BLK 38R 840031329295
40L Black E009234 40L BLK 464416BLK 40L 840031329325
40R Black E009234 40R BLK 464416BLK 40R 840031329318
30L Tan E009234 30L TAN 464416LTAN 30L 840031329103
30R Tan E009234 30R TAN 464416LTAN 30R 840031329097
32L Tan E009234 32L TAN 464416LTAN 32L 840031329127
32R Tan E009234 32R TAN 464416LTAN 32R 840031329110
34L Tan E009234 34L TAN 464416LTAN 34L 840031329141
34R Tan E009234 34R TAN 464416LTAN 34R 840031329134
36L Tan E009234 36L TAN 464416LTAN 36L 840031329165
36R Tan E009234 36R TAN 464416LTAN 36R 840031329158
38L Tan E009234 38L TAN 464416LTAN 38L 840031329189
38R Tan E009234 38R TAN 464416LTAN 38R 840031329172
40L Tan E009234 40L TAN 464416LTAN 40L 840031329202
40R Tan E009234 40R TAN 464416LTAN 40R 840031329196
30L Beige E009234 30L BEI 464416NEUBE30L 840031333698
30R Beige E009234 30R BEI 464416NEUBE30R 840031333681
32L Beige E009234 32L BEI 464416NEUBE32L 840031333711
32R Beige E009234 32R BEI 464416NEUBE32R 840031333704
34L Beige E009234 34L BEI 464416NEUBE34L 840031333735
34R Beige E009234 34R BEI 464416NEUBE34R 840031333728
36L Beige E009234 36L BEI 464416NEUBE36L 840031333759
36R Beige E009234 36R BEI 464416NEUBE36R 840031333742
38L Beige E009234 38L BEI 464416NEUBE38L 840031333773
38R Beige E009234 38R BEI 464416NEUBE38R 840031333766
40L Beige E009234 40L BEI 464416NEUBE40L 840031333797
40R Beige E009234 40R BEI 464416NEUBE40R 840031333780
30L Rust E009234 30L RUS 464416CLRST30L 841095036723
30R Rust E009234 30R RUS 464416CLRST30R 841095036730
32L Rust E009234 32L RUS 464416CLRST32L 841095036747
32R Rust E009234 32R RUS 464416CLRST32R 841095036754
34L Rust E009234 34L RUS 464416CLRST34L 841095036761
34R Rust E009234 34R RUS 464416CLRST34R 841095036778
36L Rust E009234 36L RUS 464416CLRST36L 841095036785
36R Rust E009234 36R RUS 464416CLRST36R 841095036792
38L Rust E009234 38L RUS 464416CLRST38L 841095036808
38R Rust E009234 38R RUS 464416CLRST38R 841095036815
40L Rust E009234 40L RUS 464416CLRST40L 841095036822
40R Rust E009234 40R RUS 464416CLRST40R 841095036839
30L Classic Tan E009234 30L CTA 464416CLSHT30L 841095048153
30R Classic Tan E009234 30R CTA 464416CLSHT30R 841095048160
32L Classic Tan E009234 32L CTA 464416CLSHT32L 841095048177
32R Classic Tan E009234 32R CTA 464416CLSHT32R 841095048184
34L Classic Tan E009234 34L CTA 464416CLSHT34L 841095048191
34R Classic Tan E009234 34R CTA 464416CLSHT34R 841095048207
36L Classic Tan E009234 36L CTA 464416CLSHT36L 841095048214
36R Classic Tan E009234 36R CTA 464416CLSHT36R 841095048221
38L Classic Tan E009234 38L CTA 464416CLSHT38L 841095048238
38R Classic Tan E009234 38R CTA 464416CLSHT38R 841095048245
40L Classic Tan E009234 40L CTA 464416CLSHT40L 841095048252
40R Classic Tan E009234 40R CTA 464416CLSHT40R 841095048269
30L Navy E009234 30L NVY 464416NAVY 30L 840031360724
30R Navy E009234 30R NVY 464416NAVY 30R 840031360731
32L Navy E009234 32L NVY 464416NAVY 32L 840031360748
32R Navy E009234 32R NVY 464416NAVY 32R 840031360755
34L Navy E009234 34L NVY 464416NAVY 34L 840031360762
34R Navy E009234 34R NVY 464416NAVY 34R 840031360779
36L Navy E009234 36L NVY 464416NAVY 36L 840031360786
36R Navy E009234 36R NVY 464416NAVY 36R 840031360793
38L Navy E009234 38L NVY 464416NAVY 38L 840031360809
38R Navy E009234 38R NVY 464416NAVY 38R 840031360816
40L Navy E009234 40L NVY 464416NAVY 40L 840031360823
40R Navy E009234 40R NVY 464416NAVY 40R 840031360830
30L White E009234 30L WHT 464416WHT 30L 840031369949
30R White E009234 30R WHT 464416WHT 30R 840031369956
32L White E009234 32L WHT 464416WHT 32L 840031369963
32R White E009234 32R WHT 464416WHT 32R 840031369970
34L White E009234 34L WHT 464416WHT 34L 840031369987
34R White E009234 34R WHT 464416WHT 34R 840031369994
36L White E009234 36L WHT 464416WHT 36L 840031370006
36R White E009234 36R WHT 464416WHT 36R 840031370013
38L White E009234 38L WHT 464416WHT 38L 840031370020
38R White E009234 38R WHT 464416WHT 38R 840031370037
40L White E009234 40L WHT 464416WHT 40L 840031370044
40R White E009234 40R WHT 464416WHT 40R 840031370051
30L Charcoal E009234 30L CHA 464416CHAR 30L 840031370310
30R Charcoal E009234 30R CHA 464416CHAR 30R 840031370327
32L Charcoal E009234 32L CHA 464416CHAR 32L 840031370334
32R Charcoal E009234 32R CHA 464416CHAR 32R 840031370341
34L Charcoal E009234 34L CHA 464416CHAR 34L 840031370358
34R Charcoal E009234 34R CHA 464416CHAR 34R 840031370365
36L Charcoal E009234 36L CHA 464416CHAR 36L 840031370372
36R Charcoal E009234 36R CHA 464416CHAR 36R 840031370389
38L Charcoal E009234 38L CHA 464416CHAR 38L 840031370396
38R Charcoal E009234 38R CHA 464416CHAR 38R 840031370402
40L Charcoal E009234 40L CHA 464416CHAR 40L 840031370419
40R Charcoal E009234 40R CHA 464416CHAR 40R 840031370426
42L Black E009234 42L BLK
42R Black E009234 42R BLK
44L Black E009234 44L BLK
42L Tan E009234 42L TAN
42R Tan E009234 42R TAN
44L Tan E009234 44L TAN
42L Beige E009234 42L BEI
42R Beige E009234 42R BEI
44L Beige E009234 44L BEI
42L Rust E009234 42L RUS 464416CLRST42L 841095036846
42R Rust E009234 42R RUS 464416CLRST42R 841095036853
44L Rust E009234 44L RUS 464416CLRST44L 841095036860
42L Classic Tan E009234 42L CTA 464416CLRST44R
42R Classic Tan E009234 42R CTA
44L Classic Tan E009234 44L CTA
42L Navy E009234 42L NVY
42R Navy E009234 42R NVY
44L Navy E009234 44L NVY
42L White E009234 42L WHT
42R White E009234 42R WHT
44L White E009234 44L WHT
42L Charcoal E009234 42L CHA
42R Charcoal E009234 42R CHA
44L Charcoal E009234 44L CHA
44R Black E009234 44R BLK
44R Tan E009234 44R TAN
44R Beige E009234 44R BEI
44R Rust E009234 44R RUS 464416CLRST44R 841095036877
44R Classic Tan E009234 44R CTA
44R Navy E009234 44R NVY
44R White E009234 44R WHT
44R Charcoal E009234 44R CHA

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