R.J. Classics Harmony Show Coat


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Product Summary:

R.J. Classics Harmony Show Coat

With its unique styling, the Harmony show coat offers the rider an elevated, athletic garment that maintains the tradition of the sport. The lightweight mesh body fabric provides extreme comfort and breathability, while the Italian Jersey front panel offers a conservative contrast. The unique back seams provide a subtle twist, and the vertical zipper pockets with snap closures and matte logo buttons complete the look. With the traditional R.J. sizing options, you can expect the consistent R.J. fit!


  • Extremely lightweight and breathable mesh fabric
  • Hidden interior zipper
  • Italian Jersey front panel
  • Modern back seams
  • Vertical zipper pockets
  • Machine washable
Item Specifications:

00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
Regular, Long, Short

Twilight Blue
Dusk Grey

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
00R Black E029327 00R BLK HR2010 00R 802760434459
0R Black E029327 0R BLK HR2010 0R 802760434466
2R Black E029327 2R BLK HR2010 2R 802760434473
4R Black E029327 4R BLK HR2010 4R 802760434480
6R Black E029327 6R BLK 1683537 802760434497
8R Black E029327 8R BLK HR2010 8R 802760434503
10R Black E029327 10R BLK HR2010 10R 802760434510
12R Black E029327 12R BLK HR2010 12R 802760434527
14R Black E029327 14R BLK 1683538 802760434534
16R Black E029327 16R BLK 1683539 802760434541
00 Long Black E029327 00L BLK HR2010 00L 802760434350
0 Long Black E029327 0L BLK HR2010 0L 802760434367
2 Long Black E029327 2L BLK HR2010 2L 802760434374
4L Black E029327 4L BLK HR2010 4L 802760434381
6 Long Black E029327 6L BLK HR2010 6L 802760434398
8L Black E029327 8L BLK HR2010 8L 802760434404
10 Long Black E029327 10L BLK HR2010 10L 802760434411
12 Long Black E029327 12L BLK HR2010 12L 802760434428
14 Long Black E029327 14L BLK HR2010 14L 802760434435
16 Long Black E029327 16L BLK HR2010 16L 802760434442
00 Short Black E029327 00S BLK HR2010 00S 802760434558
0 Short Black E029327 0S BLK HR2010 0S 802760434565
2 Short Black E029327 2S BLK HR2010 2S 802760434572
4 S Black E029327 4S BLK HR2010 4S 802760434589
6 Short Black E029327 6S BLK HR2010 6S 802760434596
8 Short Black E029327 8S BLK HR2010 8S 802760434602
10 Short Black E029327 10S BLK HR2010 10S 802760434619
12 Short Black E029327 12S BLK HR2010 12S 802760434626
14 Short Black E029327 14S BLK HR2010 14S 802760434633
16 Short Black E029327 16S BLK HR2010 16S 802760434640
00R Twilight Blue E029327 00R TBLU HR2011 00R 802760434756
0R Twilight Blue E029327 0R TBLU HR2011 0R 802760434763
2R Twilight Blue E029327 2R TBLU HR2011 2R 802760434770
4R Twilight Blue E029327 4R TBLU HR2011 4R 802760434787
6R Twilight Blue E029327 6R TBLU HR2011 6R 802760434794
8R Twilight Blue E029327 8R TBLU 1683540 802760434800
10R Twilight Blue E029327 10R TBLU HR2011 10R 802760434817
12R Twilight Blue E029327 12R TBLU HR2011 12R 802760434824
14R Twilight Blue E029327 14R TBLU HR2011 14R 802760434831
16R Twilight Blue E029327 16R TBLU HR2011 16R 802760434848
00 Long Twilight Blue E029327 00L TBLU HR2011 00L 802760434657
0 Long Twilight Blue E029327 0L TBLU HR2011 0L 802760434664
2 Long Twilight Blue E029327 2L TBLU 1683541 802760434671
4L Twilight Blue E029327 4L TBLU HR2011 4L 802760434688
6 Long Twilight Blue E029327 6L TBLU HR2011 6L 802760434695
8L Twilight Blue E029327 8L TBLU HR2011 8L 802760434701
10 Long Twilight Blue E029327 10L TBLU HR2011 10L 802760434718
12 Long Twilight Blue E029327 12L TBLU HR2011 12L 802760434725
14 Long Twilight Blue E029327 14L TBLU HR2011 14L 802760434732
16 Long Twilight Blue E029327 16L TBLU HR2011 16L 802760434749
00 Short Twilight Blue E029327 00S TBLU HR2011 00S 802760434855
0 Short Twilight Blue E029327 0S TBLU HR2011 0S 802760434862
2 Short Twilight Blue E029327 2S TBLU HR2011 2S 802760434879
4 S Twilight Blue E029327 4S TBLU HR2011 4S 802760434886
6 Short Twilight Blue E029327 6S TBLU HR2011 6S 802760434893
8 Short Twilight Blue E029327 8S TBLU HR2011 8S 802760434909
10 Short Twilight Blue E029327 10S TBLU HR2011 10S 802760434916
12 Short Twilight Blue E029327 12S TBLU HR2011 12S 802760434923
14 Short Twilight Blue E029327 14S TBLU HR2011 14S 802760434930
16 Short Twilight Blue E029327 16S TBLU HR2011 16S 802760434947
00R Navy E029327 00R NVY HR2012 00R 802760437870
0R Navy E029327 0R NVY HR2012 0R 802760437887
2R Navy E029327 2R NVY HR2012 2R 802760437894
4R Navy E029327 4R NVY HR2012 4R 802760437900
6R Navy E029327 6R NVY HR2012 6R 802760437917
8R Navy E029327 8R NVY HR2012 8R 802760437924
10R Navy E029327 10R NVY HR2012 10R 802760437931
12R Navy E029327 12R NVY 1666217 802760437948
14R Navy E029327 14R NVY 1683542 802760437955
16R Navy E029327 16R NVY HR2012 16R 802760437962
00 Long Navy E029327 00L NVY HR2012 00L 802760437771
0 Long Navy E029327 0L NVY HR2012 0L 802760437788
2 Long Navy E029327 2L NVY HR2012 2L 802760437795
4L Navy E029327 4L NVY HR2012 4L 802760437801
6 Long Navy E029327 6L NVY HR2012 6L 802760437818
8L Navy E029327 8L NVY HR2012 8L 802760437825
10 Long Navy E029327 10L NVY HR2012 10L 802760437832
12 Long Navy E029327 12L NVY HR2012 12L 802760437849
14 Long Navy E029327 14L NVY HR2012 14L 802760437856
16 Long Navy E029327 16L NVY HR2012 16L 802760437863
00 Short Navy E029327 00S NVY HR2012 00S 802760437979
0 Short Navy E029327 0S NVY HR2012 0S 802760437986
2 Short Navy E029327 2S NVY HR2012 2S 802760437993
4S Navy E029327 4S NVY HR2012 4S 802760438006
6 Short Navy E029327 6S NVY HR2012 6S 802760438013
8 Short Navy E029327 8S NVY HR2012 8S 802760438020
10 Short Navy E029327 10S NVY 1683543 802760438037
12 Short Navy E029327 12S NVY HR2012 12S 802760438044
14 Short Navy E029327 14S NVY HR2012 14S 802760438051
16 Short Navy E029327 16S NVY HR2012 16S 802760438068
00R Dusk Grey E029327 00R DGRY HR2013 00R 802760439331
0R Dusk Grey E029327 0R DGRY HR2013 0R 802760439348
2R Dusk Grey E029327 2R DGRY HR2013 2R 802760439355
4R Dusk Grey E029327 4R DGRY HR2013 4R 802760439362
6R Dusk Grey E029327 6R DGRY HR2013 6R 802760439379
8R Dusk Grey E029327 8R DGRY HR2013 8R 802760439386
10R Dusk Grey E029327 10R DGRY HR2013 10R 802760439393
12R Dusk Grey E029327 12R DGRY HR2013 12R 802760439409
14R Dusk Grey E029327 14R DGRY HR2013 14R 802760439416
16R Dusk Grey E029327 16R DGRY HR2013 16R 802760439423
0 Long Dusk Grey E029327 0L DGRY HR2013 0L 802760439485
2 Long Dusk Grey E029327 2L DGRY HR2013 2L 802760439492
4L Dusk Grey E029327 4L DGRY HR2013 4L 802760439508
6 Long Dusk Grey E029327 6L DGRY HR2013 6L 802760439515
8L Dusk Grey E029327 8L DGRY HR2013 8L 802760439522
0 Short Dusk Grey E029327 0S DGRY HR2013 0S 802760439430
2 Short Dusk Grey E029327 2S DGRY HR2013 2S 802760439447
4S Dusk Grey E029327 4S DGRY HR2013 4S 802760439454
6 Short Dusk Grey E029327 6S DGRY HR2013 6S 802760439461
8 Short Dusk Grey E029327 8S DGRY HR2013 8S 802760439478
00R Olive E029327 00R OLV HR2014 00R 802760439539
0R Olive E029327 0R OLV HR2014 0R 802760439546
2R Olive E029327 2R OLV HR2014 2R 802760439553
4R Olive E029327 4R OLV HR2014 4R 802760439560
6R Olive E029327 6R OLV HR2014 6R 802760439577
8R Olive E029327 8R OLV HR2014 8R 802760439584
10R Olive E029327 10R OLV HR2014 10R 802760439591
12R Olive E029327 12R OLV HR2014 12R 802760439607
14R Olive E029327 14R OLV HR2014 14R 802760439614
16R Olive E029327 16R OLV HR2014 16R 802760439621
0 Long Olive E029327 0L OLV HR2014 0L 802760439683
2 Long Olive E029327 2L OLV HR2014 2L 802760439690
4L Olive E029327 4L OLV HR2014 4L 802760439706
6 Long Olive E029327 6L OLV HR2014 6L 802760439713
8L Olive E029327 8L OLV HR2014 8L 802760439720
0 Short Olive E029327 0S OLV HR2014 0S 802760439638
2 Short Olive E029327 2S OLV HR2014 2S 802760439645
4S Olive E029327 4S OLV HR2014 4S 802760439652
6 Short Olive E029327 6S OLV HR2014 6S 802760439669
8 Short Olive E029327 8S OLV HR2014 8S 802760439676

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