Romfh Ladies Sarafina Euro Grip KP Breeches


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Romfh Ladies Sarafina KP Euro Breech
All of the great features of our best-selling Sarafina Knee Patch, now with the technical grip of silicone!
Our softest, most luxurious breech! Made of Softtouch™, a technical micro-PU fabric, with silicone knee patches for ultimate grip without compromising feel. Mid rise, with a wide, non-binding, contoured waistband and strategically placed back yoke to keep you looking your best. Stretch calf panels reduce bulk and pressure points under tall boots.
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
26R Indigo E028265 26R IND 470633INDIG26R 840031395207
22L White E028265 22L WHT 470633WHT 22L 840031379573
22R Black E028265 22R BLK 470633BLK 22R 841095052662
22R Burgundy E028265 22R BUR 470633BURGU22R 841095097694
22R Dark Navy E028265 22R NVY 470633DKNVY22R 841095097861
40R Dark Navy E028265 40R NVY 470633DKNVY40R 840031312136
24R Glacier E028265 24R GLA 470633GLACR24R 841095066409
22R Grape E028265 22R GRA 470633CRUGP22R 841095066515
22R Harvest E028265 22R HAR 470633HARVS22R 840031304957
22R Mist Grey E028265 22R GRY 470633MSTGY22R 841095062166
22R Sand E028265 22R SND 470633WHTSD22R 841095095898
22R Sea Green E028265 22R GRN 470633SEAGR22R 841095066997
22R White E028265 22R WHT 470633WHT 22R 841095095348
24L Black E028265 24L BLK 470633BLK 24L 841095030844
24L Burgundy E028265 24L BUR 470633BURGU24L 841095097700
24L Dark Navy E028265 24L NVY 470633DKNVY24L 841095097885
22R Fatigue E028265 22R FAT 470633FATIG22R 840031304827
26L Glacier E028265 26L GLA 470633GLACR26L 841095066416
24L Harvest E028265 24L HAR 470633HARVS24L 840031304964
24R Mist Grey E028265 24R GRY 470633MSTGY24R 841095062180
24L White E028265 24L WHT 470633WHT 24L 841095095379
24L Wood E028265 24L WOO 470633WOOD 24L 841095098059
24R Black E028265 24R BLK 470633BLK 24R 841095030851
24R Burgundy E028265 24R BUR 470633BURGU24R 841095097724
24R Dark Navy E028265 24R NVY 470633DKNVY24R 841095097892
24L Fatigue E028265 24L FAT 470633FATIG24L 840031304834
26R Glacier E028265 26R GLA 470633GLACR26R 841095066423
24R Grape E028265 24R GRA 470633CRUGP24R 841095066539
24R Harvest E028265 24R HAR 470633HARVS24R 840031304971
26L Mist Grey E028265 26L GRY 470633MSTGY26L 841095062197
24L Sand E028265 24L SND 470633WHTSD24L 841095095904
24R Sea Green E028265 24R GRN 470633SEAGR24R 841095067017
24R White E028265 24R WHT 470633WHT 24R 841095095393
26L Black E028265 26L BLK 470633BLK 26L 841095055946
26L Burgundy E028265 26L BUR 470633BURGU26L 841095097731
26L Dark Navy E028265 26L NVY 470633DKNVY26L 841095097908
24R Fatigue E028265 24R FAT 470633FATIG24R 840031304841
28L Glacier E028265 28L GLA 470633GLACR28L 841095066430
26L Grape E028265 26L GRA 470633CRUGP26L 841095066546
26L Harvest E028265 26L HAR 470633HARVS26L
26R Mist Grey E028265 26R GRY 470633MSTGY26R 841095062210
24R Sand E028265 24R SND 470633WHTSD24R 841095095911
26L Sea Green E028265 26L GRN 470633SEAGR26L 841095067024
26L White E028265 26L WHT 470633WHT 26L 841095095409
26R Black E028265 26R BLK 470633BLK 26R 841095039397
26R Burgundy E028265 26R BUR 470633BURGU26R 841095097748
26R Dark Navy E028265 26R NVY 470633DKNVY26R 841095097922
26L Fatigue E028265 26L FAT 470633FATIG26L 840031304858
28R Glacier E028265 28R GLA 470633GLACR28R 841095066447
26R Grape E028265 26R GRA 470633CRUGP26R 841095066553
26R Harvest E028265 26R HAR 470633HARVS26R 840031304995
28L Mist Grey E028265 28L GRY 470633MSTGY28L 841095062227
26L Sand E028265 26L SND 470633WHTSD26L 841095095928
26R Sea Green E028265 26R GRN 470633SEAGR26R 841095067031
26R White E028265 26R WHT 470633WHT 26R 841095095416
28L Black E028265 28L BLK 470633BLK 28L 841095065730
28L Burgundy E028265 28L BUR 470633BURGU28L 841095097755
28L Dark Navy E028265 28L NVY 470633DKNVY28L 841095097939
26R Fatigue E028265 26R FAT 470633FATIG26R 840031304865
30L Glacier E028265 30L GLA 470633GLACR30L 841095066454
28L Grape E028265 28L GRA 470633CRUGP28L 841095066560
28L Harvest E028265 28L HAR 470633HARVS28L 840031305008
28R Mist Grey E028265 28R GRY 470633MSTGY28R 841095062234
26R Sand E028265 26R SND 470633WHTSD26R 841095098851
28L Sea Green E028265 28L GRN 470633SEAGR28L 841095067048
28L White E028265 28L WHT 470633WHT 28L 841095095577
28R Black E028265 28R BLK 470633BLK 28R 841095065754
28R Burgundy E028265 28R BUR 470633BURGU28R 841095097762
28R Dark Navy E028265 28R NVY 470633DKNVY28R 841095097946
28L Fatigue E028265 28L FAT 470633FATIG28L 840031304872
30R Glacier E028265 30R GLA 470633GLACR30R 841095066461
28R Grape E028265 28R GRA 470633CRUGP28R 841095066829
28R Harvest E028265 28R HAR 470633HARVS28R 840031305015
30L Mist Grey E028265 30L GRY 470633MSTGY30L 841095062241
28L Sand E028265 28L SND 470633WHTSD28L 841095098868
28R Sea Green E028265 28R GRN 470633SEAGR28R 841095067055
28R White E028265 28R WHT 470633WHT 28R 841095095614
30L Black E028265 30L BLK 470633BLK 30L 841095065785
30L Burgundy E028265 30L BUR 470633BURGU30L 841095097779
30L Dark Navy E028265 30L NVY 470633DKNVY30L 841095097960
28R Fatigue E028265 28R FAT 470633FATIG28R 840031304889
32R Glacier E028265 32R GLA 470633GLACR32R 841095066485
30L Grape E028265 30L GRA 470633CRUGP30L 841095066881
30L Harvest E028265 30L HAR 470633HARVS30L 840031305022
30R Mist Grey E028265 30R GRY 470633MSTGY30R 841095062302
28R Sand E028265 28R SND 470633WHTSD28R 841095098875
30L Sea Green E028265 30L GRN 470633SEAGR30L 841095067062
30L White E028265 30L WHT 470633WHT 30L 841095095638
30R Black E028265 30R BLK 470633BLK 30R 841095065815
30R Burgundy E028265 30R BUR 470633BURGU30R 841095097793
30R Dark Navy E028265 30R NVY 470633DKNVY30R 841095097977
30L Fatigue E028265 30L FAT 470633FATIG30L 840031304896
34R Glacier E028265 34R GLA 470633GLACR34R 841095066508
30R Grape E028265 30R GRA 470633CRUGP30R 841095066942
30R Harvest E028265 30R HAR 470633HARVS30R 840031305039
32R Mist Grey E028265 32R GRY 470633MSTGY32R 841095062333
30L Sand E028265 30L SND 470633WHTSD30L 841095098882
30R Sea Green E028265 30R GRN 470633SEAGR30R 841095067079
30R White E028265 30R WHT 470633WHT 30R 841095095652
32L Black E028265 32L BLK 470633BLK 32L 841095065822
32L Burgundy E028265 32L BUR 470633BURGU32L 841095097816
32L Dark Navy E028265 32L NVY 470633DKNVY32L 841095097984
30R Fatigue E028265 30R FAT 470633FATIG30R 840031304902
36R Glacier E028265 36R GLA E028265 36R GLA
32R Grape E028265 32R GRA 470633CRUGP32R 841095066966
32L Harvest E028265 32L HAR 470633HARVS32L 840031305046
34R Mist Grey E028265 34R GRY 470633MSTGY34R 841095062357
30R Sand E028265 30R SND 470633WHTSD30R 841095098899
32R Sea Green E028265 32R GRN 470633SEAGR32R 841095067093
32L White E028265 32L WHT 470633WHT 32L 841095095676
32R Black E028265 32R BLK 470633BLK 32R 841095030271
32R Burgundy E028265 32R BUR 470633BURGU32R 841095097823
32R Dark Navy E028265 32R NVY 470633DKNVY32R 841095098004
32L Fatigue E028265 32L FAT 470633FATIG32L 840031304919
34R Grape E028265 34R GRA 470633CRUGP34R 841095066980
32R Harvest E028265 32R HAR 1547899 840031305053
36R Mist Grey E028265 36R GRY 470633MSTGY36R 840031312167
32L Sand E028265 32L SND 470633WHTSD32L 841095098905
34R Sea Green E028265 34R GRN 470633SEAGR34R 841095067116
32R White E028265 32R WHT 470633WHT 32R 841095095690
34L Black E028265 34L BLK 470633BLK 34L 841095065839
34L Burgundy E028265 34L BUR 470633BURGU34L 841095097830
34L Dark Navy E028265 34L NVY 470633DKNVY34L 841095098011
32R Fatigue E028265 32R FAT 470633FATIG32R 840031304926
36R Grape E028265 36R GRA 470633CRUGP36R 840031312082
34L Harvest E028265 34L HAR 470633HARVS34L 840031305060
38R Mist Grey E028265 38R GRY 470633MSTGY38R 840031312174
32R Sand E028265 32R SND 470633WHTSD32R 841095098912
34L White E028265 34L WHT 470633WHT 34L 841095095706
34R Black E028265 34R BLK 470633BLK 34R 841095065846
34R Burgundy E028265 34R BUR 470633BURGU34R 841095097854
34R Dark Navy E028265 34R NVY 470633DKNVY34R 841095098035
34L Fatigue E028265 34L FAT 470633FATIG34L 840031304933
38R Grape E028265 38R GRA 470633CRUGP38R 840031312099
34R Harvest E028265 34R HAR E028265 34R HAR 840031305077
40R Mist Grey E028265 40R GRY 470633MSTGY40R 840031312181
34L Sand E028265 34L SND 470633WHTSD34L 841095098929
34R White E028265 34R WHT 470633WHT 34R 841095095713
36R Black E028265 36R BLK 470633BLK 36R 840031312020
36R Burgundy E028265 36R BUR 470633BURGU36R 840031312051
36R Dark Navy E028265 36R NVY 470633DKNVY36R 840031312112
34R Fatigue E028265 34R FAT 470633FATIG34R 840031304940
40R Grape E028265 40R GRA 1577508 840031312105
34R Sand E028265 34R SND 470633WHTSD34R 841095098936
38R Sand E028265 38R SND 470633WHTSD38R 841095012314
36R White E028265 36R WHT 470633WHT 36R 840031312198
38R Black E028265 38R BLK 470633BLK 38R 840031312037
38R Burgundy E028265 38R BUR 470633BURGU38R 840031312068
38R Dark Navy E028265 38R NVY 470633DKNVY38R 840031312129
36R Fatigue E028265 36R FAT 470633FATIG36R 840031312143
36R Sand E028265 36R SND 470633WHTSD36R 841095012307
40R Sand E028265 40R SND 470633WHTSD40R 841095012321
38R White E028265 38R WHT 470633WHT 38R 840031312204
40R Black E028265 40R BLK 470633BLK 40R 840031312044
40R Burgundy E028265 40R BUR 470633BURGU40R 840031312075
22R Glacier E028265 22R GLA 470633GLACR22R 841095066386
40R White E028265 40R WHT 470633WHT 40R 840031312211
22R Grey E028265 22R GEY 470633GRYSK22R 840031397973
24L Grey E028265 24L GEY 470633GRYSK24L 840031397980
24R Grey E028265 24R GEY 470633GRYSK24R 840031397997
26L Grey E028265 26L GEY 470633GRYSK26L 840031398000
26R Grey E028265 26R GEY 470633GRYSK26R 840031398017
28L Grey E028265 28L GEY 470633GRYSK28L 840031398024
28R Grey E028265 28R GEY 470633GRYSK28R 840031398031
30L Grey E028265 30L GEY 470633GRYSK30L 840031398048
30R Grey E028265 30R GEY 470633GRYSK30R 840031398055
32L Grey E028265 32L GEY 470633GRYSK32L 840031398062
32R Grey E028265 32R GEY 470633GRYSK32R 840031398079
34L Grey E028265 34L GEY 470633GRYSK34L 840031398086
38R Grey E028265 38R GEY 470633GRYSK38R 840031398116
34R Grey E028265 34R GEY 470633GRYSK34R 840031398093
36R Grey E028265 36R GEY 470633GRYSK36R 840031398109
40R Grey E028265 40R GEY 470633GRYSK40R 840031398123
22R Green E028265 22R GRE 470633WINPN22R 840031310637
24R Green E028265 24R GRE 470633WINPN24R 840031310644
26L Green E028265 26L GRE 470633WINPN26L 840031310651
26R Green E028265 26R GRE 470633WINPN26R 840031310668
28L Green E028265 28L GRE 470633WINPN28L 840031311009
28R Green E028265 28R GRE 470633WINPN28R 840031315281
30L Green E028265 30L GRE 470633WINPN30L 840031333117
30R Green E028265 30R GRE 470633WINPN30R 840031338853
32R Green E028265 32R GRE 470633WINPN32R 840031348906
34R Green E028265 34R GRE 470633WINPN34R 840031348920
36R Green E028265 36R GRE 470633WINPN36R 840031308658
22R RylPurple E028265 22R RYP 470633ROYPR22R 840300317671
24R RylPurple E028265 24R RYP 470633ROYPR24R 840300317688
26L RylPurple E028265 26L RYP 470633ROYPR26L 840300317695
26R RylPurple E028265 26R RYP 470633ROYPR26R 840300317701
28L RylPurple E028265 28L RYP 470633ROYPR28L 840300317718
28R RylPurple E028265 28R RYP 470633ROYPR28R 840300317725
30L RylPurple E028265 30L RYP 470633ROYPR30L 840300317732
30R RylPurple E028265 30R RYP 470633ROYPR30R 840300317749
32R RylPurple E028265 32R RYP 470633ROYPR32R 840300317756
34R RylPurple E028265 34R RYP 470633ROYPR34R 840300317763
36R RylPurple E028265 36R RYP 470633ROYPR36R 840300322590
40R RylPurple E028265 40R RYP 470633ROYPR40R 840300322613
42R RylPurple E028265 42R RYP 470633ROYPR42R 840300322620
44R RylPurple E028265 44R RYP 470633ROYPR44R 840300322637
38R RylPurple E028265 38R RYP 470633ROYPR38R 840300322606

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