Romfh Ladies Sarafina Fullseat

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Product Summary:

Romfh Ladies' Sarafina Full Seat Breech

The Romfh® Sarafina Full Seat Breech is specifically designed for dressage queens. This comfy mid-rise breech features outstanding fit, a flattering contoured waistband, strategically placed back yoke, and wide non-binding fit that allows your waist, hip, and other assets to look their best. It features Softtouch™ micro-PU fabric for a soft, comfortable technical breech with vertical stretch suede, just like European brands.


  • Specifically designed for dressage
  • Figure-flattering design
  • Mid-rise
  • Softtouch™ micro-PU fabric
  • Vertical stretch suede, just like the European brands
  • Flattering contoured waistband
  • Strategically placed back yoke
  • Wide non-binding fit allows your waist, hip, and other assets to look their best
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
24L Beige E017688 24L BEI 468454BEIGE24L 841095706640
24L Black E017688 24L BLK 468454BLK 24L 841095674185
24L French Roast E017688 24L FRR 468454FNRST24L 841095700297
24L Navy/Navy E017688 24L NVY 468454NVNV 24L 841095576007
24L Pewter E017688 24L PEW 468454PEWTR24L 841095700310
24L Poseidon E017688 24L POS 468454POSEI24L 841095063729
24L Sepia E017688 24L SEP 468454SEPIA24L 841095706657
24L White/Grey E017688 24L WHG 468454WHLTG24L 841095576014
24R Azure E017688 24R AZU 468454AZURE24R 841095010457
24R Beige E017688 24R BEI 468454BEIGE24R 841095706664
24R Black E017688 24R BLK 468454BLK 24R 841095674192
24R Deep Orchid E017688 24R DEO 468454DORCH24R 841095010532
24R French Roast E017688 24R FRR 468454FNRST24R 841095700327
24R Navy/Navy E017688 24R NVY 468454NVNV 24R 841095576021
24R Pewter E017688 24R PEW 468454PEWTR24R 841095700341
24R Poseidon E017688 24R POS 468454POSEI24R 841095063736
24R Sea Glass E017688 24R SEG 468454SEAGL24R 841095010631
24R Sepia E017688 24R SEP 468454SEPIA24R 841095706671
24R Spruce E017688 24R SPR 468454SPRUC24R 841095029015
24R White/Grey E017688 24R WHG 468454WHLTG24R 841095576038
26L Beige E017688 26L BEI 468454BEIGE26L 841095706688
26L Black E017688 26L BLK 468454BLK 26L 841095674208
26L French Roast E017688 26L FRR 468454FNRST26L 841095630105
26L Grey Morning E017688 26L GRM 468454GYMRN26L 841095683798
26L Navy/Navy E017688 26L NVY 468454NVNV 26L 841095576045
26L Pewter E017688 26L PEW 468454PEWTR26L 841095622100
26L Poseidon E017688 26L POS 468454POSEI26L 841095063743
26L Sea Glass E017688 26L SEG 468454SEAGL26L 841095013656
26L Sepia E017688 26L SEP 468454SEPIA26L 841095706695
26L Spruce E017688 26L SPR 468454SPRUC26L 841095029022
26L White/Grey E017688 26L WHG 468454WHLTG26L 841095576052
26R Azure E017688 26R AZU 468454AZURE26R 841095010471
26R Beige E017688 26R BEI 468454BEIGE26R 841095706701
26R Black E017688 26R BLK 468454BLK 26R 841095674215
26R Deep Orchid E017688 26R DEO 468454DORCH26R 841095010556
26R French Roast E017688 26R FRR 468454FNRST26R 841095630112
26R Grey Morning E017688 26R GRM 468454GYMRN26R 841095683804
26R Navy/Navy E017688 26R NVY 468454NVNV 26R 841095576069
26R Pewter E017688 26R PEW 468454PEWTR26R 841095622117
26R Poseidon E017688 26R POS 468454POSEI26R 841095074688
26R Sea Glass E017688 26R SEG 468454SEAGL26R 841095010655
26R Sepia E017688 26R SEP 468454SEPIA26R 841095706718
26R Spruce E017688 26R SPR 468454SPRUC26R 841095029039
26R White/Grey E017688 26R WHG 468454WHLTG26R 841095576076
28L Beige E017688 28L BEI 468454BEIGE28L 841095706725
28L Black E017688 28L BLK 468454BLK 28L 841095674222
28L French Roast E017688 28L FRR 468454FNRST28L 841095630129
28L Grey Morning E017688 28L GRM 468454GYMRN28L 841095683811
28L Navy/Navy E017688 28L NVY 468454NVNV 28L 841095576083
28L Pewter E017688 28L PEW 468454PEWTR28L 841095622124
28L Poseidon E017688 28L POS 468454POSEI28L 841095074695
28L Sea Glass E017688 28L SEG 468454SEAGL28L 841095013663
28L Sepia E017688 28L SEP 468454SEPIA28L 841095706732
28L Spruce E017688 28L SPR 468454SPRUC28L 841095029046
28L White/Grey E017688 28L WHG 468454WHLTG28L 841095576090
28R Azure E017688 28R AZU 468454AZURE28R 841095010495
28R Beige E017688 28R BEI 468454BEIGE28R 841095706749
28R Black E017688 28R BLK 468454BLK 28R 841095674239
28R Deep Orchid E017688 28R DEO 468454DORCH28R 841095010570
28R French Roast E017688 28R FRR 468454FNRST28R 841095630136
28R Grey Morning E017688 28R GRM 468454GYMRN28R 841095683828
28R Navy/Navy E017688 28R NVY 468454NVNV 28R 841095576106
28R Pewter E017688 28R PEW 468454PEWTR28R 841095622131
28R Poseidon E017688 28R POS 468454POSEI28R 841095074725
28R Sea Glass E017688 28R SEG 468454SEAGL28R 841095010679
28R Sepia E017688 28R SEP 468454SEPIA28R 841095706756
28R Spruce E017688 28R SPR 468454SPRUC28R 841095029053
28R White/Grey E017688 28R WHG 468454WHLTG28R 841095576113
30L Beige E017688 30L BEI 468454BEIGE30L 841095706763
30L Black E017688 30L BLK 468454BLK 30L 841095674246
30L French Roast E017688 30L FRR 468454FNRST30L 841095630143
30L Grey Morning E017688 30L GRM 468454GYMRN30L 841095683835
30L Navy/Navy E017688 30L NVY 468454NVNV 30L 841095576120
30L Pewter E017688 30L PEW 468454PEWTR30L 841095622148
30L Poseidon E017688 30L POS 468454POSEI30L 841095074749
30L Sea Glass E017688 30L SEG 468454SEAGL30L 841095013670
30L Sepia E017688 30L SEP 468454SEPIA30L 841095706770
30L Spruce E017688 30L SPR 468454SPRUC30L 841095029060
30L White/Grey E017688 30L WHG 468454WHLTG30L 841095576137
30R Azure E017688 30R AZU 468454AZURE30R 841095010518
30R Beige E017688 30R BEI 468454BEIGE30R 841095706787
30R Black E017688 30R BLK 468454BLK 30R 841095674253
30R Deep Orchid E017688 30R DEO 468454DORCH30R 841095010594
30R French Roast E017688 30R FRR 468454FNRST30R 841095630150
30R Grey Morning E017688 30R GRM 468454GYMRN30R 841095683842
30R Navy/Navy E017688 30R NVY 468454NVNV 30R 841095576144
30R Pewter E017688 30R PEW 468454PEWTR30R 841095622155
30R Poseidon E017688 30R POS 468454POSEI30R 841095074763
30R Sea Glass E017688 30R SEG 468454SEAGL30R 841095010693
30R Sepia E017688 30R SEP 468454SEPIA30R 841095706794
30R Spruce E017688 30R SPR 468454SPRUC30R 841095029077
30R White/Grey E017688 30R WHG 468454WHLTG30R 841095576151
32L Beige E017688 32L BEI 468454BEIGE32L 841095706800
32L Black E017688 32L BLK 468454BLK 32L 841095674260
32L French Roast E017688 32L FRR 468454FNRST32L 841095630167
32L Grey Morning E017688 32L GRM 468454GYMRN32L 841095683859
32L Navy/Navy E017688 32L NVY 468454NVNV 32L 841095576168
32L Pewter E017688 32L PEW 468454PEWTR32L 841095622162
32L Poseidon E017688 32L POS 468454POSEI32L 841095074770
32L Sepia E017688 32L SEP 468454SEPIA32L 841095706817
32L Spruce E017688 32L SPR 468454SPRUC32L 841095029084
32L White/Grey E017688 32L WHG 468454WHLTG32L 841095576175
32R Azure E017688 32R AZU 468454AZURE32R 841095010525
32R Beige E017688 32R BEI 468454BEIGE32R 841095706824
32R Black E017688 32R BLK 468454BLK 32R 841095674277
32R Deep Orchid E017688 32R DEO 468454DORCH32R 841095010600
32R French Roast E017688 32R FRR 468454FNRST32R 841095630174
32R Grey Morning E017688 32R GRM 468454GYMRN32R 841095683866
32R Navy/Navy E017688 32R NVY 468454NVNV 32R 841095576182
32R Pewter E017688 32R PEW 468454PEWTR32R 841095622179
32R Poseidon E017688 32R POS 468454POSEI32R 841095074787
32R Sea Glass E017688 32R SEG 468454SEAGL32R 841095010709
32R Sepia E017688 32R SEP 468454SEPIA32R 841095706831
32R Spruce E017688 32R SPR 468454SPRUC32R 841095029091
32R White/Grey E017688 32R WHG 468454WHLTG32R 841095576199
34L Beige E017688 34L BEI 468454BEIGE34L 841095706848
34L Black E017688 34L BLK 468454BLK 34L 841095674284
34L French Roast E017688 34L FRR 468454FNRST34L 841095630181
34L Navy/Navy E017688 34L NVY 468454NVNV 34L 841095576205
34L Pewter E017688 34L PEW 468454PEWTR34L 841095622186
34L Poseidon E017688 34L POS 468454POSEI34L 841095079607
34L White/Grey E017688 34L WHG 468454WHLTG34L 841095576212
34R Beige E017688 34R BEI 468454BEIGE34R 841095706862
34R Black E017688 34R BLK 468454BLK 34R 841095674291
34R French Roast E017688 34R FRR 468454FNRST34R 841095630198
34R Grey Morning E017688 34R GRM 468454GYMRN34R 841095683880
34R Navy/Navy E017688 34R NVY 468454NVNV 34R 841095576229
34R Pewter E017688 34R PEW 468454PEWTR34R 841095622193
34R Poseidon E017688 34R POS 468454POSEI34R 841095074800
34R Sea Glass E017688 34R SEG 468454SEAGL34R 841095010716
34R Sepia E017688 34R SEP 468454SEPIA34R 841095706879
34R Spruce E017688 34R SPR 468454SPRUC34R 841095029107
34R White/Grey E017688 34R WHG 468454WHLTG34R 841095576236

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love the fabric and fit of these
A L on Dec 11, 2016
love the fabric and fit of these
A L on Dec 11, 2016