Smoky Mountain Kids Monterey Boots


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Smoky Mountain Kids Monterey Western Boots

Western Toe
Thermoplastic Rubber Sole
Man-made Lining
Man-made Upper

Style Item Number Model Number UPC
3 Child Turquoise E020788 3C TUR 1623C-3R 840995000469
5 Toddler Brown E020788 5T BRN
5.5 Toddler Brown E020788 55T BRN
6 Toddler Brown E020788 6T BRN
6.5 Toddler Brown E020788 65T BRN
7 Toddler Brown E020788 7T BRN
7.5 Toddler Brown E020788 75T BRN
8 Toddler Brown E020788 8T BRN
3.5 Youth Brown E020788 35Y BRN
4 Youth Brown E020788 4Y BRN
4.5 Youth Brown E020788 45Y BRN
5 Youth Brown E020788 5Y BRN
5.5 Youth Brown E020788 55Y BRN
6 Youth Brown E020788 6Y BRN
6.5 Youth Brown E020788 65Y BRN
7 Youth Brown E020788 7Y BRN
3.5 Youth Rose E020788 35Y ROS 1624Y-3.5R 840995000780
9 Child Rose E020788 9C ROS 1624C-9R 840995000636
4 Youth Rose E020788 4Y ROS 1624Y-4R 840995000797
9.5 Child Rose E020788 95C ROS 1624C-9.5R 840995000643
4.5 Youth Rose E020788 45Y ROS 1624Y-4.5R 840995000803
10 Child Rose E020788 10C ROS 1624C-10R 840995000650
5 Youth Rose E020788 5Y ROS 1624Y-5.5R 840995000810
10.5 Child Rose E020788 105C ROS 1624C-10.5R 840995000667
5.5 Youth Rose E020788 55Y ROS 1624Y-5R 840995000827
11 Child Rose E020788 11C ROS 1624C-11R 840995000674
6 Youth Rose E020788 6Y ROS 1624Y-6R 840995000834
11.5 Child Rose E020788 115C ROS 1624C-11.5R 840995000681
6.5 Youth Rose E020788 65Y ROS 1624Y-6.5R 840995000841
12 Child Rose E020788 12C ROS 1624C-12R 840995000698
7 Youth Rose E020788 7Y ROS 1624Y-7R 840995000858
12.5 Child Rose E020788 125C ROS 1624C-12.5R 840995000704
13 Child Rose E020788 13C ROS 1624C-13R 840995000711
9 Child Turquoise E020788 9C TUR 1623C-9R 840995000322
13.5 Child Rose E020788 135C ROS 1624C-13.5R 840995000728
9.5 Child Turquoise E020788 95C TUR 1623C-9.5R 840995000339
1 Child Rose E020788 1C ROS 1624C-1R 840995000735
10 Child Turquoise E020788 10C TUR 1623C-10R 840995000346
1.5 Child Rose E020788 15C ROS 1624C-1.5R 840995000742
10.5 Child Turquoise E020788 105C TUR 1623C-10.5R 840995000353
2 Child Rose E020788 2C ROS 1624C-2R 840995000759
11 Child Turquoise E020788 11C TUR 1623C-11R 840995000360
2.5 Child Rose E020788 25C ROS 1624C-2.5R 840995000766
11.5 Child Turquoise E020788 115C TUR 1623C-11.5R 840995000377
3 Child Rose E020788 3C ROS 1624C-3R 840995000773
12 Child Turquoise E020788 12C TUR 1623C-12R 840995000384
5 Toddler Rose E020788 5T ROS 1624T-5R 840995000551
12.5 Child Turquoise E020788 125C TUR 1623C-12.5R 840995000391
5.5 Toddler Rose E020788 55T ROS 1624T-5.5R 840995000568
13 Child Turquoise E020788 13C TUR 1623C-13R 840995000407
6 Toddler Rose E020788 6T ROS 1624T-6R 840995000575
13.5 Child Turquoise E020788 135C TUR 1623C-13.5R 840995000414
6.5 Toddler Rose E020788 65T ROS 1624T-6.5R 840995000582
1 Child Turquoise E020788 1C TUR 1623C-1R 840995000421
7 Toddler Rose E020788 7T ROS 1624T-7R 840995000599
1.5 Child Turquoise E020788 15C TUR 1623C-1.5R 840995000438
7.5 Toddler Rose E020788 75T ROS 1624T-7.5R 840995000605
2 Child Turquoise E020788 2C TUR 1623C-2R 840995000445
8 Toddler Rose E020788 8T ROS 1624T-8R 840995000612
2.5 Child Turquoise E020788 25C TUR 1623C-2.5R 840995000452
10.5 Child Brown E020788 105C BRN
10 Child Brown E020788 10C BRN
11.5 Child Brown E020788 115C BRN
11 Child Brown E020788 11C BRN
12.5 Child Brown E020788 125C BRN
12 Child Brown E020788 12C BRN
13.5 Child Brown E020788 135C BRN
13 Child Brown E020788 13C BRN
1.5 Child Brown E020788 15C BRN
1 Child Brown E020788 1C BRN
2.5 Child Brown E020788 25C BRN
2 Child Brown E020788 2C BRN
3.5 Child Brown E020788 35 BRN
3 Child Brown E020788 3C BRN
3.5 Child Rose E020788 35 ROS
3.5 Child Turquoise E020788 35 TUR
5.5 Toddler Turquoise E020788 55T TUR 1623T-5.5R 840995000100
5.5 Youth Turquoise E020788 55Y TUR 1623Y-5.5R 840995000513
5 Toddler Turquoise E020788 5T TUR 1623T-5R 840995000094
5 Youth Turquoise E020788 5Y TUR 1623Y-5R 840995000506
6.5 Toddler Turquoise E020788 65T TUR 1623T-6.5R 840995000124
6.5 Youth Turquoise E020788 65Y TUR 1623Y-6.5R 840995000537
6 Toddler Turquoise E020788 6T TUR 1623T-6R 840995000117
6 Youth Turquoise E020788 6Y TUR 1623Y-6R 840995000520
7.5 Toddler Turquoise E020788 75T TUR 1623T-7.5R 840995000148
7 Toddler Turquoise E020788 7T TUR 1623T-7R 840995000131
7 Youth Turquoise E020788 7Y TUR 1623Y-7R 840995000544
8 Toddler Turquoise E020788 8T TUR 1623T-8R 840995000155
3.5 Youth Turquoise E020788 35Y TUR 1623Y-3.5R 840995000476
4.5 Youth Turquoise E020788 45Y TUR 1623Y-4.5R 840995000490
4 Youth Turquoise E020788 4Y TUR 1623Y-4R 840995000483

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