Tough1 420 Denier Turnout Sheet

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Product Summary:

Tough-1 420 Denier Turnout Sheet

Available in several vibrant colors, this sheet is great for that sudden rain shower at the show, camping, trail riding, or just out in the pasture.


  • 420 Denier water resistant poly, light material strength (not recommended for horses that bite, chew, or rub on blankets or for horses turned out with a companion or in a group. Material may tear or rip if caught on a nail, rough fencing, or thorns from bushes).
  • No fill, provides wind and rain protection
  • 70 Denier breathable poly lining prevents rubbing and helps to keep the coat shiny while preventing hair, shavings, and straw from sticking to the inside of the blanket
  • Water resistant coated outer shell with taped seams and seamless spine repels water to keep your horse dry
  • Designed to allow moisture vapor to wick away from the horse and preventing sweating while retaining body heat and repelling outside coldness
  • Heavy nylon binding, double sewn to secure material and provide additional durability
  • Reinforced stress points, double sewn with additional reinforcement to help prevent tears
  • Fleece wither helps provide protection from rubbing
  • Velcro secure double buckle front closure featuring rust-resistant nickel hardware
  • Action shoulder gussets allow for freedom of movement and help to prevent shoulder rubbing
  • Low cross adjustable surcingles with T-Lock fasteners provide easy adjustability to ensure proper fit (see blanket fitting guide)
  • Adjustable elastic leg straps help to secure the blanket and prevent from shifting from side to side
  • Tail cover provides additional protection from moisture near tail bone
Item Specifications:

Measuring Instructions:
Stand your horse as square as possible, and measure from the center of chest around side of the body to the point of the horse's rump just before the tail. If your horse ends up measuring between sizes always round up to the next size to ensure full coverage.

Washing Instructions:
Machine wash with cold water, gentle cycle with mild detergent. Air dry or machine dry/no heat.

Horses Turned Outside Without Shelter:
Turnout Sheet and Blanket materials are waterproof and designed to keep your horse dry. However, if your horse is turned out in a field without a run in shed or shelter during prolonged rain or heavy downpours your horse may still get wet, especially in the neck and tail areas.
When using a blanket or sheet it is critical to monitor the fluctuating climate and temperatures, even with a blanket that is waterproof and/or breathable. The wicking properties of a breathable blanket are designed to wick away normal body heat; when a blanket is too heavy, the heat and moisture cannot be wicked away fast enough, causing your horse to sweat. The temperature and the length of your horse’s coat will determine what weight of blanket you should use. For this reason, most people who choose to blanket horses have several articles of horse clothing that offer varying levels of warmth.
When selecting a blanket, ,take into account your horse’s behavior, environment, or other horses that may be turned out with your horse. The lower the denier number, the less strength the material has. 420 Denier and 600 Denier are not recommended for horses that bite, chew, or rub on blankets, or for horses turned out with a companion or in a group. Always ensure your horse’s blanket is properly fitted and all straps are adjusted correctly. If a blanket is too tight or too loose, straps may break and material may tear.
For younger horses or horses turned out with a companion or in groups, it is recommended to purchase 1200 Denier or 1680 Denier material, as these are stronger materials and are less likely to tear. Certain types of fencing such as barbwire or foreign objects, such as nails, will easily tear any blanket no matter what the denier, so always inspect the area in which your horse is kept to remove any nails or jagged fencing that may cause damage. There are no horse blankets that are guaranteed to not rip or tear.

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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
36In Royal E001697 036 RYL 34-1025MN-4-36
40In Royal E001697 040 RYL 34-1025MN-4-40
44In Royal E001697 044 RYL 34-1025MN-4-44
48In Royal E001697 048 RYL 34-1025MN-4-48
60In Royal E001697 060 RYL 34-1025-4-60
63In Royal E001697 063 RYL 34-1025 -4-63
66In Royal E001697 066 RYL 34-1025 -4-66
69In Royal E001697 069 RYL 34-1025 -4-69
72In Royal E001697 072 RYL 34-1025 -4-72
75In Royal E001697 075 RYL 34-1025 -4-75
78In Royal E001697 078 RYL 34-1025 -4-78
81In Royal E001697 081 RYL 34-1025 -4-81
84In Royal E001697 084 RYL 34-1025 -4-84
36In Red E001697 036 RED 34-1025MN-5-36 688499406444
40In Red E001697 040 RED 34-1025MN-5-40 688499406468
44In Red E001697 044 RED 34-1025MN-5-44 688499406482
48In Red E001697 048 RED 34-1025MN-5-48 688499406505
60In Red E001697 060 RED 34-1025-5-60 688499368858
63In Red E001697 063 RED 34-1025-5-63 688499368865
66In Red E001697 066 RED 34-1025-5-66 688499368872
69In Red E001697 069 RED 34-1025-5-69 688499368889
72In Red E001697 072 RED 34-1025-5-72 688499368896
75In Red E001697 075 RED 34-1025-5-75 688499368902
78In Red E001697 078 RED 34-1025-5-78 688499368919
81In Red E001697 081 RED 34-1025-5-81 688499368926
84In Red E001697 084 RED 34-1025-5-84 688499368933
36In Lime E001697 036 LIM 34-1025MN-40-36 688499406307
40In Lime E001697 040 LIM 34-1025MN-40-40 688499406321
44In Lime E001697 044 LIM 34-1025MN-40-44 688499406345
48In Lime E001697 048 LIM 34-1025MN-40-48 688499406369
60In Lime E001697 060 LIM 34-1025-40-60 688499368766
63In Lime E001697 063 LIM 34-1025-40-63 688499368773
66In Lime E001697 066 LIM 34-1025-40-66 688499368780
69In Lime E001697 069 LIM 34-1025-40-69 688499368797
72In Lime E001697 072 LIM 34-1025-40-72 688499368803
75In Lime E001697 075 LIM 34-1025-40-75 688499368810
78In Lime E001697 078 LIM 34-1025-40-78 688499368827
81In Lime E001697 081 LIM 34-1025-40-81 688499368834
84In Lime E001697 084 LIM 34-1025-40-84 688499368841
36In Pink E001697 036 PNK 34-1025MN-11-36 688499406161
40In Pink E001697 040 PNK 34-1025MN-11-40 688499406185
44In Pink E001697 044 PNK 34-1025MN-11-44 688499406208
48In Pink E001697 048 PNK 34-1025MN-11-48 688499406222
60In Pink E001697 060 PNK 34-1025-11-60 688499369213
63In Pink E001697 063 PNK 34-1025-11-63 688499369220
66In Pink E001697 066 PNK 34-1025-11-66 688499369237
69In Pink E001697 069 PNK 34-1025-11-69 688499369244
72In Pink E001697 072 PNK 34-1025-11-72 688499369251
75In Pink E001697 075 PNK 34-1025-11-75 688499369268
78In Pink E001697 078 PNK 34-1025-11-78 688499369275
81In Pink E001697 081 PNK 34-1025-11-81 688499369282
84In Pink E001697 084 PNK 34-1025-11-84 688499369299
36In Purple E001697 036 PPL DO NOT USE
40In Purple E001697 040 PPL DO NOT USE
44In Purple E001697 044 PPL DO NOT USE
48In Purple E001697 048 PPL DO NOT USE
60In Purple E001697 060 PPL 34-1025-10-60 688499369121
63In Purple E001697 063 PPL 34-1025-10-63 688499369138
66In Purple E001697 066 PPL 34-1025-10-66 688499369145
69In Purple E001697 069 PPL 34-1025-10-69 688499369152
72In Purple E001697 072 PPL 34-1025-10-72 688499369169
75In Purple E001697 075 PPL 34-1025-10-75 688499369176
78In Purple E001697 078 PPL 34-1025-10-78 688499369183
81In Purple E001697 081 PPL 34-1025-10-81 688499369190
84In Purple E001697 084 PPL 34-1025-10-84 688499369206
36In Navy E001697 036 NVY 34-1025 -9-36
40In Navy E001697 040 NVY 34-1025 -9-40
44In Navy E001697 044 NVY 34-1025 -9-44
48In Navy E001697 048 NVY 34-1025 -9-48
60In Navy E001697 060 NVY 34-1025-9-60 688499369039
63In Navy E001697 063 NVY 34-1025-9-63 688499369046
66In Navy E001697 066 NVY 34-1025-9-66 688499369053
69In Navy E001697 069 NVY 34-1025-9-69 688499369060
72In Navy E001697 072 NVY 34-1025-9-72 688499369077
75In Navy E001697 075 NVY 34-1025-9-75 688499369084
78In Navy E001697 078 NVY 34-1025-9-78 688499369091
81In Navy E001697 081 NVY 34-1025-9-81 688499369107
84In Navy E001697 084 NVY 34-1025-9-84 688499369114
69In Orange E001697 069 ORG 34-1025-39-69 688499369343
72In Orange E001697 072 ORG 34-1025-39-72 688499369350
75In Orange E001697 075 ORG 34-1025-39-75 688499369367
78In Orange E001697 078 ORG 34-1025-39-78 688499369374
81In Orange E001697 081 ORG 34-1025-39-81 688499369381
84In Orange E001697 084 ORG 34-1025-39-84 688499369398
60In Green/Hunter E001697 060 GRN 34-1025-6-60 688499368940
63In Green/Hunter E001697 063 GRN 34-1025-6-63 688499368957
66In Green/Hunter E001697 066 GRN 34-1025-6-66 688499368964
69In Green/Hunter E001697 069 GRN 34-1025-6-69 688499368971
72In Green/Hunter E001697 072 GRN 34-1025-6-72 688499368988
75In Green/Hunter E001697 075 GRN 34-1025-6-75 688499368995
78In Green/Hunter E001697 078 GRN 34-1025-6-78 688499369008
81In Green/Hunter E001697 081 GRN 34-1025-6-81 688499369015
84In Green/Hunter E001697 084 GRN 34-1025-6-84 688499369022

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