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Tredstep Ladies Sun Chic 50 Top

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Product Summary:

Tredstep Ladies' Sun Chic 50 Top

Enjoy a little summer chic in the knowledge that you look great but are protected from the harmful elements. The Sun Chic 50 is groundbreaking, with sun protection built into the fabric, with a tested rating of UVA 99.2%, UVB 99.6% and an UPF rating of 50+, so it will not diminish after washing. The Sun Chic 50 is ultra-cool, extremely soft, and comfortable, with a front quarter zip and exquisite detailing, perfect for competing, schooling, and everyday wear.


  • Sun protection built into the fabric
  • UVA 99.2%
  • UVB 99.6%
  • UPF rating of 50+
Style Item Number Model Number UPC
L Aqua E022867 LG AQU SC50LA 5906737608258
L Black E022867 LG BLK SC50LBL 5906737615294
L Carmine Rose E022867 LG CAR SC50CRL 5397215079651
L Corn Blue E022867 LG CBLU SC50LCB 5906737608500
L Denim E022867 LG DEN SC50LD 5906737608302
L Dove Grey E022867 LG DGRY SC50LDG 5906737615393
L Drizzle Grey E022867 LG DRIZ SC50GL 5397215079453
L French Navy E022867 LG FNVY SC50LFN 5906737608555
L Frambroise E022867 LG FRM SC50LF 5906737608401
L Fuschia E022867 LG FUS SC50LFS 5906737615096
L Glacier E022867 LG GLA SC50LGL 5906737614990
L Hyacinth E022867 LG HYA SC50LH 5906737608456
L Lavender E022867 LG LAV SC50LV 5906737608357
L Marine E022867 LG MAR SC50LME 5906737615249
L Palace Blue E022867 LG PBLU SC50LPB 5906737614891
L Peacoat Navy E022867 LG PEA SC50PNL 5397215079552
L Purple E022867 LG PUR SC50LPP 5906737615140
L Royal Blue E022867 LG RBLU SC50LRB 5906737615195
L Rhubarb E022867 LG RHU SC50LRU 5906737615447
L Sky E022867 LG SKY SC50LS 5906737610688
L Twilight Blue E022867 LG TBLU SC50LTB 5906737615492
L Teal E022867 LG TEA SC50LTL 5906737615546
L Vallarta Blue E022867 LG VALL SC50VBL 5397215079507
L Winter Moss E022867 LG WMOS SC50LWM 5906737615348
L Wild Rose E022867 LG WROS SC50LWR 5906737614792
M Aqua E022867 MD AQU SC50MA 5906737608241
M Black E022867 MD BLK SC50MBL 5906737615287
M Carmine Rose E022867 MD CAR SC50CRM 5397215079644
M Corn Blue E022867 MD CBLU SC50MCB 5906737608494
M Denim E022867 MD DEN SC50MD 5906737608296
M Dove Grey E022867 MD DGRY SC50MDG 5906737615386
M Drizzle Grey E022867 MD DRIZ SC50GM 5397215079446
M French Navy E022867 MD FNVY SC50MFN 5906737608548
M Frambroise E022867 MD FRM SC50MF 5906737608395
M Fuschia E022867 MD FUS SC50MFS 5906737615089
M Glacier E022867 MD GLA SC50MGL 5906737614983
M Hyacinth E022867 MD HYA SC50MH 5906737608449
M Lavender E022867 MD LAV SC50MV 5906737608340
M Marine E022867 MD MAR SC50MME 5906737615232
M Palace Blue E022867 MD PBLU SC50MPB 5906737614884
M Peacoat Navy E022867 MD PEA SC50PNM 5397215079545
M Purple E022867 MD PUR SC50MPP 5906737615133
M Royal Blue E022867 MD RBLU SC50MRB 5906737615188
M Rhubarb E022867 MD RHU SC50MRU 5906737615430
M Sky E022867 MD SKY SC50MS 5906737610671
M Twilight Blue E022867 MD TBLU SC50MTB 5906737615485
M Teal E022867 MD TEA SC50MTL 5906737615539
M Vallarta Blue E022867 MD VALL SC50VBM 5397215079491
M Winter Moss E022867 MD WMOS SC50MWM 5906737615331
M Wild Rose E022867 MD WROS SC50MWR 5906737614785
S Aqua E022867 SM AQU SC50SA 5906737608234
S Black E022867 SM BLK SC50SBL 5906737615270
S Carmine Rose E022867 SM CAR SC50CRS 5397215079637
S Corn Blue E022867 SM CBLU SC50SCB 5906737608487
S Denim E022867 SM DEN SC50SD 5906737608289
S Dove Grey E022867 SM DGRY SC50SDG 5906737615379
S Drizzle Grey E022867 SM DRIZ SC50GS 5397215079439
S French Navy E022867 SM FNVY SC50SFN 5906737608531
S Frambroise E022867 SM FRM SC50SF 5906737608388
S Fuschia E022867 SM FUS SC50SFS 5906737615072
S Glacier E022867 SM GLA SC50SGL 5906737614976
S Hyacinth E022867 SM HYA SC50SH 5906737608432
S Lavender E022867 SM LAV SC50SV 5906737608333
S Marine E022867 SM MAR SC50SME 5906737615225
S Palace Blue E022867 SM PBLU SC50SPB 5906737614877
S Peacoat Navy E022867 SM PEA SC50PNS 5397215079538
S Purple E022867 SM PUR SC50SPP 5906737615126
S Royal Blue E022867 SM RBLU SC50SRB 5906737615171
S Rhubarb E022867 SM RHU SC50SRU 5906737615423
S Sky E022867 SM SKY SC50SS 5906737610664
S Twilight Blue E022867 SM TBLU SC50STB 5906737615478
S Teal E022867 SM TEA SC50STL 5906737615522
S Vallarta Blue E022867 SM VALL SC50VBS 5397215079484
S Winter Moss E022867 SM WMOS SC50SWM 5906737615324
S Wild Rose E022867 SM WROS SC50SWR 5906737614778
XL Aqua E022867 XL AQU SC50XLA 5906737608265
XL Black E022867 XL BLK SC50XLBL 5906737615300
XL Carmine Rose E022867 XL CAR SC50CRXL 5397215079668
XL Corn Blue E022867 XL CBLU SC50XLCB 5906737608517
XL Denim E022867 XL DEN SC50XLD 5906737608319
XL Dove Grey E022867 XL DGRY SC50XLDG 5906737615409
XL Drizzle Grey E022867 XL DRIZ SC50GXL 5397215079460
XL French Navy E022867 XL FNVY SC50XLFN 5906737608562
XL Frambroise E022867 XL FRM SC50XLF 5906737608418
XL Fuschia E022867 XL FUS SC50XLFS 5906737615102
XL Glacier E022867 XL GLA SC50XLGL 5906737615003
XL Hyacinth E022867 XL HYA SC50XLH 5906737608463
XL Lavender E022867 XL LAV SC50XLV 5906737608364
XL Marine E022867 XL MAR SC50XLME 5906737615256
XL Palace Blue E022867 XL PBLU SC50XLPB 5906737614907
XL Peacoat Navy E022867 XL PEA SC50PNXL 5397215079569
XL Purple E022867 XL PUR SC50XLPP 5906737615157
XL Royal Blue E022867 XL RBLU SC50XLRB 5906737615201
XL Rhubarb E022867 XL RHU SC50XLRU 5906737615454
XL Sky E022867 XL SKY SC50XLS 5906737610695
XL Twilight Blue E022867 XL TBLU SC50XLTB 5906737615508
XL Teal E022867 XL TEA SC50XLTL 5906737615553
XL Vallarta Blue E022867 XL VALL SC50VBXL 5397215079514
XL Winter Moss E022867 XL WMOS SC50XLWM 5906737615355
XL Wild Rose E022867 XL WROS SC50XLWR 5906737614808

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