Troxel Fallon Taylor Helmet

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Product Summary:

Troxel® Fallon Taylor™ Helmet
Designed and inspired by World Champion Barrel Racer Fallon Taylor, this helmet brings fashionable Western graphics to an ultralight low-profile helmet. The large vents provide superior ventilation and the DialFit comfort system allows for quick and precise helmet operation with one hand. The Fallon Taylor takes helmets from a piece of safety equipment to a fashion statement.
  • DialFit system
  • Mesh-covered vents
  • Low profile
  • Exclusive Fallon Taylor Signature Designs
  • FlipFold™ removable washable headliner with Air-Channel™ technology
  • ASTM/SEI-Certified
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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
S Aztec E016173 S AZT E016173 S AZT 047672109914
M Aztec E016173 M AZT E016173 M AZT 047672109907
L Aztec E016173 L AZT E016173 L AZT 047672109891
S Leopard E016173 S LEO E016173 S LEO 047672109945
M Leopard E016173 M LEO E016173 M LEO 047672109938
L Leopard E016173 L LEO E016173 L LEO 047672109921
S Tie Dye E016173 S TIE E016173 S TIE 047672109884
M Tie Dye E016173 M TIE E016173 M TIE 047672109877
L Tie Dye E016173 L TIE E016173 L TIE 047672109860
S Splatter E016173 S SPL E016173 S SPL 047672109853
M Splatter E016173 M SPL E016173 M SPL 047672109846
L Splatter E016173 L SPL E016173 L SPL 047672109839
S Bandana E016173 S BAN E016173 S BAN 047672109822
M Bandana E016173 M BAN E016173 M BAN 047672109815
L Bandana E016173 L BAN E016173 L BAN 047672109808
S Sunset E016173 S SUN 04-395S 047672109983
M Sunset E016173 M SUN 04-395M 047672109990
L Sunset E016173 L SUN 04-395L 047672110002
S Candy E016173 S CAN 04-396S 047672110019
M Candy E016173 M CAN 04-396M 047672110026
L Candy E016173 L CAN 04-396L 047672110033
S Neon Flare E016173 S NEO 04-397S 047672110040
M Neon Flare E016173 M NEO 04-397M 047672110057
L Neon Flare E016173 L NEO 04-397L 047672110064
S Pearl Leopard E016173 S PLEO 04-399S 047672110101
M Pearl Leopard E016173 M PLEO 04-399M 047672110118
L Pearl Leopard E016173 L PLEO 04-399L 047672110125
S Mint Aztec E016173 S MNT 04-400S 047672110132
M Mint Aztec E016173 M MNT 04-400M 047672110149
L Mint Aztec E016173 L MNT 04-400L 047672110156
S Black Aztec E016173 S BLK 04-401S 047672110163
M Black Aztec E016173 M BLK 04-401M 047672110170
L Black Aztec E016173 L BLK 04-401L 047672110187
S Floral E016173 S FLO 04-398S 047672110071
M Floral E016173 M FLO 04-398M 047672110088
L Floral E016173 L FLO 04-398L 047672110095
XS Sunset E016173 XS SUN 04-395XS 000399728011
XL Sunset E016173 XL SUN 04-395XL 000399728523
XS Candy E016173 XS CAN 04-396XS 000399728028
XL Candy E016173 XL CAN 04-396XL 000399728530
XS Floral E016173 XS FLO 04-398XS 000399728042
XL Floral E016173 XL FLO 04-398XL 000399728554
XS Neon Flare E016173 XS NEO 04-397XS 000399728035
XL Neon Flare E016173 XL NEO 04-397XL 000399728547
XS Pearl Leopard E016173 XS PLEO 04-399XS 000399728059
XL Pearl Leopard E016173 XL PLEO 04-399XL 000399728561
XS Mint Aztec E016173 XS MNT 04-400XS 000399728066
XL Mint Aztec E016173 XL MNT 04-400XL 000399728578
XS Black Aztec E016173 XS BLK 04-401XS 000399728073
XL Black Aztec E016173 XL BLK 04-401XL 000399728585
XS Cactus E016173 XS CAC 04-402XS 000399727960
S Cactus E016173 S CAC 04-402S 000399727953
M Cactus E016173 M CAC 04-402M 000399727946
L Cactus E016173 L CAC 04-402L 000399727939
XL Cactus E016173 XL CAC 04-402XL 000399728486
XS Purple Geo E016173 XS PGEO 04-403XS 000399728004
S Purple Geo E016173 S PGEO 04-403S 000399727991
M Purple Geo E016173 M PGEO 04-403M 000399727984
L Purple Geo E016173 L PGEO 04-403L 000399727977
XL Purple Geo E016173 XL PGEO 04-403XL 000399728493
XS Turquoise Racer E016173 XS TUR 04-404XS 000399732056
S Turquoise Racer E016173 S TUR 04-404S 000399732063
M Turquoise Racer E016173 M TUR 04-404M 000399732070
L Turquoise Racer E016173 L TUR 04-404L 000399732087
XL Turquoise Racer E016173 XL TUR 04-404XL 000399732049
XS Grey Firestorm E016173 XS GRYF 04-405XS 000399654501
S Grey Firestorm E016173 S GRYF 04-405S 000399654488
M Grey Firestorm E016173 M GRYF 04-405M 000399654471
L Grey Firestorm E016173 L GRYF 04-405L 000399654464
XL Grey Firestorm E016173 XL GRYF 04-405XL 000399654495
XS Lavender Chevron E016173 XS LAVC 04-406XS 000399654556
S Lavender Chevron E016173 S LAVC 04-406S 000399654532
M Lavender Chevron E016173 M LAVC 04-406M 000399654525
L Lavender Chevron E016173 L LAVC 04-406L 000399654518
XL Lavender Chevron E016173 XL LAVC 04-406XL 000399654549
XS Teal Aztec E016173 XS TEAZ 04-407XS 000399654600
S Teal Aztec E016173 S TEAZ 04-407S 000399654587
M Teal Aztec E016173 M TEAZ 04-407M 000399654570
L Teal Aztec E016173 L TEAZ 04-407L 000399654563
XL Teal Aztec E016173 XL TEAZ 04-407XL 000399654594
XS Navy Dreamcatcher E016173 XS NVYD 04-408XS 000399654655
S Navy Dreamcatcher E016173 S NVYD 04-408S 000399654631
M Navy Dreamcatcher E016173 M NVYD 04-408M 000399654624
L Navy Dreamcatcher E016173 L NVYD 04-408L 000399654617
XL Navy Dreamcatcher E016173 XL NVYD 04-408XL 000399654648
XS Black Arcade E016173 XS ARC 04-409XS 000399108790
S Black Arcade E016173 S ARC 04-409S 000399108806
M Black Arcade E016173 M ARC 04-409M 000399108813
L Black Arcade E016173 L ARC 04-409L 000399108820
XL Black Arcade E016173 XL ARC 04-409XL 000399108837
XS Black Sunflower E016173 XS BSUN 04-410XS 000399108844
S Black Sunflower E016173 S BSUN 04-410S 000399108851
M Black Sunflower E016173 M BSUN 04-410M 000399108868
L Black Sunflower E016173 L BSUN 04-410L 000399108875
XL Black Sunflower E016173 XL BSUN 04-410XL 000399108882

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Sometimes, manufacturers require that products be advertised only at their suggested prices. When we choose to sell these items for less, we display the sale price only in the cart. To see the price, click Add to Cart.
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