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Beautiful English bridles and headstalls for sale for all riders and horses. As one of the main tools of communication with the horse under saddle, the bridle is an important choice. We have a wide variety of English bridles to choose from, whether you are a Hunter, Jumper, Eventer, or Dressage show rider. Shop our selection of snaffle bridles, double bridles, and anatomic bridles today!

English Bridles

Bridles For All Riders And Horses

Start communicating better with your horse today! English bridles hold the bit in the horse’s mouth which allows you as the rider to easily guide the movement and direction of your horse. State Line Tack offers one of the largest assortments of English bridles so you and your horse can get started on your communication skills right now.

Try the DaVinci® Fancy Stitched Raised Comfort Bridle with Reins for a luxurious English bridle made from soft, supple leather and stainless steel hardware. You’re guaranteed to get years of enjoyable use out of this durable English bridle. It has a padded comfort crown, noseband, and browband to provide your horse with the ultimate comfort.

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle is one of the most effective bridles on the market. Lucky for you, State Line Tack has it in stock and ready to ship! It comfortably fits the shape of horse skulls, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas. It can be used as a bridle, lunge cavesson, or as a Bit-Free bridle with two strength options. It’s one of the most unique, comfortable, and flexible bridles ever designed.

Choosing the right bridle for you and your horse can be a difficult task. Whether you are a hunter, jumper, event, or dressage rider, we have all the best bridles available to make your choice easier. Shop our selection of snaffle bridles, double bridles, and anatomic bridles today!

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