Healthy inside and out. Nutrition is important to the health and well-being of any horse. Horse supplements help ensure your horse gets the essential vitamins and minerals required for a happy, healthy life. Put your horse on a regular health regimen with the right supplements today.

Improve Your Horse’s Health Inside And Out

Improve Your Horse’s Health Inside And Out

Keeping your horse healthy and happy should be the main priority. At State Line Tack, we offer a wide selection of supplements that you can give your horse to ensure their health and well-being remain in the best condition. Our nutritional supplements include vitamins and minerals for their joints, digestion, skin, and more!

Horses are prone to joint pain and stiffness, which makes our collection of joint supplements that much more important. The Select The Best Legacy Pellets are an effective and easy solution to improving your horse’s joint health. These pellets are formulated especially for senior horses that can be given around feeding time each day. Enriched with Vitamin E, MSM, Yucca, Ester-C, and more, these Legacy Pellets are shown to improve connective tissue and joint health.

Ensure that your horse has a healthy gastrointestinal tract with our digestive supplements! These supplements include solutions that will keep delicate microbes in balance and maintain overall digestive functioning. Select the Probios Probiotic Powder Supplement to provide your horse with the naturally occurring, healthy microorganisms they need. This powder solution, which can be incorporated into your horse’s food, establishes intestinal bacteria and improves appetite and health.

You can also improve your horse’s skin and coat with our selection of nutritional supplements. These supplements, like the Grand Meadows Grand Coat, deliver essential fatty acids and nutrients to their body. Grand Coat will improve the coat, mane, and tail of your horse when used in their feed daily. Your horse will shine with rich colors and a healthy coat from head to tail.

No matter the supplement you’re looking for, State Line Tack has what you need to keep your horse as healthy and happy as possible. Be sure to keep your horse as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside by shopping our collection of horse fly masks and boots!

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