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State Line Tack is thrilled to partner with the American Hackney Horse Society. We are fascinated by these magnificent horses and ponies, and share your enthusiasm for their history, breeding, and future. Whether you're in the show ring, training, jumping, or simply riding for pleasure, you can find all your Hackney tack, apparel, accessories, and more right here!

hackney horse

Why we celebrate the Hackney

One word describes the Hackney: Magnificent. Their unique trot, with the knees raised high at each step, is a delight to experience. Admired for their versatility, Hackney horses are magnificent as carriage animals, highly sought for their glamour and presence. Hackney ponies are smaller, power-packed versions, prized as show ponies and childhood companions. Both horse and pony have a good foot and a good reputation for soundness, with that remarkable high-stepping gait.

#FunFact Before the advent of the internal combustion engine, Hackneys were the ultimate driving machines. Although Hackneys can be ridden, they were bred and developed for driving. They are the equine equivalent of the Maserati.

hackney horse
hackney horse

If you're looking for a best friend and don't mind it being a horse, then a Hackney is one of the best options you could choose — no matter what your age might be.

"There is nothing like a Hackney."

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