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State Line Tack® is delighted to be partnering with Clydesdale Breeders of America to celebrate the majesty of these gentle giants. Clydesdales are a noble breed, and we have all the products you need to keep them in top shape, from keeping their feathers silky white, to protecting noses from sunburn. We've got a great selection for you and your horse.

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American Icons

Clydesdales have been the face of Budweiser beer since their first appearance in 1933, and though they no longer work the delivery routes, they continue to draw enormous crowds as their mascots.

Gentle Giants

Known for their strength and size, Clydesdales are also known for their gentle and tractable temperaments, which is a good thing, since they can grow to be over 18 hands tall and can tip the scales at up to 2400 pounds. That's as much as a Volkswagen Beetle!

Clydesdales Clydesdales

Big Shoes, Big Appetites

A Clydesdale's horseshoe is about the size of a dinner plate and can weigh about 5 pounds. Depending on workload, they can eat 50 pounds of hay or more a day, plus grain!

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