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State Line Tack is thrilled to introduce our partnership with the Palomino Horse Breeds of America (PHBA). We welcome all PHBA members and Palomino owners, and invite you to explore our selection of the best supplies for your horse. We have the products you need to enhance their well-being and help them truly stand out on parade or in the show ring!

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In Praise of the Palomino

These golden horses are known for their striking appearance, and it's hard to not fall in love with them. Palomino is a coat color, and is represented by many different breeds, including the Tennessee Walking horse, American Saddlebred, Morgan, and Quarter Horses, each with its own unique appearance.

palomino horse

A Coat of Many Colors
Palomino horses have a yellow or gold coat, with a white or light cream mane and tail. The shades of the body coat color range from cream to a dark gold. They have dark skin and brown eyes, though some may be born with pinkish skin that darkens with age. Some have slightly lighter brown or amber eyes.

palomino horse

Stars of the Big Screen
Palominos have been popular choices for horses on many television shows throughout the decades, from Roy Rogers' horse Trigger and Mr. Ed to Argo on Xena: Warrior Princess.

Palomino horses are so beautiful that you'll definitely be dreaming in gold.

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  • Updated: 1/17/2023: 2:28:28 PM ET
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